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Why They Lie To Us About The Flat Earth

Cesaer Longfellow
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Why They Lie To Us About The Flat Earth - Page 6 Empty Re: Why They Lie To Us About The Flat Earth

Post by EugeneHKrabs Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:38 am

So, why do they lie about the flat earth? Hmmm, 4 years later. Guess i'm late to the party. Anyway, I'd say the Masons came across a secret, possibly finding out by weather balloon, so big that a lie of equal magnitude had to be created. That can only be divine power, devine energy, your thinking power stones in the avengers. Where chemtrails are designed to block out the sun and this energy targeting specific individuals or groups. Whatever they found, and I was an atheist until now, is probably divinity that includes all the earths religions mashed together. Why not... they are all right... I mean the old ones.
Well some of us will find out soon enough..


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Why They Lie To Us About The Flat Earth - Page 6 Empty Re: Why They Lie To Us About The Flat Earth

Post by standingbear Sat Jan 02, 2021 7:15 am

Why do they lie about the flat earth?  

Well . . . it seems that there is a world-wide psi-ops underway against the people of all nations. This effort has been multi-generational . . . probably thousands of years.  It is (to use an old fashioned word) tyranny.  In this case, it is so gradual and subtle, that, most of the time it seems almost invisible.  However . . . recently . . . they were caught in a huge sting operation trying to steal our presidential election by massive -- and very visible -- fraud.  Will the rule of law prevail . . . or . . . will tyranny get its way?  Personally, I think TRUTH already has the victory here . . . and perhaps more and more unmasking will follow. hmmm . . . how about open knowlege of the flat earth and all the knowledge surrounding it?  THANK YOU ERIC DUBAY . . . your day is drawing close . . .

These psychopaths seek more and more POWER for themselves and all their elite buddies who operate in absolute secrecy through various hidden insider clubs that are not only occultic but also greatly hierarchical.  They believe they are vastly superior beings with superior knowlege, unlimited  wealth and complete influence to corrupt and snare.

What do they want?  Complete world hegemony by any and all means possible.  

They desire to genetically create their own post-human being.  Their intension is to interface humans with surgically added on-board built-in super-computers which will greatly increase their left-brain function and decrease their "troublesome" right-brain creativity.  They will be genetically and biologically interfaced with super-computer nanotek technology (hardware and software) and will enthusiastically dedicate themselves to carrying out the orders of their superiors and be very content and even happy to work in highly compartmentized projects with no questions and no moral stess of any kind.

Isn't "scientism" wonderful?  (GURK)

So . . . why do they lie about flat earth?  Because . . . LIE is the way they choose to live their entire lives having rejected Spirit in complete disgust and viewing other beings only as objects to be used as machines to manufacture their delusions.


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