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The Holocaust/Holohoax

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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by lizardking Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:58 pm

« Meanwhile, the war against the Soviet Union has allowed us to dispose of new territories for the final solution. Consequently, the Führer has decided to displace the Jews not towards Madagascar but towards the East. Thus, there is no longer any need to consider Madagascar for the final solution. »
- Franz Rademacher, Feb. 10th 1942, Nuremberg Doc. NG-3933

"Don't for a minute think that indoctrinating wide-eyed school children with the lies and slanders against Germans, Slavs, Catholics, Christians, Europeans, and whites in general isn't a primary purpose of the Holocaust-mongers. ... The Holocaust is a religion. Its underpinnings in the realm of historical fact are non-existent -- no Hitler order, no plan, no budget, no gas chambers, no autopsies of gassed victims, no bones, no ashes, no skulls, no nothing.... Secondly, it's a religion for losers.... Suffice it to say that the rise of religions such as this generally coincides with the decline and fall of nations which tolerate them."
- Mark Weber

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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by lizardking Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:01 pm

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 TheSixMillionMyth1
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Thefirstholocaust

Must read book by Don Heddesheimer, The First Holocaust.

Author Don Heddesheimer’s book, The First Holocaust: Jewish Fundraising Campaigns With Holocaust Claims During and After World War One, is an important piece of the revisionist puzzle. Heddesheimer cogently documents the slew of previous attempts by Jews to disseminate deceitful and untrue atrocity propagandabefore, during and after World War IThe First Holocaust features an amazing collection of press clippings and propaganda articles dating back to the late 19th century that make claims of the suffering and imminent extermination of European Jewry. Among such articles we find that Jews have, dozens of times before WWII, invoked the cabalisitc “6,000,000” number as the amount of Jews on the verge of death and destruction during various periods of turmoil and conflict in Europe and Russia. Undoubtedly, this book exposes the deliberate fraudulence of these sinister Zionist campaigns and media blitzes — long before Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 — designed to elicit public sympathy and financial support for Jewish political ambitions, principally the establishment of the State of Israel.

The obsessive invocation of the cabalistic fable of “6,000,000 dead or dying Jews” dating back at least four decades prior to the events of WWII directly undermines and betrays the notion that 6,000,000 Jews perished in Europe between 1939-1945, as Jews have claimed. It was a lie the first time, and it is a lie today!
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Holohoax-brainwashing-children-300x198

Young White children are taught to hate their own kind over something that never even happened!

The Gentile populations of the West have, for decades, been inundated and inoculated with an endless onslaught of holocaust-themed Hollywood movies, television shows, “docudramas”, books and memoirs; in conjunction with mandatory “holocaust education” in schools across North America and Europe. The primary function of this insidious global propaganda campaign is to — quite simply — brainwash non-Jews into a state of abject fear and paralysis while we are ideologically, economically and physically enslaved by the Jewish tribe. It is also designed to delegitimize all criticism of Jews and the State of Israel and to ensnare non-Jews into adopting a pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist worldview. With their hateful holocaust lies, Zionist myth-makers are teaching masses of young school children to hate Germans, and European mankind in general. These kids, not knowing any better and unable to think for themselves, blindly believe these tall tales and never question what they’ve been told when they become adults. The indoctrination of our little ones with Zionist ‘holocaust’ fiction is permanently damaging the minds of young people. Force-feeding young children, as well as teenagers, distortions and outright falsehoods about World War II so that they sympathize with Jewish people and treacherous Jewish causes — such as Zionism and Communism — is immoral, destructive, harmful and criminal. It must be stopped!

A question that you might ask is: “what is the significance of the ‘Six Million’ figure and where did it originate?”

The mythical “Six Million” figure has intriguing origins indeed. Jews have staunchly emphasized the 6,000,000 figure in atrocity propaganda from the years 1890 through 1945. World War II ended in 1945, and since that time the cabalistic 6,000,000 figure has now reached sacrosanct status. This was achieved through a sleazy and deceptive campaign of repetitive HoloHoax swindlespeak in the news and entertainment media, centered in Jewish Hollywood. As the Jewish-Communist mass murderer, Vladimir Lenin, once said: “a lie told often enough becomes the truth.” This campaign of Jewish deceit has steadily intensified over the years. When Jews sense an increase in awareness of their treachery and global crimes against humanity amongst the Gentile public (a natural reaction of which is resentment and hostility), the louder they begin to wail about their invented holocaust in the octopus of media organs they control. That’s why they are always gauging the pulse of public opinion.

World leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, ceremonial Kings and Queens, Popes, Priests and Holy Men of all faiths, genuflect in groveling reverence of the mythical “6,000,000 Jews” who didn’t perish in “Nazi gas chambers”, as such chambers did not exist and were impossible. (See: VHO, IHR, CODOH,WSMOT, Zundelsite, Nazi Gassings Never Happened) Research shows that the reason for this bizarre Jewish fixation on the number 6,000,000 primarily stems from an ancient religious prophecy in the Torah. According to some sources, the prophecy envisioned that before the Jewish people could reclaim and reconquer Palestine to establish a Jewish homeland called “Israel”, 6,000,000 Jews would first have to perish in a fiery burnt offering (i.e. “Holocaust”), as a sacrifice to their bloodthirsty tribal deity, YHWH. (See: Weintraub, Ben. The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism: Keystone of the New World Order. Washington, D.C.: Cosmo Pub., 1995.) Jewish author, Benjamen Blech, confirmed this reality in his book “The Secrets of Hebrew Words” (J Aronson Inc., 1991, p. 241), stating,
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tashuvu1
"You shall return minus 6,000,000"; Jewish scripture relates a prophecy that 6,000,000 Jews must vanish before they can reclaim Palestine as their ancient ancestral homeland.

“The Hebrew word for ‘ye shall return’(TaShuVU), seems to have been spelled incorrectly. Grammatically it requires another (vav). It ought to read (TaShUVU). Why is it lacking the letter (vav) which stands for six?. [TaShuVU] without the vav is a prediction to the Jewish people of ultimate return to their national homeland. TaShuVU in numbers adds up to 708: tav=400, shin=300, vei=2, vey=6. When we write the year, we ignore the millennia. In 1948 on the secular calendar, we witnessed the miracle of Jewish return to Israel. On the Hebrew calendar it was the year 5708. That was the year predicted by the incomplete word (TaShuVu), you shall return. We did return, lacking 6 – an all important 6 million of our people who perished in the holocaust. Yet the fulfillment of the prediction of return in precisely that year implied by the gematria of TaShuVU gives us firm hope that the words of the prophets for Final Redemption will come true as well.”

Here are two additional commentaries on the origins of the “Six Million” from History & Scriptural Origins of the Six Million Number:

[Quote 1] Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must “vanish” before the state of Israel can be formed. “You shall return minus 6 million.” That’s why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the “6 million” is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion. Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in “burning ovens”, which the judicial version of the Holocaust now authenticates. As a matter of fact, Robert B. Goldmann writes: “. . . without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State.” A simple consequence: Given six million Jews gassed at Auschwitz who ended up in the “burning ovens” (the Greek word holocaust means burned offerings), therefore, the prophecies have now been “fulfilled” and Israel can become a “legitimate state”. –Unknown
[Quote 2] Regarding the ‘six million’ number you should know the following: In the Hebrew text of the Torah prophesies, one can read “you shall return”. In the text the letter “V” or “VAU” is absent, as Hebrew does not have any numbers; the letter V stands for the number 6. Ben Weintraub, a religious scientist, learned from rabbis that the meaning of the missing letter means the number is ‘6 million’. The prophesy then reads: You will return, but with 6 million less. See Ben Weintraub: “The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism”, Cosmo Publishing, Washington 1995, page 3. The missing 6 million must be so before the Jews can return to the Promised Land. Jahweh sees this as a cleaning of the souls of the sinful people. The Jews must, on the return to the Promised Land, be clean — the cleaning shall be done in burning stokes. –A Correspondent

Is it just coincidental that the flimsy and farcical story of “6,000,000 Jews” being murdered in “gas chambers” and burned up in “ovens” in concentration camps during WWII gave the Jews the impetus and PR ammunition they needed to make their “gallant return” to the “promised land” at the war’s end — occupying and ethnically cleansing much of Palestine through terrorism and force of arms — establishing a racist/apartheid “Jewish state” called “Israel” in 1948? And this all just happens to fit the previously cited ancient Torah prophecy to the letter? I hardly think so!

Today, the holocaust™ tall tale has taken the form of a bizarre cult-like State-enforced and protected religious dogma of the West (i.e. Holocaustianity), as it is illegal to question, dispute or deny in over a dozen European countries, under punishment of heavy fines and imprisonment! This farfetched Zionist-trumpeted conspiracy theory is being utilized by Jewish hucksters and scam artists as a money-making enterprise — a larcenous con of near-planetary proportions which Jewish professor Norman Finkelstein dubbed “The Holocaust Industry”. (The Holocaust Industry: Reflection on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering. London: VERSO, 2000.) On top of that, this myth has been wielded by Jewish zealots as an ideological sledgehammer to club Gentiles over the head with any time non-Jews dare criticize or oppose the global banditry and menacing influence of the self-professed “Chosen People”.

Below are reproductions of many press clippings and articles featuring the cabalistic 6,000,000 number, dating back to the year 1900. Note the ceaseless references to “6,000,000 Jews”, the continuous begging for money and land (Palestine), and the term “holocaust” used well before the events of the 1940s. It is also noteworthy that the authors of the vast majority of these propaganda articles were the richest of Wall Street’s Jewish bankers as well as leaders of Zionist pressure groups — Schiffs and Warburgs among them. (More examples can be found here, here and here; credit also goes to this blogger for unearthing many of these article clippings).


American Zionist leader, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, let slip the Zionist agenda behind the Holocaust Hoax: to promote public sympathy for Zionism (Jewish takeover of Palestine).

“There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.”
(“ZIONISTS’ MASS MEETING: Rabbi Wise’s Address.” New York Times. June 11, 1900.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1900RabbiWiseSixMillion
The Zionist pronouncement that kick-started the hoax of the twentieth century

Under its entry on “anti-Semitism”, the tenth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica references “Six Million Jews” of Rumania and Russia being “systematically degraded.”

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Encyclopedia-britannica-1902-six-million-jews

A Jewish preacher declares that if the (Jewish-led) Communist uprising in Russia succeeds in its long-time goal of overthrowing the Tsarist government, Zionism would be obsolete. “6,000,000 Jews” is mentioned.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1905-Six-Million-Jews-End-of-Zionism

The New York Times reports: “From 1890 to 1902 he caused 6,000,000 Jewish families to be expelled from Russia.”

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1905SixMillionJewFamilies

A Jewish publicist addresses an audience in Germany where he claimed that theRussian Government had a “solution of the Jewish Question” and that this solution entailed the “murderous extermination” of “6,000,000 Jews.” Of course, the Russians never had any such plans but the fictional story was resurrected during WWII with the Germans being on the receiving end of these slanderous accusations this time around.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Six-Million-Jews-Russia-1906
As a side note: 1906 was the year after the first Jewish-led Communist uprising in Russia had failed. This lame sob story was nothing more than a ploy to distract public attention from the fact that the Communist-led upheaval that took place in Russia a year earlier was the handiwork of his fellow Jews who perpetrated widespread atrocities against Russian patriots (anti-Communists).


Donmeh Jews organize a coup d’etat in the Ottoman Empire and seize power from the Sultan.


In the American Jewish Committee’s annual report it is claimed that since 1890 Russia has had a policy to “expel or exterminate” Six Million Jews. (Source:American Jewish Yearbook pg. 15)

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Russianplantokill6million-1024x763


Max Nordau, co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodore Herzl, made an astonishing pronouncement at the tenth Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland. He claimed that 6,000,000 Jews would be annihilated. This was twenty-two years before Hitler came to power and three years before World War I started.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1911Zionistwarning6million
Quoted in Ben Hecht's book, Perfidy. Hecht, a Zionist Jew himself, would go on to make the very same claim in 1943.


The bloodbath of World War I kicks off and the Jews are already whining that “6,000,000 Jews” are in danger.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1914AppealForAidForJews


Jewish leader Louis Marshall proclaims: “In the world today there are about 13,000,000 Jews, of whom more than 6,000,000 are in the heart of the war zone: Jews whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow…”

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1915JewsIndifferenceToWarAidRebuked

The crypto-Jewish “Young Turks” orchestrate a mass murder of 1.5 million Armenian Christians, as well as 250,000 Greek and Assyrian Christians.


Jewish lobbyists convince the British government to support the Zionist project of making Palestine the national homeland for the Jews. British official James Arthur Balfour decrees the “Balfour Declaration.” The letter is addressed to Zionist big-wig Lord Rothschild.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Balfour_portrait_and_declaration
Britain becomes a deadly pawn of Zionism

This very same year radical Jewish Marxists take control of Russia in the Bolshevik Revolution establishing the first Zionist state, the “Soviet Union.” Czar Nicholas II, along with his wife and children, are kidnapped by Jews, then shot and bayoneted. The “revolution” was led by the Jews’ Leon Trotsky, Lazar Kaganovich, Lev Kamanev, Grigory Zinoviev, Jacob Sverdlov, Moisei Uritsky, Alexander Parvus, Karl Radek, and the philosemitic part-Jew Vladimir Lenin, who all received financing from capitalist Jewish international bankers: Jacob Schiff, Max Warburg and ultimately the Rothschild’s. The Communist Jews and their pawns would go on a six decade long reign of terror. Some 40 million Russian and Eastern European Gentiles would perish in Gulags, death camps, mass executions and via man-made famines under Jewish Communist ruler-ship.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Jews-behind-stalin


“Six million souls” need a billion dollars
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1918six-million-jews-need-a-billion

The British take control of Palestine, and occupy the country militarily. Eventually the British Mandate for Palestine is administered, against the will of the Arabs living there.

This same year Jewish Communist leader Grigory Zinoviev announces plans for the annihilation of 10,000,000 Russians.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Zinoviev-speech
Jewish Communists plot genocide of Russians. They put out stories of Jewish persecution at this same time to hide their blood-curdling atrocities in Russia.


Shortly after the end of World War I hostilities, Zionists claim a “Holocaust” of “Six Million Jews” is imminent in Europe in a deceitful campaign to raise money for Jewish charities and also to distract public attention from the Jewish origins of Communism, the Bolshevik atrocities in Russia and the Armenian Genocide.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Six_million-1919

The first reported "Holocaust" of "Six Million Jews." Nothing more than Zionist propaganda.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1919Sixmillionbreadline

Elder of Zion Nathan Straus published this article in the San Fransico Chronicle claiming 6,000,000 Jews were in peril.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1919Ukrainesixmillion
More persecution propaganda in the same year. Again "6,000,000 Jews" as victims, of course.
Full article of above clipping


A Jewish relief campaign advertisement states: “Today 6,000,000 Jews are facing the darkest days ever known in the history of the race.”

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1920sixmilliondarkestdays


Russian patriots gain ground on the Jewish Bolshevik usurpers of their nation. In a vein attempt to hide their heavy involvement in the brutal Bolshevist atrocities being committed in Russia, Jews reel out the “six million” myth once again.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1921russiasixmillion


Zionist leader, Nahum Sokolow, boasts about Organized Jewry’s globalist ambitions when, at a Zionist conference in Carlsbad, California, he proclaimed:“The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become the capital of the world’s peace.”

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 League-Of-Nations-Sokolow-Zionist-Congress


The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1931montrealgazettesixmillion
Six Million again. Jews demand that Gentiles hand over their food to the poor, innocent Jews while they murder millions, and ship millions more off to Gulag slave camps in Communist Jew-controlled Russia.


Jews commit a deliberate genocide. To put down nationalist resistance to a Communist takeover, Soviet Dictator Josef Stalin orders the Jewish-dominated Soviet Secret Police (NKVD) to orchestrate a man-made famine in the Ukraine. Stalin’s Jewish deputies and secret police chiefs (Kaganovich, Beria, Yagoda, etc) ruthlessly implement the murderous starvation policy. Between six and seven million Ukrainian men, women and children, are annihilated in this genuine Holocaust. It is now known as the “Holodomor.”

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Holodomor-6000000ukrainiansdead

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Hitler1
Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Jews immediately seek his complete destruction.

Hitler comes to power in Germany. Antithetical to Jewish banking interests which thrives off of usury (the lending of money at interest making debt-slaves out of countries), Hitler immediately begins printing his own state-controlled, labor-backed currency and thus breaking the death-grip of the monolithic Jewish banking establishment of Europe, led by the Rothschild’s and the Warburg’s. Hitler also removed Jews from all positions in government, media, education and banks, which they had been dominating up until that point.

Because of this World Jewry declares war on Germany in 1933. Jews around the world launched a global economic boycott of German goods in an effort to economically strangle Germany to death and topple Hitler’s new government.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Judea-declares-war-on-germany
Jews don't like it when Gentiles revolt against their tyranny and control. Their motto is: be our slave or be dead.

This act of treachery leads to widespread dislike of Jews in Germany and foments tension between Jews and German Gentiles. For this act, and for the Jews’ well-known support for Communism and substantial involvement in the bloody Bolshevik Revolution, the Nazis declare Jews “enemies of the state” eventually interning them in concentration camps and labor camps during the Second World War. Almost the same thing happened to Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor. Although, unlike the Jews, Japanese people never waged an economic war on America, they were interned in American concentration camps simply for their ethnicity.


As early as 1936, Zionists who originally coined the phrase Final Solution of The Jewish Question, somehow knew exactly 6,000,000 Jews had “neither hope nor future.“

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1936Weizmannsixmillionjews
Appearing before the Peel Commission, World Zionist Organization chairman, and first Israeli president, Chaim Weizmann, declares that "6,000,000 Jews are destined to be imprisoned," (in Europe) "where they are unwanted."

Jews continue to agitate for Palestine. The New York Times reported that Zionist groups were desperately lobbying American Christian leaders, Christian organizations, and the British government, demanding assistance in the creation of a “Jewish nation in Palestine” to save the Jews from “the European Holocaust.” These strikingly prophetic statements were made years before the creation of ghettos or concentration camps and over three years before the German invasion of Poland.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1936-Holocaust-Jews-Want-Palestine
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1936MontrealGazetteSixMillion
Jewish leaders meet to discuss their schemes, swindles and sinister conspiracies. "Six Million Hebrews" is mentioned in the article title.
View full spread


The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1938sixmilhoax
Jew propagandists amp up the "Six Million" b.s. as World War II draws closer.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1938turtlemountainnewsSixMillion
This article references "five or six million Jews uprooted by dictatorships" and calls for them to be settled in the "Holy Land" (Palestine).
View full spread

Poland, under British influence, refuses to concede to Hitler any of his relatively modest territorial demands. Hitler sought to recover the territory stripped away from Germany and given to Poland at the end of WWI; specifically the formerly German city of Danzig. Hitler also demanded an autobahn in the Danzig corridor connecting the German mainland to East Prussia. Poland categorically refused all of Hitler’s somewhat reasonable demands.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Polish_corridor
Hitler wanted back the German city of Danzig and an autobahn through the Danzig corridor connecting the German mainland to East Prussia. Poland, under British/Jewish direction, refused to acquiesce to Hitler's modest demands.

In September Poland is invaded from the west by Germany and from the east by the Soviet Union. Britain and France immediately declare war on Germany, supposedly because of Hitler’s invasion of Poland. However, Britain and France did not declare war on the Soviet Union who also had invaded Poland and thenattacked Finland a few months later.

The reason the Allies only found fault with Germany for invading Poland, and not the Soviets, was because the USSR was under Jewish rule, and had been since 1917. The purpose of WWII all along was not to free Poland but to destroy Germany, who had broken loose from the grip of the Jews. The Allies, who originally claimed to be concerned for Poland’s sovereignty, dumped Poland, along with the rest of Eastern Europe, off to the Soviet-Communist butchers at the end of the war! This Allied betrayal proves that the Allies never cared about Poland at all. Poland was nothing more than a pawn used by the Allied warmongers to sucker the Third Reich into a war.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Communistbloc
The Allies, who waged war on Germany in 1939 using as a justification the excuse that Germany breached Polish sovereignty by invading, DUMPED Poland off to Stalin and the Communist butchers who had murdered 22,000 Poles in the Katyn Forest in 1940!

Meanwhile Jews were whining about “Six Million” helpless victims in February, seven months before the war even started.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1939EveningIndependentSixMillion
Over half a year before the war began Jews were already squawking about "6,000,000 helpless victims of persecution."
View full spread

Chaim Weizmann turns up again and proclaims: “The fate of six million people was in the balance”

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1939fateofsixmillioninbalance

A Jewish newspaper, The Jewish Criterion, predicts that “the coming world war would be the annihilation of six million Jews in East and Central Europe.”

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1939JewishCriterionSixMillion

More “six million” references from this paper

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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by lizardking Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:14 pm


Jewish leader Nahum Goldmann predicts “Six Million” Jewish victims beforeNazi concentration camps have even fully completed construction.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1940PalmBeachPostSixMillion


An American Jew named Theodore Newman Kaufman devises a plan for the extermination of all Germans through forced sterilization. He publishes his evil aspiration to annihilate the German people in a book called “Germany Must Perish!” This Jewish “Final Solution” to Germans is praised by Jewish-owned publications in America.


British Jew, Victor Gollancz, predicts 6,000,000 Jewish deaths

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1942GollanczSixMillion


A Zionist organization, The American Jewish Committee, claims the Nazis had set in motion a plan to kill 6,000,000 Jews

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1943AJCSixMillion
Zionist propaganda build up nearing the end of the war.

Ben Hecht, a Hollywood screenwriter and Zionist Jew, floats out the “Six Million” lie in Reader’s Digest Magazine. He would later go on to support the Zionist terrorist group Irgun in Palestine “by writing propaganda and fund-raising.“

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Hecht-SixMillion
During the Nazi offensive on the eastern front, German soldiers discover the mass graves of some of the 22,000 Polish military officers and intelligentsia who were murdered and then buried in mass graves in the Katyn Forest by the Soviets in 1940. The insidious Allies knew their “gallant Soviet ally” was a mass murderer but kept quiet about it. When it could no longer be kept hidden from the public they then tried to blame the atrocity on the Germans!


In September of 1944, eight months before the end of WWII, U.S. Communist (Jewish) Union leaders prematurely proclaim that nearly Six Million Jews have been killed, long before that could have been known or calculated.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1944USCommieJewsSixMillion

In late 1944, half a year before the official end of the war, at least three newspapers printed stories informing us of the mythical deaths of “six million Jews.” All of these propaganda articles were based on the lies of Ilya Ehrenburg, a Jewish propagandist in the USSR.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1944SixMillionDeadClippings-897x1024

The New York Times [url=http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F10B12FD3A55157B93C2AB178CD85F408485F9&scp=1&sq=jewish rally gas]reports[/url] that Jewish groups were urging the governments of Britain and America to launch gas attacks against the Nazis.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Jews-urge-gas-attacks-on-germany1


In January, still many months prior to the end of the war, before any official body count for any group could have reasonably been calculated or ascertained, Zionists proclaim exactly “Six Million Jews” had died. (more premature ‘6,000,000 Jews have died’ pronouncements)

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1945jewyorktimes6million

Ilya Ehrenburg, a notorious Jewish Propagandist in the USSR who agitated for genocide against Germans and incited the mass rape of German women by the Red Army, prematurely proclaimed that “the world now knows that Germany has killed Six Million Jews” before anyone could have known that was the number.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1945IlyaEhrenburgSixMillion
Jewish Communist devil, Ilya Ehrenburg, prematurely announces 6,000,000 Jews killed, thus exposing himself as a fraud and the holocaust as a premeditated hoax.

Ehrenburg, along with another Communist Jew propagandist Vasily Grossman,are considered by many revisionists to be the brains behind the Holocaust Hoax. Together they penned “The Black Book,” a work of pure fiction inundated with unconscionable anti-German hate propaganda horror stories that are physically impossible, and have since been thoroughly discredited.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Ehrenburg-grossman-300x180
Communist Jew demons, Ilya Ehrenburg and Vassily Grossman

At a March 1945 Congressional Hearing, Joseph Thon, representing The National Organization of Polish Jews in America, stated to the committee:

“The German people murdered, in cold blood, in excess of 6,000,000 European Jews … I accuse the whole German people that in the years 1939 to 1945 they slaughtered upward of 15,000,000 men, among which there were 6,000,000 Jews.”

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1945ThonSixMillion

Zionist liar, Joseph Thon, let slip the "6,000,000 Jews have died" hoax a bit too early. These Jews just can't help themselves can they?

More newspaper clippings from 1945 telling us exactly 6,000,000 Jews had been killed, before any official body count could have been accurately ascertained.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1945LondonTimesSixMillionClippings-1024x386
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1945PittsburghPressSixMillion

In May of 1945 the New York Times reported that “more than 6,000,000 people” had been “liberated” from Nazi concentration camps.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Sixmillionliberated
The New York Times reports 6,000,000 had been liberated, not killed. OOPS!
Read full article


A year after the war Jews are already spouting the “six million” myth as fact.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 1946LewistonEveningJournalSixMillion
Meanwhile, as the Jews whine about a phony Holocaust in Europe, Zionist terrorist groups wreak havoc in Palestine slaughtering Arab men, women and children, at will, like the massacre at Deir Yassin.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 DeirYasin
Inhuman Jewish terror agents of the Irgun ruthlessly slaughtered Arab women and babies, then mutilated their corpses in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin.

In 1946, Jewish Terror agents from the cutthroat Irgun terrorist network in Palestine, led by the mass murderer Menachem Begin (who would later become the Prime Minister of Israel), blow up the King David Hotel, disguised as Arabs. 91 people are killed, 28 of the victims were British officials. The British were the real target of the bombing as the hotel was the headquarters for the British military command.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 2BeginKingDavidHotel
Begin the beast; terrorist leader of the Irgun; mastermind of the King David Hotel bombing in 1946 and other atrocities; Prime Minister of Israel. A complete animal.

Over the course of two years Zionist Jews obliterate 419 Arab villages and build Jewish settlements in their place. This process of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their own homeland by Jews continues to this very day.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 EthnicCleansingOfPalestine
The Zionist colonization and ethnic cleansing of Palestine -- a crime against humanity that goes unpunished and is, in fact, supported by many Western governments.

The Encyclopedia Britannica prints its 1963 edition, within which it states that 2,000,000 people, mostly Jews, were exterminated by the Nazis in Mauthausen, a concentration camp in Austria. This absurd figure has been officially revised quite a lot. Now it is claimed that only 95,000 people died in Mauthausen, of which only 14,000 were Jews. An exaggeration of 1,905,000! (more info) This camp is no longer considered by official sources who support the holocaust legend as an “extermination camp,” nor is it still claimed that any camps on German soil were either.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Mauthausen-6000000-648x1024


The influential Zionist leader Nahum Goldmann, co-founder and long-time head of the World Jewish Congress, publishes a book about Jews, The Jewish Paradox. In the book Goldmann candidly admits on pages 122 and 123 that years before the end of the second World War two influential co-conspiring Jews conceived the idea of a post-war Nuremberg show-tribunal and “German reparations” to be paid out to the Jews. Goldmann describes how he, and his fellow conniving Zionists at the World Jewish Congress, intended the reparations swindle to finance Jewish settlement in Palestine after the war.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 NahumGoldmann_JewishParadoxQuote
Goldmann admits the swindle


The Allied Nuremberg Trial indictment charged the Nazis with murdering 4,000,000 people at Auschwitz. This figure was printed on the plaques displayed to tourists visiting Auschwitz, and the figure was repeated as “fact” by governments, historians, journalists, politicians, and all authority figures, for 45 years. In 1990 it was all exposed as a big lie when the Auschwitz State Museum officially revised the death toll from 4,000,000 down to 1.1 million, of which 960,000 are claimed to be Jews. (source)

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Auschwitz-death-toll-reduced

Auschwitz death toll reduced to a million, yet sacred "Six Million" figure remains unchanged and is still repeated by Jews.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 AuschwitzPlaquesChanged
The original plaques were removed and replaced with new ones sporting the "new" fake figure of 1.5 million. That's at least 2.5 million people erased from the official death toll overnight. They can't even make up their mind about what the new figure should be. This should tell you right away that they are just making it up as they go along.

The Nuremberg Trial indictment charged the Nazis with killing 1,500,000 people at Majdanek, a camp in Poland. This ridiculous figure was conjured by Saul Hayes, a Canadian journalist in the pay of a Canadian Zionist organization, the Canadian Jewish Congress. It is now claimed that only 79,000 people died in this camp, officially. An exaggeration of 1,421,000!

Despite substantial reductions in the official death toll’s of Mauthausen, Auschwitz and Majdanek, the mythical and obviously false “Six Million” figure is never revised and continues to be peddled by Zionist Jews everywhere. That’s because it has religious significance to Jews and fulfills their delusional ancient Torah prophecies. The Holocaust™ is nothing more than a religion to inoculate the “Goyim”.

Also in 1990, another Holocaust myth was vanquished; that being the preposterous lie that the Nazis used the skin of Jews to make “lampshades” and their fat to make “human soap.” Jewish groups in Israel have confessed that this widespread rumor was a myth.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Jew-soap-hoax-articles
Despite this admission, there are still Jews today going around claiming that this actually occurred.

Two Zionist Holocaust promoters, Deborah Lipstadt and Professor Peter Novick,both have stated in their books that Simon Wiesenthal, the infamous “Nazi hunter” and pathological liar, outright invented the “five million non-Jewish deaths” that supposedly happened in the Holocaust as a marketing ploy to garner interest of Non-Jews in the Holocaust religion, also known as “Holocaustianity.”

The revisionists estimate that the combined death toll in all German concentration camps was somewhere between 300,000 to 500,000. Of that amount about half the victims were Jews. Unlike the comical and discredited “6,000,000”, this figure is based on solid documentation, including the reports released by the International Red Cross who inspected the camps, theAuschwitz death registries released to the Soviet archives in 1990 (which recorded only 69,000 deaths in Auschwitz), and other evidence. The main cause of death was the typhus epidemic and starvation.

After decades of careful forensic investigation, scientific analysis, and intense study, scholarly revisionists have allocated the “gas chambers,” “steam chambers,” “electrocution conveyor belts,” “suffocation rooms,” “pedal-driven-brain-bashing-devices,” “Jew bone powder used for construction,” and other absurdities to the realm of science fiction. (See: Vho.org, Codoh.com,holocaustdenialvideos.com, Winston Smith Ministry of Truth)

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 RedCrossReportCampDeaths
A report from the International Red Cross Tracing Service that tallied a total of just under 300,000 German concentration camp victims. Main cause of death: Typhus

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 IanKagedan-CanadianJewishCongress

In 1991, a leading Jewish Freemason let slip the agenda behind the Holocaust religion. Ian J. Kagedan, an official for the Canadian branch of B’nai B’rith (a secretive organization founded in New York City in 1843 by Jewish Freemasons),told us:

“Memory of the Holocaust is central to the new world order. …Achieving our quest of a “new world order” depends on our learning the Holocaust’s lessons.”

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Holocaust-NewWorldOrder

Jewish Freemason admits Holocaust story a vehicle for Jewish World Domination.

Fund Raising Fliers-
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Inheavensname-6million
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 SixMillionWaitUponAnswer
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 FundRaisingCampaign1919
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 HolohoaxFundraiser
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Holohoax-fundraiser
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Fundraisingcampaigns-holofaux-sixmillion

Compendium of Jewish fund raising campaigns; 6,000,000 galore. Click to enlarge

New York Times “6,000,000” References (1869-1945)-

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Sixmillion-34appearances

34 appearances of the Kabbalistic 6,000,000 figure of Jews in the New York Times from 1869 - 1945 (months before the end of WWII). Click to enlarge.

Five early Jewish “holocausts” in the New York Times-

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Holocaust-references
Five early Jew holohoaxes. Click to enlarge.

More pre-WWII 6,000,000 References-

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 PreWW2-6million

More early hoaxocausts-

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Six-million-Bar-Kokhba-revolt-1024x538
This 1897 "Science of Religion" American magazine, claims nearly six million Jews were killed in the Bar Kokhba revolt 132-136AD. What a laugh! Click to enlarge.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Spanishholocaust
1899: New York Times speaks of a "mighty holocaust of Jews". Click to enlarge.

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The Warsaw Ghetto 'Uprising'
Jewish Insurrection or German Police Operation?

By Robert Faurisson

Each year, around April 19, the media and politicians commemorate what they call the Warsaw ghetto 'uprising,' 'revolt' or 'insurrection.' [1] In journalistic accounts the affair has taken on increasingly epic and symbolic proportions. At a Holocaust ceremony in New York in April 1993, American Vice President Al Gore declared: 'The story of the Warsaw ghetto is sacred text for our time.' [2] In fact, this 'story' is a legend based only partially on historical reality.

'An insurrection never took place.' [3] This remark is by Marek Edelman, who was a leader of one of the armed Jewish groups in the ghetto. He added: 'We didn't even choose the day; the Germans set it by entering the ghetto to find the last Jews.' Edelman also stated that the number of Jews who took up arms never exceeded 220. (Other estimates of the number of Jewish ghetto fighters range from several hundred to as many as 2,000. In any case, no more than a minute portion of the ghetto population took part in the fighting.) [4]

Edelman's view has been confirmed by Yitzhak Zuckerman, another leader of the main Jewish armed group in the ghetto. Zuckerman has defined the 'war aims' of the Jewish fighters in these words: 'For us it was a question of organizing a defense, not an uprising. In an uprising, the initiative is with the one rising up. We, we sought only to defend ourselves; the initiative was entirely on the side of the Germans.' [5]

This was no uprising of an entire community to gain its freedom or to resist deportation. It was, rather, the reaction of only a relative handful of young Jews who, seeing German troops penetrate their sanctuary, first fought back, then on the third day tried unsuccessfully to flee, and then, finally, surrounded, put up sustained armed resistance. [6]

The whole thing should more accurately be called a German police operation rather than an 'uprising' or 'insurrection' by the Jews of Warsaw. By contrast, a real uprising was staged in Warsaw, August-October 1944, by the Polish Home Army, commanded by General 'Bor' Komorowski. However, the media scarcely notes this heroic insurrection, which the Soviets allowed the Germans to crush at their leisure. The Poles fought with such courage that the Germans permitted them to surrender with full military honors, treating them as prisoners of war under the Geneva convention rather than as terrorist insurgents.

To understand what happened in the Warsaw ghetto in April-May 1943, it is important to know why the Germans decided to launch a police operation. In the city's 'Jewish quarter' or 'ghetto' were 36,000 officially registered residents, as well as, in all probability, more than 20,000 clandestine inhabitants. [7] The ghetto was, in a sense, a city within a city, administered by a 'Jewish Council' (Judenrat), and a Jewish police force, which collaborated with the German occupation authorities, even against Jewish 'terrorists.' Many thousands of Jewish workers toiled in ghetto workshops and factories, supplying products vital to the German war effort.

Following the first Soviet air attack against central Warsaw on August 21, 1942, bomb shelters were built, on German orders, everywhere in the city, including the ghetto, for the protection of the residents. The Germans furnished the Jews with the cement and other necessary materials for these shelters, which legend has transformed into 'blockhouses' and 'bunkers.' [8] So extensive was this 'network of subterranean refuges and hiding places' that, according to one prominent Holocaust historian, 'in the end, every Jew in the ghetto had his own spot in one of the shelters set up in the central part of the ghetto.' [9]

Small armed Jewish groups, numbering no more than 220 persons, were active. The most important of these was the 'Jewish Combat Organization' (JCO), whose members were mostly young men in their twenties. Its 'general directives for combat' specified 'acts of terror' against the Jewish police, the Jewish Council, and the Werkschutz (protection service for the factories and workshops). This JCO directive stated specifically: 'The general staff works out the central plan of action -- sabotage and terror -- directed against the enemy.' [10]

Accordingly, these 'fighters' or 'terrorists' used 'sabotage and terror' to shake down Jewish ghetto police, Jewish Council officials, and workshop guards. [11] The 'terrorists' also profited from the ghetto's intensive industrial and commercial life, shaking down merchants and other residents by threat and blackmail, even holding them prisoner in their homes for ransom. They were able to buy weapons from soldiers stationed in Warsaw, who, like troops stationed elsewhere well behind the front lines, often served in patchwork units, ill-trained and poorly motivated. The ghetto 'terrorists' even carried out murderous attacks against German troops and Jewish collaborators.

The ghetto became increasingly insecure. Because of this, the Polish population became more and more hostile to its existence, while the Germans, for their part, feared that it could become a threat to the city's important role as a rail nexus in the war economy and as a hub for transport of troops to the Eastern front. Himmler therefore decided to relocate the Jewish population, along with the workshops and factories, to the Lublin region, and to raze the ghetto, replacing it with a park. At first the Germans tried to convince the Jews to voluntarily accept relocation. But the 'terrorists' refused to accept this, aware that such a transfer would mean for them losing, simultaneously, their financial base as well as their freedom of movement. They devoted all their efforts to opposing this, until on April 19, 1943, a police operation to forcibly evacuate the remaining Jews was begun on Himmler's order.

At 6:00 a.m. that morning, troops under the command of SS Colonel Ferdinand von Sammern-Frankenegg entered the ghetto, supported by a single tracked vehicle (captured during the invasion of France) and two armored cars. Initially the 'terrorists' or guerrillas offered stiff resistance, wounding 16 German SS men, six Ukrainians (so-called 'Askaris'), and two Polish policemen. One Polish policeman was killed. [12]

Himmler, eager to minimize casualties, was angered. That same morning, he relieved von Sammern-Frankenegg of command and replaced him with SS General Jürgen Stroop. Stroop, ordered to carry out the operation slowly to minimize casualties, did so in the following manner: each morning, the troops would enter the ghetto, clear buildings of their residents and use smoke candles (not poison gas) to drive out the Jews hiding in the air-raid shelters; the buildings were destroyed as they were evacuated. Each evening the troops sealed the ghetto so that nobody could escape during the night.

Skirmishes lasted from April 19 to May 16, 1943, so that altogether the operation required 28 days. On the third day, many of the Jewish armed fighters tried to escape, most of whom where shot or captured. Contrary to some reports, the German command never called for air support to destroy the ghetto, and the operation involved no aerial bombardment.

The number of Jewish dead is unknown. [13] An often-cited figure of 56,065 is, in fact, the number of Jews who wereapprehended. The great majority of these were deported, many to the transit camp at Treblinka from where they were taken to Majdanek (Lublin). [14] German deaths in the operation totalled 16. (This included one Polish policeman.)

One should not doubt either the courage of the Jewish resistance in the ghetto or the tragic nature of the whole affair, with the civilian population trapped in the cross-fire between various heterogeneous German units and small groups of Jewish guerrillas scattered throughout the ghetto. Contrary to some grandiose propaganda claims, though, what took place was far from an 'apocalyptic' revolt, as one writer has recently called it, [15] particularly when one is mindful of the tens of thousands of deaths, civilian and military, that occurred during those same 28 days, on battlefields around the globe and in the European cities bombarded by British and American air forces. [16]

All about Shillaphobia

Shun the non-believers!

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Air Photo Evidence


1. Introduction

During the 1930s German scientists and engineers pioneered aerial photography and developed it to high technological standards, which the Allies did not attain until World War Two. During the Second World War German reconnaissance fliers took millions of photos of the contested areas as well as of areas in enemy territory. After the war these photos fell into American hands, and have been stored in the National Archives Air Photo Library in Alexandria, Virginia, ever since. The Soviets, British and Americans also took air photos of Germany and the German-occupied territories as of late 1943. This chapter shall examine a few of these photos to see what they can reveal about the events alleged to have taken place at certain sites in connection with the 'Final Solution' of the 'Jewish Question'.
2. Technique of Air Photo Interpretation

The correct interpretation of an air photo depends not only on the expertise of the interpreter, but also on the resolution of the photo and on the sharpness of its focus, in other words, on the quality of the cameras, films and the photographing technique (e.g., compensation for the motion of the airplane). The technique of stereoscopy in particular has effected great improvements in air photo interpretation. In this technique, two photos of the same area are taken in rapid succession. Due to the motion of the airplane, the angle at which the photos are taken will have changed somewhat in this brief time. If these two slightly different photos are then viewed through a stereoscope, one picture with each eye, the result is a three-dimensional effect that allows for the easy differentiation between raised and flat objects on the ground.[1]
3. Air Photo Archeology

Air photo archeology was used as early as 1938 to locate the sites of medieval, ancient or even Stone Age settlements.[2] An element of vital importance to the discovery of ancient, extinct settlements is the fact that the remnants of these settlements - remnants which are generally sub-surface, i.e., underground today - are indicated by slight changes in topography, or even in the vegetation on the earth's surface. These minute differences can be made very clearly visible from great elevations. If, on the other hand, larger-scale disruptions of the soil involving disturbances of the vegetation and the nature of the soil date back only a few months, these changes are very easy to discern on air photos even if these disturbances have been covered up so as to prevent detection on ground level.
4. Mass Graves

4.1. Hamburg, Katyn, and Bergen-Belsen[3]

The Allied bombing of Hamburg in late July 1943 - "Operation Gomorrah", as the British called it - claimed more than 100,000 lives. Some 40,000 of these victims were buried in the Ohlsdorf cemetery, in four mass graves of 10,000 bodies each.[4] Each of the graves is some 130 m long, 16 m wide and approximately 3.5 m deep (426ft. × 52ft. × 12 ft.).

In spring of 1940 the Soviets shot about 25,000 Polish officers and intellectuals in a forest near Katyn and at other locations in eastern Poland, and buried them in a number of mass graves.[5] In 1943 some of them were discovered by the Germans, and investigated by an international delegation. The graves found, containing more than 4,100 bodies, covered a total area of 96 m × 6 m and were roughly 3.5 m deep (315ft. × 20ft. × 12 ft.).

In early 1945 the British established four mass graves near the former concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, to accommodate the countless typhus victims from that camp which had been dreadfully overcrowded near the war's end.[6] These graves measured about 20 m × 7 m × 3.5 m (66 ft. × 23 ft. × 12 ft.) each and contained some 1,000 bodies each.

As we can see, these graves mentioned above held approximately 1 to 2.5 bodies per cubic meter (1 to 2.5 per approximately 35 cu.ft.). Under realistic conditions, the maximum possible density would be roughly 8 bodies per cubic meter (10 per 44 cu.ft.), where the top vertical 1 m (3 ft.) of the grave consists only of a covering soil layer - meaning that, for a grave 3.5 m (12 ft.) deep, the greatest possible gross density is about 6 bodies per m3 (6 per approximately 35 cu.ft.). Thus, the mass graves of Katyn, Hamburg and Bergen-Belsen were not even filled to their maximum capacity.

In estimating the surface area required for mass graves, it must be kept in mind that the soil excavated takes up a greater volume than the graves themselves do, due to the loosening of the soil. What is more, the material excavated can be piled up only so steeply. Postulating, for example, rectangular graves of 15 m (50 ft.) width, and allowing 15 m (50 ft.) of space beside each grave to accommodate the excavated material - i.e., 15 m + 15 m, or 50 + 50 ft. breadth per grave (in fact a much too conservative estimate) - then for an excavation depth of 3.5 m (about 12 ft.) and a gross density of 6 bodies per m3(roughly 6 per 35 cu.ft.) the minimum surface area required for mass graves for a given number of bodies is indicated in Table 1.

Table 1: Surface Area Requirements for Mass Graves
# BodiesSurface Area Needed
10 m × (5+5) m
50 m × (10+10) m
83 m × (15+15) m
4 × 83 m × (15+15) m
16 × 210 m × (15+15) m
= 100 m2 (@ 1,080 sq.ft.)
= 1,000 m2 (@ 10,800 sq.ft.)
= 2,500 m2 (@ 26,900 sq.ft.)
= 10,000 m2 (@ 108,000 sq.ft.)
= 100,000 m2 = 0.1 km2 (@ 1,080,000 sq.ft, @ 25 acres)

4.2. Mass Graves in So-Called Extermination Camps

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallTreblin1k
Illustration 1: Air photo of concentration camp Treblinka B of May 15, 1944. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallTreblin2k
Illustration 2: Air photo of concentration camp Treblinka B of November 1944. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallBelzeck
Illustration: Belzec, May 16, 1944 (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallSobibork
Illustration: Sobibor, May 30, 1944 (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallMajd1k
Illustration: Majdanek, Sept. 18, 1944 (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallMajd2k
Illustration: Majdanek, Sept. 18, 1944 (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallBabijargk
Illustration 3: Luftwaffe air photo of the Babi Yar ravine, taken on Sept. 26, 1943. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallBabijarkk
Illustration 4: Enlargement of a portion of the Luftwaffe air photo taken of the Babi Yar ravine on Sept. 26, 1943. This portion shows the part of the valley near the Jewish cemetery. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallA-B-Luftk
Illustration 5: Concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. This American air photo was taken on May 31, 1944. Ref. No. R G 373 Can D 1508, exp. 3055. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallAirKremII_IIIk
Illustration 6 : Detail enlargement of RG 373 Can F 5367, exp. 3185, Aug. 25, 1944, crematoria II and III. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Image19k
Illustration 7: Schematic drawing of the above air photo. One can easily see that the patches on the mortuaries 1 cannot be input hatches: too large, irregular, alignment incorrect for shadows. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallLK1Schema
Illustration 8: Schematic drawing of the position and size of the patches (3) on the roof of mortuary 1 (the ‘gas chamber’, 1) of crematorium II and the location (2) of the only two holes to be found. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallDachgehek
Illustration 9: Drawn in groups of alleged prisoners, walking over the roof of a barrack. Notice their dark color. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallDachohnek
Illustration 10: For comparison with illustration 9: a photo from Sept. 1944, without roof-climbing inmates.[19] (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallLaufende1k
Illustration 11 (Exposure 3185): Allegedly a marching column of inmates on their way to the gas chamber. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallLaufende2k
Illustration 12 (Exposure 3186): 3.5 seconds later. Now the inmates in the middle of the column are marching in a zigzag. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallLaufendezz
Illustration 13: The zigzag line drawn by the photo retoucher is clearly visible: another proof that the photo was falsified.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallMassgra1k
Illustrations 14: Possible sites of old mass graves of typhus victims in Auschwitz. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 BallMassgra2k
Illustrations 15: Possible sites of old mass graves of typhus victims in Auschwitz. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
4.2.1. Treblinka

Illustration 1 shows an air photo of the Treblinka B camp, taken on May 15, 1944.[7] This is the place where, according to the standard literature, 700,000 to 1.2 million people were killed, buried in the southeastern corner of the camp, later dug up again and burned - all between mid-1942 and autumn of 1943.[8] The camp was demolished in late 1943.[9]
This and other photos[3] reveal the following:

  • the surrounding land was cultivated right up to the edge of the camp;
  • by virtue of the flat, treeless landscape it was possible to see right into the camp from the fields, as well as from the road running northeastward and from the town of Wolka Okraglik, only half a mile away;
  • the place in the southeast area of the camp which the witnesses describe as the location of the mass graves is less than 10,000 m2 (108,000 sq.ft.) in area. Therefore no more than 100,000 bodies could have been buried there. Mass graves for about 1,000,000 bodies would have required an area roughly equal to that of the entire camp (about 25 acres);

Illustration 2 shows an air photo from November 1944.[10] Here the area is overgrown fairly uniformly with vegetation (grass, weeds). We can see that:

  • except in the northernmost areas, there are no signs of any remnants of building foundations. Even if these had been removed, the vegetation would not grow as well over these areas. The massive concrete gas chamber buildings attested to by witnesses were not present here; at most, there may have been temporary barracks without stone or concrete foundations;
  • large-scale movements of the soil and mass cremations in the southeastern part of the camp would have resulted in poorer growth of vegetation there than elsewhere in the camp, due to the destruction of the topsoil, i.e., its mixing with deeper soil layers. Since this is not the case, disturbances of the soil as well as cremations can be ruled out for this area of the camp. The same goes for the surrounding agricultural areas;
  • contrary to witness accounts, no trees or bushes were planted on the camp grounds for camouflage purposes.

4.2.2. Belzec, Sobibor, Majdanek[11]

Much like Treblinka, the Belzec camp could easily be looked into from the nearby rail line and road. The town of Belzec was located about 1 mile north of the camp, which had been built on a hillside, into the forest. Air photos from 1944,[12] in other words from after the camp was dismantled, show that the area of the camp where witnesses claim mass graves containing some 600,000 bodies as well as their later cremation sites were located, had an area of approximately 7,000 m2 (75,300 sq.ft.). No more than 70,000 bodies could thus have been buried there - provided that the rocky soil would even have allowed for the excavation of 12-ft.-deep graves in the first place. There is no evidence of any foundations left over from former buildings, nor of any large-scale movements of the soil or of mass cremations. There are no signs of any such activity anywhere in the surrounding area either.

It is claimed that in Sobibor 100,000 of the total 150,000 victims were buried before being exhumed later and being cremated along with the rest of the victims. The air photo from 1944,[13]also taken after the camp was dismantled, shows this camp as having covered an area of roughly 50,000 m2 (12.4 acres). Some 10,000 m2 (107,600 sq.ft.) - fully ± of the total camp area - would have been needed to bury the victims. However, the air photo shows that the ground in the camp area was not disturbed. There are no signs of former building foundations, large-scale movements of earth, or cremation sites.

The Majdanek camp is located at the outskirts of the city of Lublin. Just as for Treblinka, the surrounding fields were cultivated right up to the camp boundary. The alleged gas chambers and the crematorium were outside the camp proper, openly visible and accessible to thousands of people living in the suburbs of Lublin.

4.3. Babi Yar

It is said that after the city of Kyiv was occupied by German troops the Jews of this city were taken to Babi Yar, a ravine at the northwestern edge of the city, near the Jewish cemetery. According to eyewitness accounts, they were shot there, thrown into the ravine, and buried - according to some witness statements, the ravine was also blasted and the bodies buried under the rubble.

In late summer of 1943, when the Front retreated again, the bodies were allegedly exhumed and cremated on gigantic funeral pyres or in pits. These activities allegedly ended on September 28, 1943, when the Kyiv area was already part of the main battle zone.[14]

Illustration 3 shows the ravine of Babi Yar in an air photo taken by the Luftwaffe on September 26, 1943.[15] The part of the ravine (near the Jewish cemetery) where the massacre allegedly took place is shown as enlargement in illustration 4. What we see is in fact a placid and peaceful valley. Neither the topography nor the vegetation has been disrupted by human intervention. There are no access roads for the transport of humans or fuel, no fuel depots, no excavations, no burning sites, and no smoke.
We may conclude with certainty that no part of the Babi Yar ravine was subjected to topographical changes of any magnitude during the war years right up to the Soviet reoccupation of the area. The vegetation in this valley was also not disturbed.[16]Hence, there can have been no mass graves in these locations, and the mass cremations attested to can also not have taken place at this time.

5. Mass Extermination in Auschwitz-Birkenau

5.1. Alterations on Air Photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau

Contrary to the photos of the camps in eastern Poland, the photos of Auschwitz (illustrations 5 and following) were taken by the Americans. It took the Allied landing in Italy in autumn of 1943 before the Americans were able to bomb the industrial area of Upper Silesia; Allied reconnaissance flights over this area therefore did not begin until the winter of 1943/44.[17] However, the corresponding air photos were not submitted to the National Archives by the CIA, and thus made accessible to the public, until the late 1970s. It was also the CIA which published the first photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1979, authored by D. Brugnioni, R. Poirer.[18]

The Americans took many series of photographs of the Upper Silesian industrial area, and some of them are of excellent quality. Unfortunately, the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp group is shown on only about half a dozen photos, all of which are of mediocre or poor quality. One qualitatively excellent sequence of photos from June 26, 1944, breaks off just before Auschwitz. While it is possible that the cameras were turned off immediately after the plane flew over the main point of interest, namely the synthetic rubber plant in Monowitz, it seems more probable that these photos of excellent quality and resolution were in fact removed before the public could view them. We shall see the grounds for this supposition in the following.

First it is interesting to note that in Birkenau as well, the surrounding land was cultivated right up to the edge of the camp, which would have rendered it impossible to keep anything secret that happened inside the camp. I would like to focus attention on two pictures of the Birkenau camp made on August 25, 1944.[23] The second picture was shot just 3,5 seconds after the first. This enables us to make a three-dimensional analysis with the help of a stereo viewer. But first we shall analyze only the first of these two pictures. Illustration 6 is an enlargement of the section around the crematoria II and III. Illustration 7 is a schematic drawing of this picture. The patches visible on the roof of the morgues 1 of both crematoria were identified as Zyklon B input hatches and their shadows by the CIA.[18] However, even without the help of a 3D viewer, it is obvious that these patches cannot be input hatches:

  • The alignment of the patches does not agree with the direction of the shadow cast by the crematorium chimney;
  • on a photo from September 13, 1944, the patches on crematorium III retain their direction and shape even though the position of the sun has changed;[19]
  • on that same photo the patches on mortuary 1 of crematorium II are missing;
  • the length of the shadows corresponds to input hatches 4.5 ft. wide and rising 10 to 13 ft. above the roof - in other words, large chimneys, not the approximately 20-inch-high hatches attested to by witnesses;
  • these jagged, irregular patches cannot be shadows cast by perpendicular, straight input hatches.

On Sept. 24, 1996, Brugnioni claimed in a private letter[20] that he views

"the marks as including the shadows of the vents, but also including roof discoloration marks perhaps from people walking around the area of the vents, causing discoloration of the roof, which showed up as the marks visible in the photos of the roof of the gas chamber"

As shown, these discolorations have nothing to do with shadows, and any discolorations from people walking around any objects,e.g., by destroying the grass growing on the two feet thick layer of earth on these roofs, would have a circular pattern around these objects, a linear pattern between them, and, as can be seen from other parts of the pictures, areas without proper plants growth cause a lighter color than those with proper plant coverage, and not darker, as they are in this picture.

Illustration 8, an enlarged section of the schematic drawing ofillustration 7, reveals the discrepancy between the holes actually present in the roof of mortuary 1 of crematorium II and the patches added to the photo by the forgers. The location and size of the real holes, marked with a circle, do not correspond to the patches added.

According to the CIA, the dark line surrounding both crematoria II and III was a wall or hedge intended to guard against prying eyes and to prevent attempted escapes. From a vast number of original, ground-based photos of the camp, however, we know that the crematoria were separated from the rest of the camp merely by a wire mesh fence, which would not show up on an air photo.[21] On a photo of May 31, 1944, these dark lines around crematoria II and III were only incompletely drawn in.[22] The same goes for the lines drawn around crematoria IV and V only on the photo of September 13, 1944.

Viewing these pictures in 3-D, one realizes that neither the alleged wall nor the patches on the mortuaries have any elevation. What is more, the overly dark color of such narrow objects proves that what we have here is an instance of photo retouching.

Illustration 9 is another enlargement from the photo used forillustration 6. In this picture patches were added which, according to the CIA, represent groups of inmates. In this context one must consider that a group of inmates is not a massive block structure that could cast darker shadows than, for example, the barracks beside them. More than likely, therefore, the picture was 'helped along a little' here. This assumption is proven by the fact that some of these 'groups of inmates' are evidently marching across the roof of a barracks - a physical impossibility. This is shown clearly by the photo of September 13, illustration 10, where the barracks is also clearly visible, but this time without inmates marching across it.

Illustrations 11 and 12 (next page) show enlargements of details of the two photos taken in rapid succession on August 25, 1944.[23] According to the CIA's interpretation this shows a group of inmates on their way to the gas chambers. What is most interesting is the manner in which this group of inmates moves (illustration 13): it moves in a zigzag - in a line added by a clumsy retoucher?

After realizing these facts of the matter, I went to the National Archives and requested to see the originals, since the photos given to me as originals had clearly been altered. And in fact I was then given air photos which I was assured were the originals. These were indeed of better quality than the negatives I had been given first: due to the better focus, the work of the forgers was considerably more clearly apparent at the same places on the photos. When I pointed this out to the Archives staff, I was told that these were the negatives which the National Archives had received from the CIA in 1979, and that they had always believed that they were in the precise state in which they had been taken from the reconnaissance planes in 1944. I was told that I was the first member of the public ever to have seen these negatives. Now they would be returned to the archives forever, to be handed out only at the request of government agencies such as the CIA.

In light of the poor quality of the forgeries on these air photos, it is not likely that the alterations were added by a government agency or by the CIA itself. These authorities have highly qualified staff and advanced technology at their disposal and would have produced forgeries that were perfect, or at least very difficult to expose. However, it is remarkable that in 1999, Dino Brugnioni, the same author from the CIA who in 1979 published the air photos of Auschwitz,[18] published a book about "photographic deception and manipulation", exposing himself as an expert on making and/or recognizing faked pictures.[24]Mysteriously, he discusses the photo criticized here in his chapter on how to detect faked photos - of course without claiming that it was altered. Is that really a coincidence?

5.2. Mass Graves and Mass Cremation

To the immediate north of the Birkenau camp, near the presumed location of the so-called Bunker I, the air photos reveal rectangular patches which may perhaps stem from old, filled-in mass graves (illustration 15, right, page 281).[25] Their surface area totals approximately 3,600 m2 (38,700 sq.ft.). West of the camp, more rectangles are visible, standing out from their surroundings due to their lighter coloring (totaling about 450 m2, or 4,800 sq.ft., see illustration 15, top).

If one assumes that the patches north of the camp are mass graves, that these were 3 m (about 10 ft.) deep with a 1 m (3 ft.) covering soil layer, and that mass graves have a capacity of at most 8 bodies per m3 (10 per 44 cu.ft.),[26] this indicates a maximum of about 55,000 bodies that could have been contained therein.

Until early 1943, the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp group had only the old crematorium in the Auschwitz Main Camp at its disposal, so that during this time probably not all the dead could be cremated, but had to be buried in mass graves instead. D. Czech reports that as of approximately mid-September 1942 the mass graves in Birkenau were opened and emptied so as to prevent contamination of the ground water supply.[27] From November 1941 to September 1942 some 45,000 inmates died in Birkenau, mostly of typhus.[28] On the basis of the coke fuel deliveries, for which documentation exists, it can be determined that the Main Camp crematorium, having only 349.1 metric tons of coke delivered during this period, could have cremated a maximum of 11,400 bodies,[29] not all of which came from Birkenau, of course, but also from within the Main Camp itself. Thus one may expect that roughly 40,000 bodies were buried in Birkenau in mass graves between November 1941 and September 1942. This figure corresponds quite well with our calculations regarding the maximum capacity of the presumed former mass graves whose outlines we can detect on the air photos.[30]

If Czech's statements regarding the opening of mass graves in September 1942 are correct, it seems quite plausible that from this time on until the new crematoria were put into operation in spring/summer 1943, there were indeed open-air funeral-pyre cremations of old, partially decomposed corpses. This work, which was likely performed by inmates, might represent the factual basis of greatly exaggerated and highly embellished eyewitness statements about perpetual, gigantic mass cremations on pyres and in deep pits. These witness statements generally place the open-air cremations in pits located behind crematorium V and west of the camp on a meadow near Bunker II,[31] a former farmhouse allegedly renovated to serve as gas chamber. In the process, it is claimed, the great quantities of smoke emanating from the burning sites swathed the camp in dark clouds.[32] Particularly from May to August 1944, during the time of the alleged destruction of the Hungarian Jews and the Jews from the Lodz ghetto, fires are said to have been burning in the fire pits day and night.[33] But the air photo of May 31, 1944, is the only one to show even relatively small drifts of smoke rising behind crematorium V.[34] Nothing even remotely similar is to be found at any other place, nor on any other photo. There are no considerable quantities of smoke issuing from the chimneys, none in the vicinity of Bunker II, none anywhere else. The photo from September 13, 1944, is the only one to show any large smoke clouds at all, and these have drifted in from the surrounding industrial establishments which the Allies had just bombed. Establishment Professor G. Jagschitz's theory, proposing that perhaps the Allies had used filters that resolved the smoke on the photos,[35] is not even close. Smoke cannot be resolved by optical filters; at best, one could use film that is sensitive to a specific range of the electromagnetic spectrum which the smoke does not absorb. This, however, would have required a homogeneous and known composition of the smoke, as well as highly advanced technology at the Allies' disposal at the time. Neither factor is given. The Allied air photos were taken with perfectly normal, simple black-and-white film. If there are no smoke clouds visible on the photos, then there were no incinerations to cause them. Further, in light of the absence of any pits, pyres, fuel depots and heaps of corpses it is downright irrelevant whether the smoke might have been visible or invisible, since there was nothing that could have caused it in the first place. Filters to render fuel depots, burning pits, heaps of corpses etc. invisible have yet to be invented, even today.

6. Conclusions

Hamburg, Katyn, Bergen-Belsen

The mass graves of Hamburg, Katyn and Bergen-Belsen demonstrate how great the area requirements are for mass graves. Due to the area required for the excavated material, which in realistic terms is much greater than the theoretical minimum areas calculated in Table 1, 10,000 bodies need at least 4,000 m2 (43,000 sq.ft.).


Mass graves for the alleged 700,000 to 1.2 million victims of this camp would have required 40 times as much space as the witnesses state was available. The ground in the camp area shows no traces of former building foundations, large mass graves or burning pits.

Sobibor, Belzec, Majdanek

As in the case of Treblinka, it would have been impossible in Majdanek or Belzec to keep any mass murder secret; the close proximity of settlements and roads, and the cultivation of surrounding farm land right up to the camp fences, saw to that. In no case is there any evidence for mass graves or burning pits.

Babi Yar

The ravine of Babi Yar underwent no noticeable changes in topography or vegetation up to the end of the war. There are no signs of human intervention during the time of German occupation. There was no human activity there at the time of the mass cremations attested to by the witnesses.


The few air photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau known to date from the period of December 1943 to February 1945 show no signs of fuel depots, smoke from chimneys or open fires, burning pits or pyres. The photos were altered: Zyklon B input hatches, groups of inmates, and walls around crematoria were retouched onto the photo negatives. Insofar as they still exist, photos of good quality are being kept from the public. One must assume that any actual mass murder activities would not have escaped the notice of the air photo interpreters. This would have resulted in the bombing of the camp - which, however, was carefully refrained from.[36]

The Bottom Line

To this day there is no air photo evidence to support the alleged mass murder of the Jews at any location in Europe occupied by the Germans during World War Two. Further, air photo analysis refutes the claim that the 'Nazis' had intended, at whatever time, to keep events in the alleged extermination camps secret. In many cases the air photos provide clear proof that some of the events attested to by witnesses, such as the destruction of the Hungarian Jews or the mass executions at Babi Yar, did not in fact take place. We may hope that the release of Soviet air photos dating from the time the camps were in operation will shed further light on these issues. The fact that these photos have not been published to date may already speak for itself. That the photos in western hands were altered in order to incriminate Germany, and were first published by the CIA, is also very significant indeed.

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‘No Jewish mass grave’ in Poland
ADELAIDE: An Australian Holocaust revisionist claims he has proof a mass grave never existed at Treblinka in Poland.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Gprscanner

Data collected during a week at Treblinka. using ground penetrating radar, found no soil disturbance consistent with 870,000 Jews having been buried there.
Richard Krege, 30, of Canberra, said data collected during a week at Treblinka. using ground penetrating radar, found no soil disturbance consistent with 870,000 Jews having been buried there.
‘Historians say that the bodies were exhumed and cremated towards the end of the Treblinka camp’s use in 1943. but we found no indication that any mass graves ever existed," he said.
‘Personally, I don’t think there was a [death]-camp there at all.’
Mr Krege, who will address a public meeting in Adelaide tonight at the start of an eight-day tour, said he had gone to Poland in October last year to "find the truth".
A qualified electronics engineer, he is an associate of the Adelaide Institute run by German-born revisionist Dr Fredrick Toben, whom he is accompanying on the tour.
Mr Krege said he would like to see an international group formed, possibly under the auspices of the United Nations, to use ground penetrating radar at all concentration camps in Europe.
He said he was in the process of having other experts review the data he collected, but was confident that they would also conclude the mass burial did not happen.
The young Australian-born man admitted that he expected to be labelled a racist and anti-Semitic.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Treblinkascan
What is this interesting pattern? A psychedelic painting? The Lord Chancellor's latest wallpaper? No, it is a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scan of the alleged mass grave site at Treblinka, Poland, conducted to a depth of eighteen feet by an expert in November 1999: it seems the ground has remained undisturbed for millions of years. Clever old Nazis, in panic of defeat, managed to put back every stone exactly in place.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Examiner-au
January 24, 2000, page 17:
Poland’s Jews ‘not buried at Treblinka’
ADELAIDE - An Australian Holocaust revisionist claims h has proof a mass gray never existed a Treblinka in Poland.
Richard Krege, 30, of Canberra said that data collected during a week at Treblinka, using ground penetrating radar, found no soil disturbance consistent with 870,000 Jews having been buried there.
"Historians say that the bodies were exhumed and cremated towards the end of the Treblinka camp’s use in 1943, but we found no indication that any mass graves ever existed," Mr Krege said
"Personally, I don’t think there was a [death]-camp there at all."
Mr Krege who will address a public meeting in Adelaide tomorrow night as the start of an eight-day national tour, said he had gone to Poland in October last year to find the truth".
A qualified electronics engineer, he is an associate of the Adelaide Institute run by German-born revisionist Dr Fredrick Toben whom he is accompanying on the tour

Secrets Facts - Treblinka, False Concentration Camp.  Australian reasearches travels to Treblinka concentration camp, looking for signs and proof of massgraves. They found nothing.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Dees-Radar%20(site)

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The article below confirms that many of the Jewish who supposedly died in the camps were actually evacuated into mainland Russia during the war, and that they then returned:

Evacuated Russian Jews Return to Liberated Areas in the Ukraine
MONTREAL (Jan. 18)
January 19, 1944

Russian Jews who had been evacuated from various sections of Russia before the Nazi invasion are now returning to the liberated regions because they love their homes and the separation was only a temporary one,” Lt. Colonel Peter Matunoff, member of the Soviet Legation at Ottawa, declared here today before representatives of the press.
“The majority of the Jewish populations of the Ukraine, White Russia and other threatened parts of the Soviet Union were evacuated before the arrival of the Nazi hordes,” he said. He stressed the fact that in many cases preference on the railroads was given to the Jewish evacuees because the authorities knew that the Jewish populations were always the first victims of the Hitlerite atrocities. The evacuation was carried through very systematically. Thousands of Jews were sent to the Urals where they were absorbed in the war industries. These industries played a vital role in the defeat of the enemy on many fronts. The Polish-Jewish refugees were sent to Tashkhent, he added.
Answering a question on the participation of Russian Jewry in the fighting forces Lieut. Colonel Matunoff stated that he met Jewish heroes on all fronts.BR

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No real evidence for the gas chambers, experts admit

Many of the leading scholars of the Holocaust have stated on record, that the actual evidence to prove the Nazis operated homicidal gas chambers, is virtually non-existent. Following are a few of their admissions of this fact:

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 E5be31a8a1b27982e9aa09400f1fb65b

Professor Arno J. Mayer, whose Jewish family fled Luxembourg in 1940, wrote in his 1988 book Why Did the Heavens Not Darken:

"Sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable." (A)

"Most of what is known is based on the depositions of Nazi officials and executioners at postwar trials and on the memory of survivors and bystanders. This testimony must be screened carefully, since it can be influenced by subjective factors of great complexity." (B)

"In the meantime, there is no denying the many contradictions, ambiguities, and errors in the existing sources." (C)

Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?: The "Final Solution" in History
By Arno J. Mayer. Pantheon Books (1990 edition) A. p.362, B. p.362/3, C. p.363

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Fbcf9507d112ee8cc2ae3f8236601c55

Professor Raul Hilberg, author of The Destruction of the European Jews, the "standard work" on the Holocaust, appeared as an expert witness at the 1985 trial of Revisionist Ernst Zundel, during which Hilberg had the following exchange with Douglas Christie, Zundel's barrister:

"Can you give me one scientific report that shows the existence of gas chambers anywhere in Nazi-occupied territory?" defence counsel Doug Christie asked Hilberg in a day-long rapid fire of cross-examination.

"I am at a loss," Hilberg replied.

"You are (at a loss) because you can't," Christie said.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 36b768423959ddf0f7bb82636e604428

The Montreal Gazette - Jan 19, 1985 - page 14

Professor Raul Hilberg also stated in an interview shortly before his death in 2007:

"there was a Holocaust, which is, by the way, more easily said than demonstrated."

Is There a New Anti-Semitism? A Conversation with Raul Hilberg
Logos Journal. Volume 6 - Issue one-two

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 D4c19079deca95f4c99463a3ff58147c

Professor of Architecture (but not an architect) Robert Jan van Pelt, Jewish expert on Auschwitz, and expert witness at the 2000 Irving vs. Penguin & Lipstadt trial, was interviewed for The Toronto Star in December 2009:

(Interviewer:) "By allowing nature to take over the site (Auschwitz-Birkenau), do we run the risk of allowing humanity to forget what happened and set the stage for future questioning of the Holocaust?

(van Pelt:) Ninety-nine per cent of what we know we do not actually have the physical evidence to prove . . . it has become part of our inherited knowledge."

A Case for Letting Nature Take Back Auschwitz
The Toronto Star - December 27, 2009

Professor Van Pelt wrote in his book The Case for Auschwitz, which was mostly his report he was commissioned to write for the Irving vs. Lipstadt Trial in 2000:

"My first problem was rather straightforward: the evidence for Auschwitz was undoubtedly problematic."

Van Pelt, Robert. The Case for Auschwitz. Evidence from the Irving Trial. Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis. 2002. p.100.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Christopher_Browning%2B%25281%2529

Professor of Holocaust history Christopher Browning, was an expert defence witness in the Irving vs. Penguin & Lipstadt trial in 2000. In his report for trial he says documentary evidence for the gas chambers is "scant":

"In particular, the documentation of mass killing by shooting in the territories occupied by Germany after June 1941 is quite extensive, while documents relating to gassing in Poland is scant. For gassing, therefore, witness testimony and circumstantial evidence play a much larger role."

Evidence for the Implementation of the Final Solution:
Electronic Edition, by Browning, Christopher R.
III. Implementation of the Final Solution,  3.2

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 _709517_judge300

Justice Gray, the judge at the 2000 Irving vs. Penguin & Lipstadt trial, made numerous references during the trial and in his judgment, to the lack of evidence for gas chambers:

"The consequence of the absence of any overt documentary evidence of gas chambers at these camps, coupled with the lack of archaeological evidence, means that reliance has to be placed on eye witness and circumstantial evidence."

Judgment 6:80

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Pressac

Jean Claude-Pressac author of AUSCHWITZ: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers, admits there is a complete lack of "indisputable" evidence for mass gassings at Auschwitz:

"In the absence of any “direct”, i.e. palpable, indisputable and evident proof (lacking so far as we know at present) such as a photograph of people killed by a toxic gas in an enclosed space that can be perfectly located and identified, or of a label on a Krematorium drawing of a “Gaskammer um Juden zu vergiften / gas chamber for poisoning Jews” an “indirect” proof may suffice and be valid. By “indirect”, proof, I mean a German document that does not state in black and white that a gas chamber is for HOMICIDAL purposes, but one containing evidence that logically it is impossible for it to be anything else."

AUSCHWITZ: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers, page 429

The French historian Jacques Baynac, who stated:

"For the scientific historian a witness statement does not represent real history"

But nevertheless still believes the Nazis gassed Jews, wrote:

it is necessary to recognize that the lack of traces involves the inability to directly establish the reality of the existence of homicidal gas chambers.”


Well, we've still survivor testimony

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 _709517_judge300

Justice Gray, the judge at the 2000 Irving vs. Penguin & Lipstadt trial, stated in his judgment:

"The possibility exists that some of these witnesses invented some or even all of the experiences which they describe. Irving suggested the possibility of cross-pollination, by which he meant the possibility that witnesses may have repeated and even embellished the (invented) accounts of other witnesses with the consequence that a corpus of false testimony is built up. Irving pointed out that parts of some of the accounts of some of the witnesses are obviously wrong or (like some of Olère’s drawings) clearly exaggerated. He suggested various motives why witnesses might have given false accounts, such as greed and resentment (in the case of survivors) and fear and the wish to ingratiate themselves with their captors (in the case of camp officials). Van Pelt accepted that these possibilities exist. I agree."

Judgment 13:74

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 64045

Prussian Jewish historian Samuel Gringauz, himself a camp survivor, and Chairman of the Council of the Central Committee Of Liberated Jews In The American Zone of German, wrote in an 1950 issue of Jewish Social Studies about survivor testimonies:

"most of the memoirs and reports are full of preposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic effects, overestimated self-inflation, dilettante philosophizing, would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias, partisan attacks and apologies."


A 1945 report requested by Eisenhower for the US Congress reads:

"Three classes or kinds of evidence were presented to us. (see link for first & second types)... The third kind of evidence was what may be called the common knowledge of the camp, that is to say, evidence of things done in the camp which were not done publicly but which, nevertheless, all prisoners were aware of. This is similar to certain knowledge possessed by prisoners generally in legitimate institutions like State penitentiaries. These prisoners, from custom and experience, from the conversation with the guards and among themselves, and from a very plain and almost mathematical kind of circumstantial evidence, have accurate knowledge of certain things which they have not actually seen with their own eyes. The prisoners at the camps speak about these things as though they had actually seen them. It was the unanimous opinion of our committee after talking to hundreds of prisoners that this third kind of evidence was often as accurate and reliable as the two kinds of direct evidence above referred to. An example of this kind of evidence will be found in that part of our report dealing with the torture chamber at Buchenwald, where no one actually saw the strangulations perpetrated in this chamber, but where the circumstantial evidence of it was so complete and clear as to leave no doubt in the mind of anyone."

Report of the Committee Requested by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower through the Chief of Staff, Gen. George C. Marshall to the Congress of the United States Relative to Atrocities and Other Conditions in Concentration Camps in Germany

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 9bcd8fb4bb8eff0b07288584ff61d18e

Gerald Reitlinger, the British Jew who in 1953 published the first in-depth study of the Holocaust, wrote:

"A certain degree of reserve is necessary in handling all this material, and particularly this applies to the last section ("survivor narratives"). For instance, the evidence concerning the Polish death camps was mainly taken after the war by Polish State Commissions or by the Central Jewish Historical Commission of Poland. The hardy survivors who were examined were seldom educated men. Moreover, the Eastern European Jew is a natural rhetorician, speaking in flowery similes."

Gerald Reitlinger, The Final Solution (London: Sphere books, 1971 edition) p. 581 & also

American Jewish holocaust historian and passionate Zionist, Lucy Dawidowicz, wrote in her 1976 book A Holocaust Reader of survivor testimonies:

"Survivor accounts of critical events are typical of all testimony, that is, they are full of discrepancies. About all matters both trivial and significant, the evidence is nearly always in dispute. In part the unreliability of these accounts derives from imperfect observation and flawed memory, but in larger part from the circumstance that they are not constructed exclusively on the basis of firsthand experience. In order to present a coherent narrative, the author has likely included a large measure of hearsay, gossip, rumor, assumption, speculation, and hypothesis."

Lucy Dawidowicz, A Holocaust Reader. New Jersey: Behrman House. 1976. pp. 11 & 12.

Primo Levi Italian Jewish Auschwitz survivor and acclaimed writer, wrote in a 1986:

"It is natural and obvious that the most substantial material for the reconstruction of truth about the camps is the memories of the survivors. Beyond the pity and indignation these recollections provoke, they should also be read with a critical eye. For knowledge of the Lagers (camps), the Lagers themselves were not always a good observation post: in the inhuman conditions to which they were subjected, the prisoners could barely acquire an overall vision of their universe. The prisoners; above all those who did not understand German, might not even know where in Europe their Lager was situated, having arrived after a slaughterous and tortuous journey in sealed boxcars. They did not know about the existence of other Lagers, even those only a few kilometers away. They did not know for whom they worked. They did not understand the significance of certain sudden changes in conditions, or of the mass transfers. Surrounded by death, the deportee was often in no position to evaluate the extent of the slaughter unfolding before his eyes. The companion who worked beside him today was gone by the morrow: he might be in the but next door, or erased from the world; there was no way to know. In short, the prisoner felt overwhelmed by a massive edifice of violence and menace but could not form for himself a representation of it because his eyes were fixed to the ground by every single minute's needs."

Primo Levi. The Drowned and the Saved. New York; Summit Books. (pb. 1989) page 16.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 33

Hannah Arendt, the German-American-Jewish political theorist wrote of the camp survivors who testified at the 1961 Adolf Eichmann trial in Jerusalem:

"the prosecution called upon a writer, well known on both sides of the Atlantic under the name of K-Zetnik—a slang word for a concentration-camp inmate—as the author of several books on Auschwitz that dealt with brothels, homosexuals, and other "human interest stories." He started off, as he had done at many of his public appearances, with an explanation of his adopted name. It was not a "pen name," he said. "I must carry this name as long as the world will not awaken after the crucifixion of the nation ... as humanity has risen after the crucifixion of one man." He continued with a little excursion into astrology: the star "influencing our fate in the same way as the star of the ashes at Auschwitz is there facing our planet, radiating toward our planet." And when he had arrived at "the unnatural power above Nature" which had sustained him thus far, and now, for the first time, paused to catch his breath, even Mr. Hausner (barrister for the prosecution) felt that something had to be done about this "testimony," and, very timidly, very politely, interrupted: "Could I perhaps put a few questions to you if you will consent?" Whereupon the presiding judge saw his chance as well: "Mr. Dinoor, please, please, listen to Mr. Hausner and to me." In response, the disappointed witness, probably deeply wounded, fainted and answered no more questions."

This, to be sure, was an exception, but if it was an exception that proved the rule of normality, it did not prove the rule of simplicity or of ability to tell a story, let alone of the rare capacity for distinguishing between things that had happened to the story teller more than sixteen, and sometimes twenty, years ago, and what he had read and heard and imagined in the meantime. These difficulties could not be helped, but they were not improved by the predilection of the prosecution for witnesses of some prominence, many of whom had published books about their experiences, and who now told what they had previously written, or what they had told and retold many times."

Arendt, Hannah. Eichamann In Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. Penguin, New York. 2006. pp.223-224

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 6e55396be753ec4d10e4ebf42e434d7f

Aforementioned French historian Jacques Baynac stated:

"For the scientific historian a witness statement does not represent real history. It is an object of history. A witness statement counts for little, many witnesses' statements count for no more, if there is no solid document to support them. One could say without much exaggeration, the principle of scientific historiography is, No paper(s), no proven facts."


Raul Hilberg, the Don of holocaust studies said:

"A great percentage of the mistakes I discovered in my own work, could be attributed to testimonies."

Norman Finkelstein. The Holocaust Industry (second edition). New York: Verso books. (pb. 2003) page 82

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 78964ee0decd0a4bc07637776bcf3bf1

The much admired, and much despised (by Zionists), Jewish scholar, whose father survived Auschwitz, and whose mother survived Majdanek; Norman Finkelstein wrote:

"The postwar German government provided compensation to Jews who had been in ghettos or camps. Many Jews fabricated their pasts to meet this eligibility requirement. "If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one," my mother used to exclaim, "who did Hitler kill?" Indeed, many scholars have cast doubt on the reliability of survivor testimony."

Norman Finkelstein. The Holocaust Industry (second edition). New York: Verso books. (pb. 2003) page 81

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Eisenhower's death camps documentary:

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Eisenhower's Death Camps
The Last Dirty Secret of World War Two

by James Bacque
Saturday Night 
Sept 1989

Call it callousness, call it reprisal, call it a policy of hostile neglect: a million Germans taken prisoner by Eisenhower's armies died in captivity after the surrender.
In the spring of 1945, Adolph Hitler's Third Reich was on the brink of collapse, ground between the Red Army, advancing westward towards Berlin, and the American, British, and Canadian armies, under the overall command of General Dwight Eisenhower, moving eastward over the Rhine.  Since the D-Day landings in Normandy the previous June, the westward Allies had won back France and the Low Countries, and some Wehrmacht commanders were already trying to negotiate local surrenders.  Other units, though, continued to obey Hitler's orders to fight to the last man.  Most systems, including transport, had broken down, and civilians in panic flight fromt he advancing Russians roamed at large.
"Hungry and frightened, lying in grain fields within fifty feet of us, awaiting the appropriate time to jump up with their hands in the air"; that's how Captain H. F. McCullough of the 2nd Anti-Tank Regiment Division described the chaos of the German surrender at the end of the Second World War.  In a day and a half, according to Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, 500,000 Germans surrendered to his 21st Army Group in Northern Germany.  Soon after V-E Day--May 8, 1945--the British-Canadian catch totalled more that 2 million.  Virtually nothing about their treatment survives in the archives in Ottawa or London, but some skimpy evidence from the International Committee of the Red Cross, the armies concerned, and the prisoners themselves indicates that almost all continued in fair health.  In any case, most were quickly released and sent home, or else transferred to the French to help in the post-war work of reconstruction.  The French army had itself taken fewer than 300,000 prisoners.
Like the British and Canadians, the Americans suddenly faced astounding numbers of surrendering German troops: the final tally of prisoners taken by the U.S. army in Europe (excluding Italy and North Africa) was 5.25 million.  But the Americans responded very differently.
Among the early U.S captives was one Corporal Helmut Liebich, who had been working in an anti-aircraft experimental group at Peenemunde on the Baltic.  Liebich was captured by the Americans on April 17, near Gotha in Central Germany.  Forty-two years later, he recalled vividly that there were no tents in the Gotha camp, just barbed wire fences around a field soon churned to mud.  The prisoners received a small ration of food on the first day but it was then cut in half.  In order to get it, they were forced to run a gauntlet.  Hunched ocer, they ran between lines of American guards who hit them with sticks as they scurried towards their food.  On April 27, they were transferred to the U.S. camp at Heidesheim farther wet, where there was no food at all for days, then very little.  Exposed, starved, and thirsty, the men started to die.  Liebich saw between ten and thirty bodies a day being dragged out of his section, B, which at first held around 5,200 men.. He saw one prisoner beat another to death to get his piece of bread.  One night when it rained, Liebich saw the sides of the holes in which they were sheltered, dug in soft sandy earth, collapse on men who were too weak to struggle out.  They smothered before anyone could get to them.  Liebich sat down and wept.  "I could hardly believe men could be so cruel to each other."
Typhus broke out in Heidesheim about the beginning of May.  Five days after V-E Day, on May 13, Liebich was transferred to another U.S. POW camp, at Bingen-Rudesheim in the Rhineland near Bad Kreuznach, where he was told that the prisoners numbered somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000, all without shelter, food, water, medicine, or sufficient space.
Soon he fell sick with dysentery and typhus.  he was moved again, semiconscious and delirious, in an open-topped railway car with about sixty other prisoners: northwest down the Rhine, with a detour through Holland, where the Dutch stood on bridges to smash stones down on the heads of the prisoners.  Sometimes the American guards fired warning shots near the Dutch to keep them off.  After three nights, his fellow prisoners helped him stagger into the hug camp at Rheinberg, near the border with the Netherlands, again without shelter or food.
When a little food finally did arrive, it was rotten.  In none of the four camps had Leibich seen any shelter for the prisoners.  the death rate in the U.S. Rhineland camps at this point, according to surrviving data from a medical survey, was about thirty per cent per year.  A normal death rate for a civilian population in 1945 was between one and two percent.
One day in June, through hallucinations of his fever, Liebich saw "the Tommies" coming into the camp.  The British had taken over Rheinberg, and that probably saved his life.  At this point, Liebich, who is five-foot-ten, weighed 96.8 ponds.
According to stories told to this day by other ex-prisoners of Rheinberg, tha last act of the Americans before the British took over was to bulldoze one section level while there were still men living in their holes in the ground.
Under the Geneva Convention, three important rights are guaranteed prisoners of war: that they will be fed and sheltered to the same standard as base or depot troops of the Capturing Power; that they can send and receive mail; and that they will be visited by delegates of the International Red Cross (ICRC) who will report in secret on their treatment to a Protecting Power.  (In the cas eof Germany, as the government disintegrated in the closing stages of the war, Switzerland had been designated the protecting power.)
In fact, German prisoners taken by the U.S. Army at the end of the Second World War were denied these and most other rights by a series of specific decisions and directives stemming mainly from SHAEF--Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force.  General Dwight Eisenhower was both supreme commander of SHAEF--all the Allied armies in northwest Europe--and the commanding general of the U.S. forces in the European theatre.  He was subject to the Combined Chiefs of Staff (CCS) of Britain and the U.S., to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), and to the policy of the U.S. government, but in the absence of explicit directives--to the contrary or otherwise--ultimate responsibility for the treatment of the German prisoners in American hands lies with him.
"God , I hate the Germans," Eisenhower wrote to his wife, Mamie, in September, 1944.  Earlier, in front of the British ambassador to Washington, he had said that all the 3,500 or so officers of the German General Staff should be "exterminated."
In March, 1945, a message to the Combined Chiefs of Staff signed and initialled by Eisenhower recommended creating a new class of prisoners--Disarmed Enemy Forces, or DEFs--who, unlike Geneva-defined prisoners of war, would not be fed by the army after the surrender of Germany.  This would be a direct breach of the Geneva Convention.  The message, dated March 10, argues in part: "The additional maintenance commitment entailed by declaring the German Armed Forces prisoners [sic] of war which would necessitate the prevision of rations on a scale equal to that of base troops would prove far beyond the capacity of the Allies even if all German sources were tapped."  It ends: "Your approval is requested.  Existing plans have been prepared upon this basis."
On April 26, 1945, the Combined Chiefs approved the DEF status for prisoners of war in American hands only: the British members had refused to adopt the American plan for their own prisoners.  The Combined Chiefs stipulated that the status of disarmed troops be kept secret.
By that time, Eisenhower's quartermaster general at SHAEF, General Robert Littlejohn, had already twice reduced rations for prisoners, and a SHAEF message signed "Eisenhower" had reported to General George Marshall, the U.S. Army Chief of staff, that the prisoner pens would provide "no shelter or other comforts...."
The problem was not supplies.  There was more than enough material stockpiled in Europe to construct prison camp facilities.  Eisenhower's special assistant, general Everett Hughes, had visited the huge supply dumps at Naples and Marseille and reported:  "More stocks than we can ever use.  Stretch as far as eye can see."  Food should not have been a problem, either.  In the U.S., wheat and corn surpluses were higher than they had ever been, and there was a record crop of potatoes.  The army itself had so much food in reserve that when a whole warehouse was dropped from the supply list by accident in England it was not noticed for three months.  In addition, the International Red Cross had over 100,000 tons of food in storage in Switzerland.  When it tried to send two trainloads of this to the American sector of Germany, U.S. Army Officers turned the trains back, saying their warehouses were already overflowing with ICRC food which they had never distributed.
Nonetheless it was through the supply side that the policy of deprivation was carried out.  Water, food, tents, space, medicine--everything necessary for the prisoners was kept fatally scarce.  Camp Rheinberg, where Corporal Liebich would fetch up in in mid-May, shivering with dysentery and typhus, had no food at all when it was opened on April 17.  As in the other big "Rhine meadow" camps, opened by the Americans in mid-April, there were no guard towers, tents, buildings, cooking facilities, water, latrines, or food.
George Weiss, at tank repairman who now lives in Toronto, recalls of his camp on the Rhine:  "All night we had to sit up jammed against each other.  But the lack of water was the worst thing of all.  For three and a half days, we had no water at all.  We would drink our own urine...."
Private Heinz T. (his surname is withheld at his request) had just turned eighteen in hospital when the Americans walked into his ward on April 18.  he and all his fellow patients were taken out to the camp at Bad Kreuzpath in the Rhineland, which already held several hundred thousand prisoners.  Heinz was wearing only a pair of shorts, shoes, and a shirt.
Heinz was far from the youngest in the camp, which also held thousands of displaced German civilians.  there were children as young as six among the prisoners, as well as pregnant women, and men over sixty.  At the beginning, when trees still grew i the camp, some men managed to cut off limbs to build a fire.  the guards ordered the fire put out.  In many of the enclosures, it was forbidden to dig holes in the ground for shelter.  "All we had to eat was grass," Heinz remembers.
Charles von Luttichau was convalescing at home when he decided to surrender voluntarily to US troops about to occupy his house.  He was taken to Camp Kripp, on the Rhine near Remagen.
"We were kept in crowded barbed wire cages in the open with scarcely any food," he recalled recently.  "More than half the days we had no food at all.  On the rest, we got a little K ration.  I could see from the package that they were giving us one-tenth of the rations that they issued to their own men....I complained to the American camp commander that he was breaking the Geneva Convention, but he just said, 'Forget the Convention.  You haven't any rights.'
"The latrines were just logs flung over ditches next to the barbed-wire fences.  Because of illness, the men had to defecate on the ground.  Soon, many of us were  too weak to take our trousers off first.  So our clothing was infected, and so was the mud where we had to walk and sit and lie down.  In these conditions, our men very soon started to die.  Within  a few days, some of the men who had gone healthy into the camp were dead.  I saw our men dragging many bodies to the gate of the camp, where they were thrown loose on top of each other onto trucks, which took them away."
Von Luttichau's mother was American and he later emigrated to Washington, D.C., where he became a historian and wrote a military history for the U.S. Army.  he was in the Kripp camp for about three months.
Wolfgang Iff, who was imprisoned at Rheinberg and still lives in Germany, reports that, in his subsection of perhaps 10,000 prisoners, thirty to fifty bodies were dragged out every day.  A member of the burial work party, Iff says he helped haul the dead from his cage out to the gate of the camp, where the bodies were carried by wheel barrow to several big steel garages.  there Iff and his team stripped the corpses of clothing, snapped off half of their aluminium dog tag, spread the bodies in layers of fifteen to twenty, with ten shovelfuls of quicklime over each layer till they were stacked a metre high, placed the personal efefcts in a bag for the Americans, then left.  Some of the corpses were dead of gangrene following frostbite.  (It was an unusually wet, cold spring.)  A dozen or more others had grown too weak to cling to the log flung across the ditch for a latrine, and had fallen off and drowned.
The conditions in the American camps along the Rhine in late April were observed by two colonels in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, James Mason and Charles Beasley, who described them in a paper published in 1950:  "Huddled close together for warmth, behind the barbed wire was a most awesome sight--nearly 100,000 haggard, apathetic, dirty, gaunt, blank-staring med clad in dirty field grey uniforms, and standing ankle-deep in mud....The German Divisions Commander reported that the men had not eaten for at least two days, and the provisions of water was a major problem--yet only 200 yards away was the River Rhine running bankfull."
On May 4, 1945, the first German prisoners of war in U.S. hands were transferred to DEF status.  The same day, the U.S. war Department banned mail to or from the prisoners.  (when the International Committee of the Red Cross suggested a plan for restoring mail in June, it was rejected.)
On May 8, V-E Day, the German government was abolished and, simultaneously, the U.S. State Department dismissed Switzerland as the protecting power for the German prisoners.  (Prime Minister Mackenzie King of Canada protested to the foreign Office in London the parallel removal of the Swiss as protecting power in British-Canadian camps, but was squelched for his pains.)  With this done, the State Department informed the International Red Cross that, since there was no protecting power to report to, there was no longer and point in visiting the camps.
From then on, prisoners held by the US Army had no access to any impartial observer, nor could they receive food parcels, clothing, or medicines from any relief agency, or letters from their kin.
general George Patton's US Third Army was the only army in the whole European theatre to free significant numbers of captives during ma, saving many of them from probable death.  Bothe Omar Bradley and General J.C.H. lee, Commander Communications Zone (Com Z) Europe, ordered a release of prisoners within a week of the war's end, but a SHAEF order signed "Eisenhower" countermanded them on my 15.
That same day, according to a minute of their meeting, General Eisenhower and Prime Minister Churchill talked about reducing prisoner rations.  Churchill asked for an agreement on the scale of rations for prisoners, because he would soon have to announce cuts in the British meat ration and wanted to make sure that the prisoners "as far as possible...should be fed on those supplies which we could best spare."  Eisenhower replied that he had already "given the matter considerable attention," but was planning to re-examine the whole thing to see "whether or not a further ereduction was possible."  He told Churchill that POWs had been getting 2,200 calories a day.  (The US Army medical Corps considered 2,150 an absolute minimum subsistence level for sedentary adults living under shelter.  US troops were issued 4,000 calories a day.)  What he did not tell Churchill was that the army was not feeding the DEFs at all, or was feeding them far less than those who still enjoyed prisoner-of-war status.
Rations were reduced again soon after this: a direct cut was recorded in the Quartermaster Reports.  But indirect cuts were taking place as well.  One was the effect of extraordinary gaps between prisoner strength as given on the ration lists and official "on hand" accounts, and between the on-hand counts, and between the on-hand count and the actual number of prisoners in the camps.
The meticulous General Lee grew so worried about the discrepancies that he fired off a challenging cable from his headquarters in paris to SHAEF headquarters in Frankfurt:
"This Headquarters is having considerable difficulty in establishing adequate basis for requisitioning rations for prisoners of war currently held in Theatre...In response to inquiries from this Headquarters...several varying statements of number of prisoners held in theatre have been published by SHAEF."
He then cites the latest SHAEF statement:
"Cable...dated 31 May states 1,890,000 prisoners of war and 1,200,000 disarmed German forces on hand.  Best available figures at this Headquarters show prisoners of war in ComZ910,980, in ComZ transient enclosures 1,002,422 and in Twelfth Army GP 965,125, making a total of 2,878,537 and an additional 1,000,000 disarmed German forces Germany and Austria."
The situation was astounding: Lee was reporting a million or more men in the US Army camps in Europe than SHAEF said it ha don its books.  But he was wrestling with the wind: he had to his issue of food on the number of prisoners on hand supplied to him by SHAEF G-3 (Operations).
Given the general turmoil, fluctuating and inaccurate tallies were probably inevitable, but more than 1 million captives can actual be seen disappearing between two reports of the Theatre Provost Marshal, issued on the same day, June2.  the last in a series of daily reports from the TPM logs 2,870,400 POWs on hand at June 2.  The first report of the new weekly series, dated the same day, says that there are only 1,836,000 on hand.  At one point in the middle of June, the prisoner strength on the ration list was shown as 1,421,559, while on Lee's and other evidence there were probably almost three times that number.
Spreading the rations thinner was one way to guarantee starvation.  Another was accomplished by some strange army bookkeeping during June and July.  A million prisoners who had been receiving at least some food because of their nominal POW status lost their rights and their food when they were secretly transferred to the DEF status.  The shift was made deliberately over many week, with careful attention paid to maintaining plausible balances in SHAEF's weekly POW and DEF reports.  (The discrepancy between those "shifted" from POW status during the period from June 2 to July 28 and those "received" in the DEF status is only 0.43 per cent.)  The reclassification to DEF did not require any transfer of men to new camps, or involve any new organisation to get German civilians supplies to them.  The men stayed where they were.  All that happened was that, by the clatter of a typewriter, their skimpy bit of US Army food was stopped.
The effect of a policy arranged through accountancy and conveyed by winks and nods--without written orders--was first to mystify, then to frustrate, then to exhaust the middle-rank officers who were responsible for POWs.  A colonel in the Quartermaster Section of the advance US fighting units wrote a personal plea to Quartermaster General Robert Littlejohn as early as April 27:  "Aside from the 750 tons received from Fifteenth Army, no subsistence has been received nor do I expect any.  What desirable Class II and IV (rations) we have received has been entirely at the suffernece of the Armies, upon personbal appeal and has been insignificant in relation to the demands which are being put upon us by the influx of prisoners of war."
Rumours of conditions in the camps ran through the US Army.  "Boy, those camps were bad news," said Benedict K. Zobrist, a technical sergeant in the Medical Corps.  "We were warned to stay as far away as we could."  In May and early June of 1945, a team of US Medical Corps doctors did survey some of the Rhineland camps, holding just over 80,000 German POWs.  Its report is missing from the appropriate section of the National Archives in Washington, but two secondary sources reproduce some of the findings.  The three main killers were diarrhoea and dysentery (treated as one category), cardiac disease, and pneumonia.  But, straining medical terminology, the doctors also recorded deaths from "emaciation" and "exhaustion."  And their data revealed death rates eighty times as high as any peacetime norm.
Only 9.7 percent to fifteen percent of the prisoners had died of causes clearly associated with lack of food, such as emaciation and dehydration, and "exhaustion."  But the other diseases, directly attributable to exposure, overcrowding, filth, and lack of sanitation, were undoubtedly exacerbated by starvation.  As the report noted, "Exposure, overcrowding of pens and lack of food and sanitary facilities all contributed to these excessive (death) rates."  The data, it must be remembered, were taken from the POW camps, not from the DEF camps.
By the end of May,1945, more people had already died in the US camps than would die in the atomic blast at Hiroshima.
On June 4, 1945, a cable signed "Eisenhower" told Washington that it was "urgently necessary to reduce the number of prisoners at earliest opportunity by discharging all classes of prisoners not likely to be required by Allies."  It is hard to understand what prompted this cable.  No reason for it is evident in the massive cable traffic that survives the period in the archives in London, Washington, and Abilene, Kansas.  And far from ordering Eisenhower to take or hold on to prisoners, the Combined Chiefs' message of April 26 had urged him not to take in any more after V-E Day, even for labour.  Nonetheless more than 2 million DEFs were impounded after May 8.
During June, Germany was partitioned into zones of occupation and in July, 1945, SHAEF was disbanded.  Eisenhower, reverting to his single role as US commanding general in Europe, becoming military governor of the US zone.  He continued to keep out Red Cross representatives, and the US Army also informed American relief teams that the zone was closed to them.  It was closed to all relief shipments as well--until December, 1945, when a slight relaxation came in to effect. 
Also starting in July, the Americans turned over between 600,000 and 700,000 German captives to the French to help repair damages done to their country during the war.  many of the transferees were in five US camps clustered around Dietersheim, near Mainz, in the section of Germany that had just come under French control.  (most of the rest were in US camps in France.)
On July 10, a French unit took over Dietersheim and seventeen days later a Captain Julien arrived to assume command.  His report survives as part of an army inquiry into a dispute between Julien and his predecessor.  In the first camp he entered, he testified to finding muddy ground "people living skeletons," some of whom died as he watched.  others huddled under bits of cardboard which they clutched although the July day was hot.  Women lying in holes in the ground stared up at him with hunger oedema bulging their bellies in gross parody of pregnancy; old men with long grey hair watched him feebly; children of six or seven with the racoon rings of starvation looked at him from lifeless eyes.  Tow German doctors in the "hospital" were trying to care for the dying on the ground under the hot sky, between, the marks of the tent that the Americans had taken with them.  Julien, who had fought against the Germans with his regiment, the 3erne Regiment de Tirailleure Algeriens, found himself thinking in horror:  "This is just like the photographs of Buchenwald and Dachau."
There were 103, 500 people in the five camps round Dietersheim and amongst them Julien's officers counted 32, 640 who could do no work at all.  These were released immediately.  In all, two-thirds of the prisoners taken over by the French that summer from American camps in Germany and in France were useless for reparations labour.  In the camp at Sainte-Marthe, 615 of 700 captives were reported to be unable to work.  At Erbiseul near Mons, Belgium, according to a written complaint, twenty-five per cent of the men received by the French were "dechets," or garbage.
In July and August, as US Quartermaster Littejohn signalled to Eisenhower in due course, the Army food reserves in Europe grew by thirty-nine percent.
On August 4, a one-sentence order signed "Eisenhower" condemned all prisoners of wear still on hand in the US camps to DEF status:  "Effective immediately all members of the German forces held in US custody in the American zone of occupation in GERMANY will be considered as disarmed enemy forces and and not as having the status of prisoner of war."  No reason was given.  Surviving weekly tallies suggest the dual classification was preserved, but, for the POWs now being treated as DEFs, the death rate quadrupled within a few weeks, from .2 percent per week to .8 percent.
Long-time DEFs were dying at nearly five times that rate.  the official "Weekly PW and DEF Report" for the week ending Sept 8, 1945, still exists in the US National archives in Washington.  It shows an aggregate of 1,056,482 prisoners being held by the US Army in the European theatre, of whom about two-thirds are identified as POWs.  the other third--363,587 men--are DEFs.  During that one week, 13,051 of them died.
In November, 1045, general Eisenhower succeeded George Marshall as US Army chief of staff and returned to the US.  In January, 1946, the camps still held significant numbers of captives but the US had wound down its prisoner holdings almost to zero by the end of 1946.  the French continued holding hundreds of of thousands through 1946, but gradually reduced the number to nothing by about 1949.  During the 1950's, most non-record material relating to the US prison camps was destroyed by the Army.
Eisenhower had deplored the Germans' useless  defence of the Reich in the last months of the war because of the waste of life.  At least ten times as many Germans--undoubtedly 800,000, almost certainly more than 900,000, and quite probably over 1 million--died in the French and American camps as were killed in all the combat on the Western Front in northwest Europe from America's entry into the war in 1941 through to April, 1945.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Ike1The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Ike2
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Page35
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Sat-ngt1
A German newspaper, Rhein-Zeltung has identified this uncaptioned U.S Army photograph of German POWs as : camp at Sinzig-Remagen, spring, 1945

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Below is the forward to the 'Kent Freedom Movement's' Nicholas Kollerstrom's Holohoax book 'Breaking The Spell: The Holocaust Myth and Reality' :

''In 1941, British Intelligence analysts cracked the German “Enigma” code. This undermined the German war effort – but also threw new light on day-by-day events in the Nazi concentration camp system. Between January 1942 and January 1943, encrypted radio communications between those camps and the Berlin headquarters were intercepted and decrypted. Oddly enough, historians have largely ignored the information furnished in these intercepts relating to “arrivals,” “departures,” recorded deaths and other events at these camps. The only reasonable explanation for this embarrassing omission is that the intercepted data seriously contradicts, even refutes, the orthodox “Holocaust” narrative. The revealed information does not expose a program of mass murder and racial genocide. Quite the opposite: it reveals that the Germans were determined, desperate even, to reduce the death rate in their work camps, which was caused by catastrophic typhus epidemics.
Were the British here hoodwinked by the Nazis, as some historians to this day try to claim—or is the truth both simpler and more shocking?
In 1988 and 1991 forensic studies threw light on the question of whether or not the claimed gas chambers at Auschwitz had served as slaughter houses for hundreds of thousands of people. Both studies had concluded that the only facilities where Zyklon B gas had been used were hygienic rather than homicidal, killing bugs rather than Jews. Needless to say that these iconoclastic studies were ignored or in some countries even outlawed, and that their authors were ostracized and even imprisoned.
Dr. Kollerstrom, a science historian, has taken these studies, which are in obvious, stark contrast to the widely accepted narrative, as a starting point for his own endeavour into the land of taboo. After he had published a brief paper summarizing what he thought the data forced him to conclude, he was thrown out of his College where he had been a member of staff for eleven years.
In his new book Breaking the Spell, Dr. Kollerstrom shows that “witness statements” supporting the human gas chamber narrative clearly clash with the available scientific data. He juxtaposes the commonly accepted ideas about a Nazi extermination policy toward the Jews with a wide array of mostly unchallenged, but usually unmentioned evidence pointing in a quite different direction, for instance:

  • Zyklon B is a buzz word for the claimed Nazi mass murder, but all non-anecdotal evidence proves that this chemical was merely used as a pesticide in order to improve the inmates’ health and reduce, not increase, camp mortality.
  • Zyklon B applied in delousing chambers formed chemical compounds detectable to this day. No such compounds can be found, but ought to be expected, in the claimed homicidal gas chambers.
  • The UK’s intelligence decrypts prove that the German camp authorities were desperately trying to save their inmates’ lives.
  • “Six Million Jews threatened or killed”: read 167 quotes from newspapers with that “news” spanning from 1900 to 1945, with a peak after World War ONE! Yes, one, not two!
  • Germany has paid compensation to millions of Nazi victims, and Israel has implicitly admitted that many million Jews survived the Holocaust.
  • A British archaeological team looked for traces of the claimed 800,000 victims of the Treblinka camp—and came back empty-handed.

Dr. Kollerstrom concludes that the history of the Nazi “Holocaust” has been written by the victors with ulterior motives and that this history is distorted, exaggerated and largely wrong. He asserts that this history is, in truth, a great lie that distorts our common perceived reality and misdirects human history to this very day.''

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The Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies

By Theodore J. O'Keefe

Nothing has been more effective in establishing the authenticity of the Holocaust story in the minds of Americans than the terrible scenes US troops discovered when they entered German concentration camps at the close of World War II.

At Dachau, Buchenwald, Dora, Mauthausen, and other work and detention camps, horrified US infantrymen encountered heaps of dead and dying inmates, emaciated and diseased. Survivors told them hair-raising stories of torture and slaughter, and backed up their claims by showing the GIs crematory ovens, alleged execution gas chambers, supposed implements of torture, and even shrunken heads and lampshades, gloves, and handbags purportedly made from skin flayed from dead inmates.

US government authorities, mindful that many Americans who remembered the atrocity stories fed them during World War I still doubted the Allied propaganda directed against the Hitler regime, resolved to "document" what the GIs had found in the camps. Prominent newsmen and politicians were flown in to see the harrowing evidence, while the US Army Signal Corps filmed and photographed the scenes for posterity. Famous journalist Edward R. Murrow reported, in tones of horror, but no longer of disbelief, what he had been told and shown, and Dachau and Buchenwald were branded on the hearts and minds of the American populace as names of infamy unmatched in the sad and bloody history of this planet.

For Americans, what was "discovered" at the camps -- the dead and the diseased, the terrible stories of the inmates, all the props of torture and terror -- became the basis not simply of a transitory propaganda campaign but of the conviction that, yes, it was true: the Germans did exterminate six million Jews, most of them in lethal gas chambers.

What the GIs found was used, by way of films that were mandatory viewing for the vanquished populace of Germany, to "re-educate" the German people by destroying their national pride and their will to a united, independent national state, imposing in their place overwhelming feelings of collective guilt and political impotence. And when the testimony, and the verdict, of the Nuremberg Tribunal incorporated most, if not all, of the horror stories Americans were told about Dachau, Buchenwald, and other places captured by the US Army, the Holocaust could pass for one of the most documented, one of the most authenticated, one of the most proven historical episodes in the human record.

A Different Reality

But it is known today that, very soon after the liberation of the camps, American authorities were aware that the real story of the camps was quite different from the one in which they were coaching military public information officers, government spokesmen, politicians, journalists, and other mouthpieces.

When American and British forces overran western and central Germany in the spring of 1945, they were followed by troops charged with discovering and securing any evidence of German war crimes.

Among them was Dr. Charles Larson, one of America's leading forensic pathologists, who was assigned to the US Army's Judge Advocate General's Department. As part of a US War Crimes Investigation Team, Dr. Larson performed autopsies at Dachau and some twenty other German camps, examining on some days more than 100 corpses. After his grim work at Dachau, he was questioned for three days by US Army prosecutors. [1]

Dr. Larson's findings? In an 1980 newspaper interview he said: "What we've heard is that six million Jews were exterminated. Part of that is a hoax." [2] And what part was the hoax? Dr. Larson, who told his biographer that to his knowledge he "was the only forensic pathologist on duty in the entire European Theater" of Allied military operations, [3] confirmed that "never was a case of poison gas uncovered." [4]

Typhus, Not Poison Gas

If not by gassing, how did the unfortunate victims at Dachau, Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen perish? Were they tortured to death or deliberately starved? The answers to these questions are known as well.

As Dr. Larson and other Allied medical men discovered, the chief cause of death at Dachau, Belsen and the other camps was disease, above all typhus, an old and terrible scourge of mankind that until recently flourished in places where populations were crowded together in circumstances where public health measures were unknown or had broken down. Such was the case in the overcrowded internment camps in Germany at war's end, where, despite such measures as systematic delousing, quarantine of the sick and cremation of the dead, the virtual collapse of Germany's food, transport, and public health systems led to catastrophe.

Perhaps the most authoritative statement of the facts as to typhus and mortality in the camps has been made by Dr. John E. Gordon, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of preventive medicine and epidemiology at the Harvard University School of Public Health, who was with US forces in Germany in 1945. Dr. Gordon reported in 1948 that "The outbreaks in concentration camps and prisons made up the great bulk of typhus infection encountered in Germany." Dr. Gordon summarized the causes for the outbreaks as follows: [5]

Germany in the spring months of April and May [1945] was an astounding sight, a mixture of humanity travelling this way and that, homeless, often hungry and carrying typhus with them ...
Germany was in chaos. The destruction of whole cities and the path left by advancing armies produced a disruption of living conditions contributing to the spread of the disease. Sanitation was low grade, public utilities were seriously disrupted, food supply and food distribution was poor, housing was inadequate and order and discipline were everywhere lacking. Still more important, a shifting of populations was occurring such as few countries and few times have experienced.

Dr. Gordon's findings are corroborated by Dr. Russell Barton, today a psychiatrist of international repute, who entered Bergen-Belsen with British forces as a young medical student in 1945. Barton, who volunteered to care for the diseased survivors, testified under sworn oath in a Toronto courtroom in 1985 that "Thousands of prisoners who died at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during World War II weren't deliberately starved to death but died from a rash of diseases." [6]

Dr. Barton further testified that on entering the camp he had credited stories of deliberate starvation but decided such stories were untrue after inspecting the well equipped kitchens and the meticulously maintained ledgers, dating back to 1942, of food cooked and dispensed each day.

Despite noisily publicized claims and widespread popular notions to the contrary, no researcher has been able to document a German policy of extermination through starvation in the German camps.

No 'Human Skin' Lampshades

What of the ghoulish stories of concentration camp inmates skinned for their tattoos, flayed to make lampshades and handbags, or other artifacts? What of the innumerable "torture racks," "meathooks," whipping posts, gallows, and other tools of torment and death that are reported to have abounded at every German camp? These allegations, and even more grotesque ones proffered by Soviet prosecutors, found their way into the record at Nuremberg.

The lampshade and tattooed-skin charges were made against Ilse Koch, dubbed by journalists the "Bitch of Buchenwald," who was reported to have furnished her house with objects manufactured from the tanned hides of luckless inmates.

But General Lucius Clay, military governor of the US zone of occupied Germany, who reviewed her case in 1948, told his superiors in Washington: "There is no convincing evidence that she [Ilse Koch] selected inmates for extermination in order to secure tattooed skins or that she possessed any articles made of human skin." [7] In an interview General Clay gave years later, he stated about the material for the infamous lampshades: "Well, it turned out actually that it was goat flesh. But at the trial it was still human flesh. It was almost impossible for her to have gotten a fair trial." [8] Ilse Koch hanged herself in a German jail in 1967.

It would be tedious to itemize and refute the thousands of bizarre claims as to Nazi atrocities. That there were instances of German cruelty, however, is clear from the testimony of Dr. Konrad Morgen, a legal investigator attached to the Reich Criminal Police, whose statements on the witness stand at Nuremberg have never been challenged by proponents of the Jewish Holocaust story. Dr. Morgen informed the court that he had been given full authority by Heinrich Himmler, commander of Hitler's SS and the dread Gestapo, to enter any German concentration camp and investigate instances of cruelty and corruption on the part of camp personnel.

As he explained in sworn testimony at Nuremberg, Dr. Morgen investigated 800 such cases, resulting in more than 200 convictions. [9] Punishments included the death penalty for the worst offenders, including Hermann Florstedt, commandant of Lublin (Majdanek), and Karl Koch (Ilse's husband), commandant of Buchenwald.

While German camp commandants in certain cases did inflict physical punishment, such acts had to be approved by authorities in Berlin, and it was required that a camp physician first certify the good health of the prisoner to be disciplined, and then be on hand at the actual beating. [10] After all, throughout most of the war the camps were important centers of industrial activity. The good health and morale of the prisoners was critical to the German war effort, as is evidenced in a January 1943 order issued by SS General Richard Glücks, chief of the office that supervised the concentration camps. It held the camp commanders "personally responsible for exhausting every possibility to preserve the physical strength of the detainees." [11]

Camp Survivors: Merely Victims?

US Army investigators, working at Buchenwald and other camps, quickly ascertained what was common knowledge among veteran inmates: that the worst offenders, the cruelest denizens of the camps, were not the guards but the prisoners themselves. Common criminals of the same stripe as those who populate US prisons today committed many villainies, particularly when they held positions of authority, and fanatical Communists, highly organized to combat their many political enemies among the inmates, eliminated their foes with Stalinist ruthlessness.

Two US Army investigators at Buchenwald, Egon W. Fleck and Edward A. Tenenbaum, carefully investigated circumstances in the camp before its liberation. In a detailed report submitted to their superiors, they revealed, in the words of Alfred Toombs, their commander, who wrote a preface to the report, "how the prisoners themselves organized a deadly terror within the Nazi terror." [12]

Fleck and Tenenbaum described the power exercised by criminals and Communists as follows:

The trusties, who in time became almost exclusively Communist Germans, had the power of life and death over all other inmates. They could sentence a man or a group to almost certain death ... The Communist trusties were directly responsible for a large part of the brutalities at Buchenwald.

Colonel Donald B. Robinson, chief historian of the American military government in Germany, summarized the Fleck-Tenenbaum report in an article published in an American magazine shortly after the war. Colonel Robinson wrote succinctly of the American investigators' findings: "It appeared that the prisoners who agreed with the Communists ate; those who didn't starved to death." [13]

Additional corroboration of inmate brutality has been provided by Ellis E. Spackman, who, as Chief of Counter-Intelligence Arrests and Detentions for the US Seventh Army, was involved in the liberation of Dachau. Spackman, later a professor of history at San Bernardino Valley College in California, wrote in 1966 that at Dachau "the prisoners were the actual instruments that inflicted the barbarities on their fellow prisoners." [14]

'Gas Chambers'

In December 1944 US Army officers Colonel Paul Kirk and Lt. Colonel Edward J. Gully inspected the German concentration camp at Struthof-Natzweiler in Alsace. They submitted their findings to their superiors, who subsequently forwarded their report to the US War Crimes Division. While, significantly, the full text of their report has never been published, it has been revealed, by a historian supportive of Holocaust claims, that the two investigators were careful to characterize equipment exhibited to them by French informants as a "so-called lethal gas chamber," and to claim it was "allegedly used as a lethal gas chamber." [15] (Emphasis added)

Both the careful phraseology of the Natzweiler report, and its effective suppression, stand in stark contrast to the credulity, the confusion, and the blaring publicity that accompanied official reports of alleged gas chambers at Dachau. At first, a US Army photo depicting a GI gazing at a steel door marked with a skull and crossbones and the German words for: "Caution! Gas! Mortal danger! Don't open!," was identified as showing the murder weapon. [16]

Later, however, it was evidently decided that the apparatus in question was merely a standard delousing chamber for clothing, and another alleged gas chamber, this one cunningly disguised as a shower room, was exhibited to American congressmen and journalists as the site where thousands breathed their last. While there exist numerous reports in the press as to the operation of this second "gas chamber," no official report by trained Army investigators has yet surfaced to reconcile such problems as the function of the shower heads: Were they "dummies," or did lethal cyanide gas stream through them? (Each theory has appreciable support in journalistic and historiographical literature.)

As with Dachau, so with Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, and the other camps liberated by the Allies in western Germany. There was no end of propaganda about "gas chambers," "gas ovens," and the like, but so far not a single detailed description of the murder weapon and its function, not a single report of the kind that is mandatory for the successful prosecution of any assault or murder case in America at that time and today, has come to light.

Furthermore, a number of Holocaust authorities have now publicly decreed that there were no gassings, no extermination camps in Germany after all. (We are now told that "gassing" and "extermination" camps were located exclusively in what is now Poland, in areas captured by the Soviet Red Army and made off-limits to western investigators.)

Dr. Martin Broszat of the Munich-based Institute for Contemporary History, which is funded by the German government, stated categorically in a 1960 letter to the German weekly Die Zeit: "Neither in Dachau nor in Bergen-Belsen nor in Buchenwald were Jews or other prisoners gassed." [17] Professional "Nazi hunter" Simon Wiesenthal stated in 1975 and again in 1993 that "there were no extermination camps on German soil." [18]

Dachau "gas chamber" No. 2, which was once presented to a stunned and grieving world as a weapon that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, is now described in the brochure issued to tourists at the modern Dachau "memorial site" in these words: "This gas chamber, camouflaged as a shower room, was not used." [19]

The Propaganda Intensifies

More than 50 years after American troops entered Dachau, Buchenwald and other German camps, and trained American investigators established the facts as to what had gone on in them, the government in Washington, the entertainment media in Hollywood, and the print media in New York continue to churn out millions of words and images annually on the horrors of the camps and the infamy of the Holocaust. Despite the fact that, with the exception of the defeated Confederacy, no enemy of America has ever so suffered so complete and devastating defeat as did Germany in 1945, the mass media and the politicians and bureaucrats behave as if Hitler, his troops, and his concentration camps continue to exist in an eternal present, and our opinion makers continue to distort, through ignorance or malice, the facts about the camps.

Time for the Truth

It is time that the government and the professional historians reveal the facts about Dachau, Buchenwald and the other camps. It is time they let the American public know how the inmates died, and how they didn't die. It is time that the claims of mass murder by gassing are clarified and investigated in the same manner as any other claims of murder. It is time that the free ride certain groups have enjoyed as the result of unchallenged Holocaust claims be terminated, just as it is time to end the scapegoating of other groups, including Germans, eastern Europeans, the Roman Catholic hierarchy, and the wartime leadership of America and Britain, either for their alleged role in the Holocaust or their supposed failure to stop it.

Above all, it is time that the citizens of this great Republic have the facts about the camps, facts they have a right to know, a right that is fundamental to the exercise of their authority and their will in the governance of their country. As citizens and as taxpayers, Americans of all ethnic backgrounds, of all faiths, have a basic right and an overriding interest in determining the facts of incidents that are deemed by those in positions of power to be significant in determining America's foreign and educational policy, as well as its selection of past events to be memorialized in our civic life.

Today the alleged facts of the Holocaust are at issue all over the civilized world. The truth will be decided only by recourse to the facts, in the public forum: not by concealing the facts, denying the truth, stonewalling reality. The truth will out, and it is time the government of this country, and governments and international bodies throughout the world, make public the evidence of what actually transpired in the German concentration camps in the years 1933-1945, so that we may put paid to the lies, without fear or favor, and carry out the work of reconciliation and renewal that is and must be the granite foundation of mutual tolerance between peoples and of a peace based on justice.


The conclusions of the early US Army investigations as to the truth about the wartime German concentration camps have since been corroborated by all subsequent investigators and can be summarized:

[*]The harrowing scenes of dead and dying inmates were not the result of a German policy of "extermination," but rather the result of epidemics of typhus and other disease brought about largely by the effects of Allied aerial attacks.
[*]Stories of Nazi supercriminals and sadists who turned Jews and others into handbags and lampshades for their private profit or amusement were sick lies or diseased fantasies; indeed, the German authorities punished corruption and cruelty on the part of camp commanders and guards.
[*]On the other hand, portrayals of the newly liberated inmates as saints and martyrs of Hitlerism were quite often very far from the truth; indeed, most of the brutalities inflicted on camp detainees were the work of their fellow prisoners, in contravention of German policy and German orders.
[*]The alleged homicidal showers and gas chambers were used either for bathing camp inmates or delousing their clothes; the claim that they were used to murder Jews or other human beings is a contemptible fabrication. Orthodox historians and professional "Nazi-hunters" have quietly dropped claims that inmates were gassed at Dachau, Buchenwald and other camps in Germany. They continue, however, to keep silent regarding the lies about Dachau and Buchenwald, as well as to evade an open discussion of the evidence for homicidal gassing at Auschwitz and the other camps captured by the Soviets.

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Holocaust Or Holohoax 05: Twenty-One Amazing Facts

Posted on October 26, 2013 by cigpapers

Written by Cigpapers
Photos and captions by Watt Tyler
In British Schools, and constantly on British television, we are bombarded with the alleged murder of 6 million jews by the Germans during World War Two. This is commonly referred to as “The Holocaust”. This alleged historical event is also thrown at anyone objecting to mass immigration in to White Nations as proof of the absolute evil  of White Nationalism. In most European Countries even disputing any detail of this alleged historical event is a very serious criminal offence, which can result in up to 20 years imprisonment. In France this can be served in solitary confinement if the authorities believe there is any chance of re-offending.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Pic012
Even though this blog in no way denies “The Holocaust”, or disputes any of the alleged details of any of the different versions, we did list 21 amazing facts about it here:
1. International Committee of the Red Cross Records:
The International Red Cross was stationed in all German labour, internment, concentration and prison camps throughout World War Two. The Red Cross were never given access to any Russian camps before, during or after World War Two. At his trials in Canada, during the 1980s and 1990s, Professor Ernst Zundel finally got the Red Cross to release their records from the German camps despite strong Israeli objections. The  Red Cross records seem to suggest that there were no gas chambers, and a total of 271,301 died during World War Two in these camps, mostly from typhus.
In a letter to the US State Department dated November 22nd 1944 The Red Cross, who were stationed in all the camps, stated : “We have not been able to discover any trace of installations for exterminating civilian prisoners.”
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan
Official Red Cross records.
2.United States Airforce Aerial Photos Of Camps:
From 1942, until the end of World War Two, the United States Airforce performed low flying, low-speed photography of all the alleged “death camps” to obtain evidence of what was going on. This followed jewish claims in the West that a mass murder was occurring. All these photographs were released in 1979 when they were declassified. None of these photographs show any sign of mass murder or disposal of millions of bodies.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan2
No USAF aerial photos show any mass murder in the camps.
3. Western Allies Never Liberated Any Death Camps With Gas Chambers:
None of the Western Allies ( Britain, Canada, USA, Australia, France etc. ) liberated any camps that had gas chambers, or other systems of mass murder in them. All the alleged death camps with gas chambers were liberated by the Russians. Consequently any alleged evidence of death camps and/or gas chambers was forthcoming solely from Soviet Russia.  The Western Allies liberated a total of 12 main camps and the Soviet Russians 8 main camps.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan4
Western Allies never liberated or inspected any death camps or gas chambers.
4.The Leuchter Report:
One of the pieces of evidence Professor Ernst Zundel produced at his trials in Canada was the “Leuchter Report” compiled by Fred Leuchter on his commission. Fred Leuchter is the World’s foremost expert on gas chambers, and holds the patents for nearly all the gas chambers used for executions in the World. He has also personally built, or supervised the building, of all gas chambers in the USA and most in the rest of the World. After inspecting the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz, Leuchter concluded they were unsuitable for use as gas chambers due to their lack of airtight doors, lack of a gas extraction system and general shoddy build. He also chemically analysed the walls for ferrocyanide ( produced when Zyklon-B reacts with brick walls ) and concluded there was none – the Auschwitz authorities took the same tests with the same results and now admit there was no gas chamber in Auschwitz.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan5
5. The British Secret Service Monitored All Concentration Camp Deaths:
Using some of the World’s first computers the British Secret Service had cracked the German top-secret Enigma code and had access to most German Military communications by 1942. Sir Frank H. Hinsley, in his book British Intelligence In The Second World War ; It’s Influence On Strategy And Operations, stated “The returns of Auschwitz mentioned illness as the main cause of death but included references to shootings and hangings. There were no references in the decrypts to gassings.” The numbers of dead in the decoded messages tallied exactly with Red Cross and German Military records of the time. The British Secret Service also monitored various atrocities carried out by the Germans across the rest of Europe – why would the Germans report these to Berlin but not the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz and other camps?
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan8
The British Secret Service were monitoring all German Military and Police communications by 1942.
6. The French Resistance Denied The Holocaust:
During World War Two Germany invaded France and occupied Northern France from 1940 to 1944. A secret army of French Patriots known collectively as “The French Resistance” fought the German occupiers in various ways. A large number of French Resistance members were imprisoned, tortured and executed including their leader, and French National hero, Jean Moulin. After World War Two French resistance members were released from various German concentration camps, including Auschwitz and other alleged death camps. On their return to France they all gave horrific accounts of their treatment by the Germans, and were full of hatred for them because of the events of World War Two. However they all denied any knowledge of gas chambers and a mass murder programme in the concentration camps. 
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan10
French Resistance leader Jean Moulin
7. The Gas Chambers Of World War One:
It was widely reported during World War One ( 1914 to 1918 ) that the Germans, and their allies, were using gas chambers to kill thousands of prisoners. However after the end of the War Stanley Baldwin admitted in Parliament that it had been propaganda, and no such gas chambers had existed. He also apologised publicly to the German People for this racist slur on them.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 443680_113
During World War One it was falsely claimed that the Germans were gassing prisoners.
8. Amounts Of Zyklon-B Used At The Camps:
Zyklon-B was the trade name for of a cyanide-based pesticide  invented in the early 1920s. It was used in Germany, before and during the Second World War, for disinfection and pest extermination in ships, buildings and machinery.  Zyklon-B consisted of diatomite, in the form of granules the size of fine peas, saturated with prussic acid. In view of its volatility and the associated risk of accidental poisoning, it was supplied in sealed metal canisters. One of the co-inventors of Zyklon-B, the chemist and businessman Bruno Tesch, was executed by the British in 1946 for his role in the alleged Holocaust.
In the concentration camps it was used for sanitation and pest control. There were disinfectant chambers, in all the camps, where inmates clothes were disinfected to combat typhus and other diseases. When you break down the amount of Zyklon-B used in all the camps, those not alleged to have gas chambers and those alleged to have gas chambers, the amount per inmate is very similar. This means the alleged death camps would have had to have had a secret supply for the “gas chambers”.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan11
Zyklon-B granules came in sealed tins.
9. The Nuremberg Trials 1945 to 1949:
The Nuremberg Trials were held in the German City of Nuremberg from 1945 to 1949. These Trials were held by the victorious Allies ( France, Britain , USA and Soviet Russia ) with the Germans as defendants. They were the worst sort of show trials with the main Judge being Nikitchenko, who had presided over Stalins’ show trials of 1936 to 1938 in the Soviet Union. The Court came up with ridiculous findings like jews being turned in to lampshades and even soap, these claims are now discredited and even the jews admit they were untrue.
The Chief Justice of the United States Harlan Fiske Stone called the Nuremberg trials a fraud. He said “Chief US prosecutor Jackson is away conducting his high-grade lynching party in Nuremberg,” he wrote. “I don’t mind what he does to the Nazis, but I hate to see the pretense that he is running a Court and proceeding according to common law. This is a little too sanctimonious a fraud to meet my old-fashioned ideas.”
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan13
The Nuremberg Trials – the ultimate Soviet show trial held under the Allies.
Associate Supreme Court Justice William O Douglas charged that the Allies were guilty of “substituting power for principle” at Nuremberg. “I thought at the time and still think that the Nuremberg trials were unprincipled,” he wrote. “Law was created ex post facto to suit the passion and clamor of the time.”
According to British General Montgomery, the Germans had only one sin : They lost the war.
President John F Kennedy in his book,  Profiles in Courage, criticised Nuremberg as a show trial. 
Out of 139 German witnesses who testified that the Holocaust had occurred, the British Medical Officer recorded that 137 had “damage to their testicles that is beyond repair”. A number of Germans had died under interrogation by the Allies. There was also the threat of sending Peoples’ families to Soviet Gulags.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan12
The Nuremberg prosecutors – Kempner, Rapp, Niederman – all Jews.
10. The Concentration Camp Crematorium:
One of the main problems with the 6 million jews being murdered claim was disposal of the bodies. It was claimed at Nuremberg that they had been disposed of in the camp crematorium. There were crematorium in each camp, but they simply didn’t have the capacity. Each crematorium oven could burn a body in about one and a half hours, meaning a maximum capacity of 16 bodies every day or just less than 6000 bodies per year per oven. The camps had between four and twelve ovens each giving 24,000 to 72,000 bodies per year maximum at each camp – this still wouldn’t be possible as you can’t run these ovens non-stop without the metal fracturing. Even double or triple loading wouldn’t help as this increased the time to three hours for two bodies or four and a half hours for three bodies. Also bodies aren’t totally reduced by this process and usually leave the pelvis and thigh bones which need crushing with special machinery – no such machinery was found at any of the camps. There is also the problem of fuel as each body would need about 40 kilograms of coke to burn – there is no record of the massive amount of coke required being supplied.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan14
Each oven could only burn less than 6000 bodies per year if working non-stop which isn’t possible without fracturing the metal.
11. The Liberation Of Belsen Concentration Camp Film:
The whole World has probably seen the film of the liberation of Belsen concentration camp, it is horrific to say the least. Human skeletons are walking round with dead bodies covering the ground. This film was shown Worldwide at the time to show the evil of Nazi Germany.  However Belsen was liberated by the Western Allies, and was never alleged to have had any gas chamber or be part of a systematic mass murder programme. The victims are in fact all dying from typhus which is confirmed by German Military, Red Cross and British Military medical records – this is never pointed out whenever this film is shown. Ironically the deaths were mostly due to a lack of Zyklon-B, at the end of the war with Germany collapsing, leading to a mass typhus outbreak in the camp.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan18
British Military sign warning of typhus at Belsen concentration camp shortly after liberation.
12. No Film Or Photographs Of Any Gas Chambers:
The Nazis were technology freaks, to say the least, and filmed and photographed virtually everything they did during World War Two. Hitler even had executions of his political enemies filmed so he could watch them with his cronies. However there has never been a single photograph or film found of any of the alleged gas chambers in operation. The Nazis did film, and photograph, themselves committing many atrocities across occupied Europe so it seems unlikely they wouldn’t film the alleged gas chambers. All the films we are shown of gas chambers are Hollywood recreations made after the war.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan19
Hitler and his cronies demanded film of virtually everything happening in Nazi occupied territory but no film of gas chambers was ever found.
13. Sir Winston Churchill Never Mentioned The Alleged Holocaust:
In his monumental six volume The Second World War Sir Winston Churchill, British wartime Prime Minister, never makes any reference to gas chambers or a planned mass extermination of European jews. This is despite the fact he goes in to great detail about virtually every facet of World War Two including many atrocities committed by the Nazis. The same can be said about Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe. After the Second World War, with the Cold War starting, Churchill stated “I think we slaughtered the wrong pig here” a clear reference to the fact Britain would have been better helping Germany defeat Soviet Russia, or at least staying out completely. 
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan22
Sir Winston Churchill – realised too late that Soviet Russia was more of a threat than Nazi Germany.
14. Star Witness To The Alleged Holocaust Elie Wiesel:
One of the star witnesses to the Auschwitz allegations is Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel. Wiesel was born in Sighet, Romania on September 30th, 1928. Wiesel has given evidence at various trials around the World on his alleged experiences in German camps during World War Two. Wiesel is a well-known writer of fiction with over 40 published books. However it is his autobiography of Auschwitz, Night ,  which has come under scrutiny. Firstly, Wiesel claims the bodies were disposed of by a secret Nazi method of using bodies to burn bodies – if this was scientifically possible wouldn’t they just use this method to burn the bodies? Secondly Wiesel claims that his concentration camp number  A7713 was tattooed on his left arm like all inmates, however video evidence shows no such tattoo and he has never explained where his tattoo went. Thirdly his camp number, A7713, was assigned to a different prisoner and there is no record of him at Auschwitz despite all camp records being recovered after the War. Fourthly in all his different accounts of Auschwitz Weisel never mentions any gas chambers. Fifthly Wiesel makes bizarre claims about mass graves that would shoot fountains of blood up in to the air, this is also scientifically impossible. Sixthly Wiesel claims he spent three weeks in the Auschwitz Camp hospital with an infected leg – would a death camp bother curing prisoners? There are many other major discrepancies to his claims, and a read of his bookNight is recommended.
For a more precise look at Elie Wiesel and why his allegations don’t stand up to any scrutiny please visit: http://www.eliewieseltattoo.com/
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan6
Elie Wiesel without his tattoo.
15. Fake Photographic And Film Holocaust Evidence And The Ever Changing Numbers:
The first time fake evidence was used was during the Nuremberg Trials. This however became an industry in its own right after 1945, with large rewards paid to investigators for “finding” Holocaust evidence. At the time a lot of this evidence was very cutting-edge, but under modern scrutiny it simply doesn’t stand up.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Pic0121
Modern forensic techniques have exposed a lot of “Holocaust” photographic evidence as faked.
New systems of examining photographs and film have exposed large amounts of it as totally fake, other evidence has been exposed as coming from completely different sources e.g. The Russian Gulags.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Pic0122
As evidence has emerged discrediting large parts, if not all, of the alleged Holocaust narrative the jews have been forced to constantly change the numbers in their claims. They have, however, constantly stuck to an overall total of 6 million jewish deaths, even though this makes no mathematical sense as the component numbers are revised downwards. This hasn’t led to a partial refund of the damages paid to Israel by Germany based on the 6 million figure.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan26
16. The Balfour Declaration, World War One And 6 Million Jews:
During World War One the British Government had agreed with leading jews that they would support a jewish homeland in Palestine in exchange for the powerful jewish lobby in America getting the USA to join the Allies. This led to the Balfour Declaration being made by the British Government promising the jews a homeland in Palestine. After World War One the British Government were unable, or unwilling, to make good on this promise. From 1919 onwards the jews claimed 6 million jews in Europe were under threat from extermination unless they got a homeland in Palestine. This was 14 years before the Nazis came to power and 24 years before the alleged Holocaust started.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan23
The jews have been waving the 6 million figure around since at least 1914 and maybe even earlier – the number seems to have a special significance to them.
17. Holocaust Denial And The Holocaust Deniers:
In most parts of Europe questioning any aspect of the findings of the Nuremberg Trials is a very serious criminal offence on par with rape, murder or armed robbery. In France you can receive up to 20 years in prison, which may have to be served in solitary confinement. Even where it is not illegal questioning the official Holocaust narrative will probably cost you your job, family, house etc.
Despite this a lot of top writers, academics, historians and scientists have questioned the official Holocaust narrative or denied it entirely. Professor Ernst Zundel was put on numerous trials around the World, had his house firebombed, received death threats, his family broke up, was deported from several countries and eventually was imprisoned for five years in Germany. No other historical event can attract this type of punishment for questioning the official narrative.
Despite these threats, the official narrative is constantly exposed as being a lie and the jews have to constantly change their claims when faced with irrefutable evidence of their lies.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan25
18. The Main Stream Media And The Alleged Holocaust:
The Main Stream Media never question the official narrative of the holocaust, and go on an all-out attack on anyone who does. They have created the term “Holocaust Denier”  for anyone who doesn’t believe, or dares to question, the official narrative. “Holocaust Denier” is one of the multicultural buzz-words like “Fascist/Nazi/racist/homophobe” designed to denigrate the person described as such,  and lead to “pack-attacks” by the media, politicians and the general lefty PC crowd. However bear in mind that around 96% of the Western World’s media is controlled by jews and/or zionists. You will notice that the jews/zionist are willing to keep running newspapers/TV channels and other media outlets at a financial loss simply to keep control of the MSM.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Scan24
The jews and zionists control about 96% of the Western World’s media – a large part is now run at a financial loss.
19. There’s No Business Like Shoa Business:
“Shoa” is the term used by jews and zionists to describe the alleged Holocaust. After the Second World War Germany was forced to pay trillions of Dollars in compensation to set up Israel, and is still paying to this day. There are now second and third generation, the children and grandchildren of alleged Holocaust victims, who receive compensation from the German Government and various German Corporations. The American Government also use this as an excuse to give billions of American taxpayers’ money to Israel, although the real reason behind these payments is the strength of the Israeli lobby in America.
As early as 1941, two years before the alleged Holocaust was even meant to have started, the World Jewish Congress had been demanding that the Germans pay for the resettlement of jews in Israel as reparations.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Pic006
20. The Census of Jews Worldwide Figures:
Here are some census figures of jews living Worldwide to consider:
World Almanac, 1925, pg. 752 — 15,630,000, “In 1925 a census of Palestine gave a total of 115,151 Jews”
World Almanac, 1929, pg. 727 — 15,630,000
National Council of Churches 1930 — 15,600 ,000
March 24, 1933, jewish newspaper Daily Express — 14,000,000 jews worldwide
World Almanac, 1933, pg. 419 — 15,316,359, [“The estimate for Jews in the above table is for 1933, and is by the American Jewish Committee”
World Almanac, 1936, pg. 748 — world jewish population = 15,753,633
World Almanac, 1938, pg. 510 — world jewish population = 15,748,091, with 240,000 in Germany
American Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council, 1939 — 15,600,000
World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129: World Jewish Population — 15,319,359
World Almanac, 1941, pg. 510: World Jewish Population — 15,748,091
World Almanac, 1942, pg. 849 — 15,192,089, “Jews include Jews by race not necessarily by religion”
World Almanac USA, 1947, pg. 748: World Jewish Population — 15,690,000
World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World Jewish Population — 15,713,638
Statistical Handbook of Council of Churches USA 1951 — 15,300,000
World Almanac, US News & World Report, 1983 population of jews — 16,820,850
World Almanac, 1996, pg. 646: World Jewish Population — 14,117,000
World Almanac & Book of Facts, 1989: World Jewish Population –18,080,000
World Almanac & Book of Facts, 2001: World Jewish Population — 13,200,000
21. Inmate Facilities At Auschwitz:
With two very different witness versions of what was going on in the camps, let’s have a quick look at the facilities available to inmates to see if that can clarify matters. The jews have now admitted there wasn’t any gas chambers in Auschwitz following the two sets of scientific tests, but there were some facilities that certainly were in Auschwitz and can still be seen today.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn3
A free dental service available to all inmates – specialist dentists were brought in for intricate work.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn4
A walk-in clinic and hospital for inmates.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn5
Dr. Carl Clauberg the World famous Berlin surgeon who was called in for difficult inmate cases.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn6
Camp kitchen – one of the largest service buildings in Auschwitz, with state-of-the-art cooking facilities. There were twelve of these throughout the camp.
 The caloric content of the diet was carefully monitored by camp and Red Cross delegates.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn10
Camp religious facilities made available on a rotating basis to every denomination for religious services.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn7
A camp theatre where live plays were performed by camp inmate actors.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn8
Up to 16 camp orchestras with every conceivable instrument available for inmates – there was also free tutoring by music teachers.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn9
A camp library where inmates could borrow books from forty -five thousand volumes available.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn11
Camp complaints office where inmates could register complaints or make suggestions. Camp Commander Hoess had a standing order that any inmate could approach him personally to register a complaint about other inmates such as “Kapos” and even guards.* A system of strict discipline for guards and also for inmates, with severe punishment being handed out against those found guilty (for even slapping an inmate).
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn12
Auschwitz marriages took place because worker inmates fell in love and married their inmate partners.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn13
The camp sauna for inmates.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn14
The camp brothel, just inside the main gate was a building used during the war as a brothel for the inmates.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn15
A camp swimming pool for use by the inmates, where there were walkways with comfortable benches for inmates to relax in the shade of the trees. Swimming galas were held during the Summer months.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn16
The Auschwitz University where inmates could take various courses. Professors from nearby Universities often visited to give lectures.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Tn17
Genuine photograph of inmates leaving for Auschwitz – notice the train is a passenger train not the Hollywood cattle train version.
These are the facilities that are still standing and can be inspected by any visitor. Other facilities that are now overgrown, or have been knocked down, included a soccer field, fencing area, handball court, camp canteen, cinema and maternity ward that delivered over 3,000 live births without losing a single mother or baby.
This blog in no way denies the alleged Holocaust, or questions any of the different versions of it from the last 68 years. However here is some further reading and videos:

All about Shillaphobia

Shun the non-believers!

'Flat Earth Diva'

Supposed 'temper temper beanpole', 'snidy weasel' and 'clueless, cloying, sychophant.'

Apparently 'dangerous person'


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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by lizardking Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:40 am


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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by Beashambassador Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:36 pm

The Holocaust/Holohoax
On Today's news...
VIDEO: 'It's not clear if the Holocaust is a reality or not,' Iran's supreme leader says


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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by Beashambassador Sat Jan 30, 2016 1:26 pm

Turning Tables on Holocaust Hoaxers
Renegrade Tribune
January 28, 2016 Mike Walsh


Holocaust hysteria is now reaching shrieking intensity. When reading the latest peculiar claims one feels the need to put one’s hands over one’s ears to keep the din down. Each time we open a newspaper, magazine or turn on the news we expose ourselves to an incessant cascade of increasingly bizarre claims.

Tedious though this is, we remember that every cloud has a silver lining. Clear thinking is never associated with manic anxiety. The fraudulent holocaust narrative is panicking. Promoters of this obscene money-making racket are no longer thinking clearly.
Israel held a Miss Holocaust Survivor Beauty Pageant in 2015.

Unhappily for holocaust supporters their hysterical ranting now has the opposite effect to that intended. Mainstream media readership suffers holocaust fatigue. Besides, it was all a long time ago and Malice in Wonderland is losing its credibility and its relevancy. Furthermore, agitated ‘holocaust denial’ claims actually attract the curious and fuel desire to investigate further. Curiosity opens up an internet-based Pandora’s Box which the fraudsters wish to remain closed.

Here then is opportunity for real historians, freethinkers and fraud investigators to ramp up the rhetoric. This is the time for organised collective responsibility that has at its core a strategy and a narrative.
Bradley Smith ran essay-length ads in 17 college papers in ’91-’92. Think of what we can do now.

Firstly, the term ‘holocaust denial’ is an expression used by advocates of the holocaust industry. Like the term ‘Nazi’ it should never be part of the freethinker’s narrative. It is like going to the front your only defence being the hope that you’ll catch the enemy’s hand grenades and hurl them back at him. I wish keypads would automatically replace holocaust denier with holocaust investigator.

Secondly, Napoleon Bonaparte taught us that ‘the best form of defence is attack.’ Internet news resources now carry much more weight than does that of mainstream media. We are all columnists now and 65% of the open market is ours to play with. Apart from using the above tactics our response to the fraudulent holocaust should shift to debate on undeniable holocausts. This would turn the tables decisively and put mainstream media on the defensive.
We have are told endlessly about the Holocaust, but nothing is said of the Holodomor.

Using the power of the internet a new front should be opened up. This front will expose Jewish and Capitalist responsibility for the enslavement and slaughter of 70 to 100 million mostly European Christians. The blitzkrieg would seriously weaken the case of the holocaust frauds.

Putting them on the defensive it would draw attention to their double-standards and expose their guilt for heinous crimes on a scale that relegates the fanciful 6-million to the side-lines. By taking part in this rapid deployment all freethinkers could soon have the holocaust industry wishing they had never raised the holocaust industry narrative in the first place.

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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by lizardking Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:59 pm


How will history remember the Holocaust, historic horror or historic hoax? It depends on whether or not World Zionism controls the history.

For decades, most people accepted the Holocaust as true. There were some doubters. Internet search engines like Google or Yahoo cited thousands of articles, affirming or doubting it. But that's over. Like the mass media the search engines are now entirely owned or controlled by Zionists. (Where do they get the financing?) A tsunami has swept across the search engines, purging all but Zionist sites, universally claiming that 6 million Jews were butchered in "nazi death camps" between 1940 and 1945 and that all questioners are anti-semites. Why did Zionism feel it necessary to launder the search engines? Is the Holocaust vulnerable? What is the true history?

Today, Zionists claim there were 17 million Jews in 1940 and 11 million in 1945, a loss of 6 million. You see it everywhere, in the schools, movies, television, radio, newspaper, history, literature and on thousands of monuments and memorials throughout the Zionist world. And now on the internet. Note this number has remained constant for over a half century.

It must be understood that the word "Jews" as used in this article primarily refers to a race of Khazars from Asia, called "Asiatics" by Benjamin Franklin. Today in Europe and America, Khazars constitute the majority of "Jews" (cf. Benjamin Freedman). And a majority of Khazars are Zionists.

Modern Zionism is a highly organized political movement; it is not a religion. It is focused on its "ladder" to world domination and is extremely well financed. The Holocaust is its heart and soul. It originated in the 1800's backed by Rothschild and demanded its own nation in Palestine. In 1916 England promised this in the the Balfour Declaration, prepared by Rothschild and Brandeis, to bring US into World War I for England, but reneged. It took universal sympathy for the Holocaust after World War II to induce the nations to turn over part of Palestine to the Zionists in 1948. But there was a danger, the flag of Israel was hung on a Holocaust flagpole. The Holocaust also produced the Holocaust Industry in which hundreds of billions are collected for the "victims", their descendants and for Israel ad infinitum. Finally, the Holocaust is probably the greatest political cudgel in history. And World Zionism will stop at nothing to crush all investigations or questions about the Holocaust. What's their problem?

Wikipedia is a well known encyclopedia on the internet, sympathetic to the Holocaust. Yet comparing its "Holocaust" article with its "death camp" articles produces major problems. We've all heard of Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, Treblinka, etc., names that cause a shiver of dread and horror even today, thanks to constant Zionist media repetition and reinforcement. But there are also many other camps: Bergen-Belsen, Belzec, Chelmno, Jasenovak, Majdanek, Sobibor, Sachenhausen, Sangerhausen, Flossenburg, Grini, Klooga, Landsberg-am-Lech, Flöha, Oranienburg, Hamburg-Neuengamme, Mauthausen, Natzweiler, Ravensbrück, Maly Trostinets and Theresienstadt. Much of the information is based on Zionist estimates, documents and testimony with little hard evidence.

According to Wikipedia, 3.8 million people died in the following "extermination camps...80 to 90% were Jews or half of the Jews killed in the Holocaust":

Auschwitz 1.4 million deaths X 85% or 1.2 million Jews

Treblinka 870,000 deaths X 85% or 740,000 Jews

Belzek 600,000 deaths X 85% or 510,000 Jews

Jasenovak 600,000 deaths X 85% or (Few Jews)

Chelmno 320,000 deaths X 85% or 272,000 Jews

Majdanek 360,000 deaths X 85% or 306,000 Jews

Sobibor 250,000 deaths X 85% or 212,000 Jews

But when you read the Wikipedia articles on the individual camps, significant discrepancies begin to emerge, as shown in the following abstracts:

In 1989 Auschwitz corrected its monuments and reduced the number of deaths from 4 million to 1.1 million yet the 6 million total never changed (the savings at Auschwitz were picked up in other camps). Also, the International Red Cross and detailed German death records indicate that only about 150,000 died at Auschwitz of whom 30,000 were Jews. Wikipedia ignores or dismisses such records. (Compare with 1.2 million above.)

In Treblinka, The Höfle Telegram listed 713,555 Jews killed up to the end of December 1942. With the addition of 1943 transports listed in Yitzhak Arad's book, one may arrive at the figure 800,000. (Compare with 740,000 above.)

At Belzek, at least 434,500 Jews were killed. (Compare with 510,000 above.)

The Jasenovac Memorial Area keeps a list of 69,842 names of Jasenovac victims: 39,580 Serbs, 14,599 Roma, 10,700 Jews, 3,462 Croats as well as people of some other ethnicities. ("The world's eminent authority on Holocaust victims, Yad Vashem Center, claims 600,000.")

In the Chelmno camp, at least 152,000 people were killed, mainly Jews from the Lódz Ghetto. (Compare with 272,000 above.)

According to the official Majdanek State Museum about 300,000 inmates passed through the camp, over 40% Jews. The most recent research by the Majdanek Museum indicates that there were 78,000 victims, 59,000 of whom were Jews. (Compare with 306,000 above.)

At least 250,000 people were killed in Sobibór. The victims were mostly Jews from Poland.

The deaths listed for the remaining sites do not come close to another 3.8 million, much less 80 to 90% Jews. Some samples are:

The total number of deaths at Buchenwald is estimated at 56,545 with little mention of Jews.

At Bergen-Belsen, an estimated 50,000 people died there, up to 35,000 of them dying of typhus in the first few months of 1945.

Of the roughly 30,000 wartime victims at Sachsenhausen, most were Russian prisoners of war.

At Maly Trostenets Yad Vashem currently estimates the number killed as 65,000 while German historian Christian Gerlach estimates the number to be in the range of 40,000-60,000, mostly Jews from Minsk.

At Ravensbruk, about 30,000 to 40,000 women and children perished there, mostly Polish, few Jews.

Various historians place the total death toll in the four main camps of Mauthausen, Gusen I, Gusen II and Gusen III at between 55,000 and 60,000.

Over 200,000 prisoners were housed in Dachau of which nearly one-third were Jews; 32,099 prisoners are believed to have died in the camp and almost another 10,000 in its subcamps, primarily from disease.

At Dachau signs now read that the facilities were never used as gas chambers to murder anyone. In fact, there's no evidence that any "death camps" used poison gas, gas chambers or gas ovens to kill. Yet Wikipedia lists millions of Jews murdered in every camp in poison gas chambers that could hold thousands of people at a time. This is necessary to account for the number of deaths, "75% of all European Jews".

Wikipedia also states that 11 million people died in the "death camps", almost the same number of non-Jews as Jews. How does this fit with the claim that 80 to 90% of the deaths in the principal "death camps" were Jews. Millions of non-Jews have just disappeared. Finally, Wikipedia states that the first credible news of the "death camps" arrived in the West around D-Day, June, 1944, yet the Holocaust Industry is still trying to collect reparations from America for its failure to intervene at an earlier date in the European War on behalf of the Jews.

An important objective study, which is suppressed, is the 1948 report by the International Red Cross, covering its activities during World War II (1942-1945) in the camps maintained by the German authorities. They were allowed to deliver over one million parcels of food, clothing and medicine to the inmates. It stated their efforts were hindered not by the Germans but by the Allied blockade of Germany and the dire situation in Germany during the final months of the war was due to "the barbarous aerial warfare of the Allies" (carpet bombing). It also states that large numbers of "the three million or so European Jews avoided internment altogether". Did they say 3 million? (It seems there was a massive migration of Jews out of Europe in the 1930's to America and in the 1940's to Israel.) There is no mention whatsoever of genocide, gas chambers, death showers, poison gas, etc.; quite the contrary.

In lengthy books about World War II written by Churchill and Eisenhower, there is not a single mention of Jews being genocided in Nazi "death camps".

Qualified engineers inspected the "death camps" and stated that the facilities were showers and could not be used as gas chambers and that the alleged deaths were "impossible". They were imprisoned.

There is ample testimony of eyewitness inmates which belie the existence of "death camps". They are suppressed or imprisoned.

The Nuremberg trials were hate theater orchestrated by the Zionists under the London Agreement. Testimony was obtained by torture. German generals were castrated by constant kicks to the groin.

In 1933 Samuel Untermeyer said there were 14 million Jews in the world. By 1940 this exploded to 17 million (an astonishing racial fecundity) and then imploded to 11 million in 1945 due to the Holocaust. But in an article in 1948, Hanson Baldwin, the war expert of the New York Times, said there were then 15 to 17 million Jews in the world, almost the same number as 1940.

Earlier demographers said that there were 14 to 15 million Jews during the period of the "Holocaust". Today there are less than 14 million, about the same number as in 1933. Almost half are now in the United States, twice the number of 1920.

Here's how Wikipedia explains the discrepancies:

"Deniers often use the 'Four Million Variant' as a stepping stone to leap...to the idea that the Holocaust was a hoax perpetrated by a [Zionist] conspiracy. They hope to discredit historians by making them seem inconsistent. One must wonder which historians they speak of, as most have been remarkably consistent in their estimates of a million or so dead. In short, all of the denier's blustering about the 'Four Million Variant' is a specious attempt to envelope the reader into their web of deceit, and it can be discarded after the most rudimentary examination of published histories."

Then why are Zionists still using the 6 million number, knowing it is "specious"? Millions of non-Jews died, too. The numbers don't make sense. Do Zionists fear any inquiries will prove there was no Holocaust at all and thus "stone wall" all inquiries? It's like the Protocols. In the 1930's they had a Swiss judge (Meyer) declare the Protocols a forgery but this was reversed on appeal. Yet Zionism still claims the Protocols are a proven forgery. The "web of deceit" is clearly Zionist.

According to one article, "The carnage of World War II surpassed that of World War I. German war losses alone were estimated at 7 million, about half of whom died in battle. Ruined, defeated, and divided into zones of occupation, a much smaller Germany emerged in 1945 with a population about the same as in 1910." (Russian losses were immeasurable; it bore the brunt of the German Army.)

After the war, millions more Germans died by starvation and disease in a ruined society, and 1.5 million German soldiers died in Eisenhower's Andersonville-like death camps, under the infamous and barbarous Morganthau Baruch Plans. American soldiers were then, as in World War I and today, the unwitting rapiers of Zionist hatred and greed. Note the commanders of the Allied Army in Europe, Eisenhower and Clark, were Jews.

Apparently, Zionists will stop at nothing to crush all inquiries of the Holocaust by every possible means. Their reach and fanaticism is awesome. They have a "million eyes" watching everything and everybody (cf. the Protocols). What are they afraid of? Is the Holocaust a "house of cards"? If it falls, so does Zionism, Israel and the lucrative Holocaust Industry. And, despite the conditioning of the Zionist media monopoly, people everywhere are waking up to its deceptions.

Then will the Zionist Era and its Protocol Chaos together with its perpetual wars, panics, poverty, depressions, revolutions, aggressions, assassinations, false flags, monopolies, debt and demagoguery come to an end.? The slaughter of mankind, cease and Peace, rule.?

Spread the word on all the sites, forums and message boards. There should be an objective investigation of the Holocaust, free of the influence of France, Britain, and America. AIPAC now requires all US Congressional candidates to first pledge their loyalty to Zionism. Zionists rule Washington absolutely (London and Paris, too). Never have a people been swept by so many armies of secret police. Where is our loyal military? The world wonders!

Acknowledgment: This information was obtained from an uncensored internet.

Men can never be secure from tyranny, if there is no means to escape it till they are perfectly under it and therefore, they have not only a right to get out of it but to prevent it.
~ John Locke

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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by FlatIsBack Sat Feb 20, 2016 8:41 am

The controllers of the copyright of the Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank Fonds ( the Anne Frank Fund) in Basel, Switzerland, have themselves admitted that Anne's father, Otto Frank, has at least co-authored the diary. Thereby admitting to the hoax.



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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty The Six Million Swindle

Post by George Tirebiter Tue Mar 08, 2016 3:52 pm

The 'holocaust' myth has been aggressively shoved down the throats of every generation since WWII.

This colossal lie has succeeded in effecting the parasitic extraction of trillions of dollars thru reparations, unjust wars and blackmail by Zionist operatives who have insinuated themselves into positions of control and influence throughout the western world.

This colossal lie has also resulted in the murder of millions of individuals thru countless numbers of wars that have been perpetrated based on false claims put forth by the Zionists responsible for concocting this swindle.  

"Surely, the atrocity story of the extermination of six million Jews has been and still is the most profitable invention and swindle in world history. So organized and so supported by perjury is this "manna" from the German taxpayer that one might suspect virtually every Zionist in the world or someone in his family of being a beneficiary of a pension or an indemnity based on the lie of the six million."(1)

"The damage this lie of the six million has done is enormous. It ruined the peace; it inspired the awful injustices of the Yalta and Potsdam peace treaties. But a world that wants to lay claim to justice and decency must correct the wrongs of those treaties. The beginning must be made by establishing the truth about the policy of the Third Reich towards Jews."(1)

"In 1973, in my booklet, The Six Million Swindle, I entitled one short section: "Eight Incontrovertible Assertions on the Six Million Swindle." Since then brave and scholarly studies have destroyed every foundation for the "Holocaust" and exposed the story of the six million "gassed" as an impudent lie. They have not invalidated, they have confirmed, my assertions. I conclude by quoting them:

First, the Third Reich wanted to get Jews to emigrate, not to liquidate them physically. Had they intended extermination, 500,000 concentration camp survivors would not now be in Israel to collect fancy indemnities from West Germany.

Second, absolutely no Jews were "gassed" in any concentration camps. There were crematoria for cremating corpses who had died from whatever cause, including especially also the victims of the genocidic Anglo — American air raids.

Third, the majority of Jews who died in pogroms and those who disappeared and are still unaccounted for fell afoul in territories controlled by the Soviet Russians, not in territories while under German control.

Fourth, most of the Jews alleged to have met their death at the hands of Germans were subversives, partisans, spies, and criminals, and also often victims of unfortunate but internationally legal reprisals. One reason for my denouncing the Nuremberg prosecutors as lynchers is that they hanged Germans for actions they themselves adopted!

Fifth, if there were the slightest likelihood that the Nazis had in fact executed six million Jews, World Jewry would scream for subsidies with which to do research on the question, and Israel would throw its archives and files open to historians. They have not done so. On the contrary they have persecuted anyone who tries to investigate impartially and even call him an anti — Semite. This is really devastating evidence that the figure is a swindle.

Sixth, the Jews and the media who exploit this figure have never offered a shred of valid evidence for its truth. At most they misquote Hoettl, Höss, and Eichmann who spoke only casually of what they were in no position to know or to speak on reliably. Nor do the Jews themselves credit these witnesses as reliable even when they comment on what they could know, e.g., that the concentration camps were essentially work camps, not death camps!

Seventh, the burden of proof for the six million figure rests on the accusers, not the accused. This is a principle of all civilized law. Proving true guilt is easier than proving true innocence. It is hardly possible for a man accused of cheating on his wife to prove that he did not cheat on her. Therefore the accuser must prove his charge. This responsibility the Zionists and Bolsheviks have not accepted, and the browbeaten Germans have rather paid billions than to dare to demand proof!

Eighth, obvious evidence that the figure of six million has no scientific foundation is that Jewish scholars themselves present ridiculous discrepancies in their calculations. And honest ones, whom we recognize by the fact that their co-racialists smear — terrorize them, and even beat them up, invariably lower the six million estimate."(1)

"Those who throw around large round numbers, like six million gassed, four million in Auschwitz, two million by mobile units in Russia, let them come up with the proofs — the graves, the bones, the ashes. Six million corpses do not just disappear. They accuse, so they must prove. But in their default, it seems that it is up to us Revisionists to show that the figure of six million is a totally unsubstantiated, brazen lie. What slender means I have had at my disposal, including some ten trips to Europe, including Dachau, Arolsen, and many interviews, induce me to estimate the number of Jewish casualties under the Third Reich at 300,000 in round numbers. Until Jewish publicists come up with solid evidence to the contrary, which so far they have not even realistically tried to do, I will consider 300,000 casualties — some from executions, from reprisals, most of them (like Anne Frank) from diseases."(1)

Cite- (Read More)
(1) http://www.historiography-project.com/jhrchives/v01/v01p-43_App.php
George Tirebiter
George Tirebiter

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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest

Post by George Tirebiter Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:30 pm

The link below is to entries from the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest, which were found at irancartoon.ir by The Holocaust Historiography Project.  According to reports, there were 228 winning entries, but they found 232 cartoons:

George Tirebiter
George Tirebiter

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Post by lizardking Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:05 pm

Jewish Professor Dommergue says holocaust complete fake

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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by Kostas Wed Mar 09, 2016 6:29 pm

French Jew: ‘See my Shoah Sherlockholmised’

There is another Jewish Revisuonist, and he is more of a Revisuonist than David Cole.
His name is Roger Dommergue; he is famous for saying:

"The only thing we know about Hitler, is that he killed six million Jews who never existed, in gas chambers which nobody ever saw"

After listening to Steven Spielberg’s Shoah rant, Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, a French Jewish historian wrote him an open letter.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSC1eT54FEptkx_JK9cFBp7qkVTYVClbsm4wMn9Wj2mm6I-mYZiTgomloQ

from: https://rehmat1.com/2011/09/24/french-jew-see-my-shoah-sherlockholmised%e2%80%99/
Posted on September 24, 2011

The US and EU ambassadors staged a walk-out during Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad’s speech blaming him ‘anti-West’ because he denies Holocaust (six million Jewish count). What Ahmadinejad said that since it were Germans who carried out the Holocaust, why Palestinians are made to pay for the crime they never committed.

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg is founder of Shoah Foundation. The organization collects personal stories of Holocaust survivors and supposedly other witnesses. Right now, over 160 UN members are saying  ‘enough is enough’ for the genocide and expulsion of nine million native Muslim and Christian Palestinians by the European Jews occupying Palestine. But western governments and Jewish groups are calling the demand an act of anti-Semitism.

Recently, Spielberg announced on French TV that he will pour out Holocaust propaganda in German school and that stories of ‘witnesses’ would convince the Germans that Nazis did murder six million Jews.
The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTTsgh8pAztUh44BFv6mI0w4TSRREKZylKnBNV79xwMfGxT73k6Ag

The discredited Hollywood producer, Mel Gibson, has announced to make a movie to glorify Jewish hero Judah Maccabee. However, his gesture of ‘Christian goodwill’ is not accepted by Abraham Foxman, national director ADL, who called it a “travesty”, and the Simon Wiesenthal’s Marvin Hier said, among other things, that it would be like having “a White supremacist  trying to play Martin Luther King Jr. It’s simply an insult to the Jews”.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 I

After listening to Steven Spielberg’s Shoah rant, Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, a French Jewish historian wrote him an open letter.

“I feel it my duty as a Jew and after 20 years study of the historical problem of the holocaust, to call your attention to the facts. Facts are very stubborn and as no one can gainsay them, our congeners have been compelled to make disgusting politicians enact stalino-orwellian laws which forbid to mention anything concerning the dogma of the ‘six-million-gas-chambers,’ definitively reduced to perpetual worship of this alchemy.

In case of no respect of silence and worship of the myth, you suffer the penalty of fines or prison or both. Professor Faurisson who has been studying the subject for 20 years, has been practically massacred. This is utterly ridiculous but give the Police and the Justice of all countries to Mr Lévy, he will not be ridiculous any more: here is the XXth century!

These laws are, accordingly, the absolute proof of the fake before we study its arithmetical and technical ineptitude. No Sir, you will not find ONE witness who saw 6 millions Jews slaughtered. You will not find ONE witness of Zyclon- B- gas chambers to exterminate 1000 or 2000 people at a time, close to the crematoria. See my ‘Shoa Sherlockholmised’ herewith: it is the summary of 20 years study on the subject. The ‘6-million-gas-chambers myth ‘is an arithmetic and technical nonsense.

As a matter of fact the howling, snivelling, Shoa business, 50 years after the war, is disgusting, debasing: it is a disgraceful shame. No people in History has ever been wailing about its losses 50 years after a war, even its true and real losses. Even if the 6-million-gas-chambers were true, it would be a dishonour to make such din and pump up so much money everywhere: who were the usurers of the Weimar Republic? You know it as well as I do. It is all the more so as we know that 6.000.000 is gross exaggeration and that the zyclon B gas chambers are a technical impossibility. ( See Degesh Trial in 1949).

In fact 150,000 or 200,000 Jews died in the German camps of typhus or starvation. Many others died but as fighters against Germany to which we, the Jews, had declared war in 1933! ( Hitler was allergic to the hegemony of gold and of the dollar: so he could give work to six million unemployed, before the functioning of German armament factories!). Do you know the book published at this period and written by our congener Kaufmann: ‘ GERMANY MUST PERISH?’

We know that 80,000,000 Goyim were slaughtered in the USSR , in a political regime which was entirely Jewish, from Marx and Warburg, to Kaganovitch, Frenkel, Yagoda, the executioners. We know that after 1945 Americans and Russians killed and raped German communities all over Europe from Lithuania to Albania .

We know that 1,500,000 German war prisoners were starved to death after the war (a famous book was published a few years ago, but is ignored to day). You will find here included in French the text of a rabbi: ‘A rabbi pleads guilty’: unfortunately I possess neither the German original nor an English translation. You should have it translated. The Rabbi condemns the Jewish behaviour in Germany 50 years before Nazism and vindicates the emergence of Hitler.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 WARNING_WARNING_UPRISING_CONTROLLED__Gordon_Duff_w_Jeff_Rense__116957

As for the harm we have done to Humanity is absolutely not redeemed by your excellent films or the virtuosity of Yehudi Menuhin, or the neutron bomb of S.T. Cohen, I wrote a book about it from texts written by important Jews which are much above the most anti-Semitic text written by Goyim. Simone Weil drew a tragic summary: ‘The Jews, this handful of  uprooted people, have been the cause of the uprooting of the whole mankind’. And George Steiner: ‘For 5000 years we have been talking too much: words of death for us and for the others.’

We know that all the German towns of more than 100,000 people have been destroyed during the last war, with women and children: silence about this real holocaust. If we consider the turn taken by the Shoa business, what you intend to do in Germany is actually the safest way to a heaping up of a huge amount of anti-jewish sentiment the explosion of which will be unique in History.

Discretion and moderation must be our behaviour: all the rest is suicide. Neither ‘mondialism’ nor orwellian laws for ‘crime of thought’ can prevent antisemitism to explode: only OUR behaviour can. What you do and all the whining and money pumping can only egg it on. It will increase out of reasonable proportions, if there can be a reasonable proportion to antisemitism.

I know that it is practically impossible to check our propensity to speculation and that only the abolition of circumcision at the 8th day could (our particularism derives from the disturbance of the 21 days of the 1st puberty, which starts precisely at the 8th day ) but we must, at least, try to avoid such blunders as the one you intend to perform in Germany and which would be appalling.

I am a great admirer of your films (except the Shindler list: ask his wife and the historical real reality, but this is a minor blunder).

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 038c76ebf2e74782e2fa4c1b3e067890

I hope your will scrutinise what I send you and escape the folly of the majority of our congeners . I will always answer  you if you have the integrity to write to me”.

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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by mitch Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:27 pm

Holocaust revisionist Carlos Porter interviewed by Ernst Zundel

Revisionist historian  Carlos Whitlock Porter has conducted extensive research on the original “documents” used in the Nuremberg Trials. His conclusion:  most of these documents are unreliable and can be dismissed as fakes and forgeries produced  in the Soviet Union.

Many of the original Holocaust stories, moreover, are so far-fetched and contrary to the fundamental laws of physics and chemistry that no serious student of history can take them seriously. Unfortunately for world Jewry, however, Holocaust guru Raul Hilberg, author of the seminal Holocaust text Destruction of the European Jews, has based his narrative almost entirely on these spurious eyewitness accounts. In these two videos, Carlos Porter points out the many absurdities of the traditional Holocaust narrative.

Consider Carlos Porter’s  arguments very carefully while you can, and reflect: it will soon be against the law to discuss these matters even in private, let alone in public. Carlos Porter, like Ernst Zundel before him, will probably be hunted down and thrown in a prison cell for daring to voice his doubts about the Holocaust. His face, too, will probably be smashed in and made a bloody mess by the Jewish thought police—as the face of Holocaust historian Robert Faurisson was in 1989:

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 3514821224-1

This is how Jewish bullies enforce the Holocaust narrative. If you refuse to believe their tall stories, they will resort to the most brutal violence. If crippling fines and imprisonment don’t work, there is always grievous bodily harm. [LD]


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The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Empty Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by Beashambassador Sun Jun 12, 2016 6:00 pm

How a Mass Delusion Became the Truth

Sunday, June 12, 2016 5:32
by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon

“The lie of the Nazi gas chambers will go down one day in history as one of the most fabulous impostures of all time.” — Revisionist historian Robert Faurisson

One of the “Holocaust survivors” interviewed last year in London by Matthew Tucker, 85-year-old Lily Ebert (pictured here), claims to have received 1000 letters from British schoolchildren telling her how deeply moved they were by listening to her gruesome Holocaust stories. Lily is one of many such Jews who are ferried round British schools, all expenses paid and with a generous lecture fee. This, added to their state pensions and their Holocaust reparations payments from Germany, help to boost their total incomes to more than respectable levels.

Jewish pensioners, like the plump and prosperous-looking Lily, are incomparably better off than ordinary British taxpayers on the breadline who have to rely on their meager state pensions to make ends meet. In America, big bucks can be made by Holocaust survivors who manage to get on the lecture circuit. According to Norman Finkelstein, Elie Wiesel charges $25,000 a lecture and demands a chauffeur-driven limo.

Sitting in her London home with interviewer Matthew Tucker, Lily doesn’t seem too keen to answer awkward questions relating to times and dates—questions that might possibly catch her out in little lies, inconsistencies and exaggerations. Tucker writes: “Lily rejects a traditional style of interview, preferring to tell her story her way. “The truth is, I know what I want to say,” she tells me. “I don’t need questions.”

That’s interesting. Lily prepares her Holocaust script in advance in order to prevent embarrassing slip-ups. It wouldn’t do, after all, if some curious child should ask her innocently, “Where is Auschwitz, Mrs Ebert? Is it in Germany or Poland?” and if Lily should answer: “I’m not sure. I’ll have to check. I think it’s, um, in Germany.”

No, that wouldn’t do at all!

Here is Tucker describing Lily’s adventures in war-torn Europe:

After travelling for five days, the train arrived at its destination: Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Ordered off the train, Lily and her family were lined up in rows. A German soldier “with shiny boots and a stick in his hand” sent people either to the left or the right with one movement of his hand. “Old people, mothers with babies, were sent to the left. Young people who they saw could still work, they were sent to the right.”

The soldier making the selection was the notorious Dr Josef Mengele, a Nazi in Auschwitz who performed medical experiments on prisoners and is known to have carried out many atrocities. (See picture below)

Lily’s mother, younger brother, and sister were sent to the left, while Lily and two of her sisters went to the right. Those on the left were taken straight to the gas chambers. “Mothers with babies, young boys and girls, walked to their deaths. But they didn’t know it.”

Lily and her two sisters soon came to realise the reality at Auschwitz: “We saw nearby a chimney. From the chimney fire came out, and this terrible smell.

“We asked people who were already there, what sort of factory is it? They told us, ‘That is not a factory, they are burning your relatives.’ … And you know what we told them? ‘You are mad.’ We wouldn’t believe that. But very quick, we found out that this was true.”  (See here)

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 973530d02642dd91e4dec920732feb94.jpg.pagespeed.ce.xQ_yAAVzlS

Evil Nazi Dr Mengele carries out fiendish experiment on sexy Jewess

The painting is by David Olère (1902-1985), inmate # 106,144 at Auschwitz. The representation is meant to be taken literally as something Mr Olère had seen with his own eyes, given that the “ghostly witnessing face in the background” is a portrait of the imaginative Jewish artist himself.

According to Stephen Spielberg, there are 300,000 Holocaust survivors worldwide, many of them earning lucrative incomes on the lecture circuit and parroting bizarre horror fiction stories of amputations and other atrocities at Auschwitz and elsewhere.

The London Evening Standard has been honest enough to add:  “Considerable dividends accrue from this specious victimhood—in particular immunity to criticism, however justified. Those enjoying this immunity have not escaped the moral corruptions that typically attend it.” (Quoted here)

—  §  —

Here is Holocaust survivor Josef Perl (pictured) whose experiences bear a striking resemblance to those of Elie Wiesel. Like Wiesel, Josef is constantly being shunted around from death camp to death camp, with Jews all round him being slaughtered like flies, while he himself, miraculously, somehow manages to survive:

“For the rest of the war, he [Josef] was moved between concentration camps – Auschwitz, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Gross-Rosen, Balkenhain, Hirschberg, Buchenwald – finding ways to survive.

For two years he moved from one Jewish ghetto to another. In one, he was rounded up with the other inhabitants and taken to a field to be killed. As he waited to be shot, he saw his mother and four of his eight sisters. Before he could cry out, they were shot.

As it was coming to Josef’s turn – he was “around seven rows away” from his turn to be shot – an air-raid siren rang out, and the crowd scattered.

Josef had escaped again.”

The resemblance to a passage in Elie Wiesel’s Holocaust memoir, Night, is uncanny. Here is Wiesel striking exactly the same mournful and miraculous note:

“In Buchenwald, 10,000 people a day were sent to their deaths. I was always among the last hundred before the door. Then they stopped. Why?” (See here)

Wiesel’s miraculous escapes are almost comical, couched in the heated, melodramatic style of a pulp fiction thriller. Here he finds himself, with his father, being led to the flaming ditches of Auschwitz where Jewish children and adults were allegedly burned alive. Both father and son escape a fiery death in a manner most miraculous:

“Our column had only 15 steps left to go. I bit my lips, so that my father would not hear my teeth gnashing.

LD: Is this plausible? Does a child being frog-marched into a fiery pit bite his lips because his father might otherwise hear his teeth rattling and get a bit upset? It is too ridiculous for words. As is Wiesel’s lurid and pulp-fiction prose.  

Another 10 steps. Eight, seven. We marched together, as if behind the hearse at our own funeral. Only four steps to go. Three steps. It was now quite close, the ditch with its flames. I gathered all my remaining strength in order to jump out of line and throw myself against the barbed wire. Deep in my heart, I took my farewell from my father, from the whole world, and involuntarily formed words, which took the form of a murmur on my lips: Yitgadal veyitkadah chme rabah… His name be exalted and sanctified.

My heart was nearly bursting. It was almost the moment. I stood before the face of the Death Angel. Two steps away from the ditch, they ordered us to turn around, and we were told to go into a barracks.” (See here)

We now know that this entire passage is fictitious and that no Jews were ever burned in fire pits. Here is another purple passage of baby burning in pits of fire that is also a total fabrication:

“Not far from us, flames were leaping from a ditch, gigantic flames. They were burning something. A lorry drew up at the pit and delivered its load—little children. Babies! Yes, I saw it—saw it with my own eyes…those children in the flames. Is it surprising that I could not sleep after that? Sleep has fled from my eyes.”

It is to entirely imaginary incidents like these that Elie Wiesel’s infamous epigram obviously applies — “Some events do take place but are not true. Other are [true], although they never occurred.”

Robert Faurisson points out that, unfortunately for Wiesel, time has shown him to be a barefaced liar:

Here Wiesel the false witness had some bad luck. Forced to choose from among several Allied war propaganda lies, he chose to defend the fire lie instead of the boiling water, gassing, or electrocution lies. In 1956, when he published his testimony in Yiddish, the fire lie was still alive in certain circles. This lie is the origin of the term ‘Holocaust’.

Today there is no longer a single historian who believes that Jews were burned alive. The myths of the boiling water and of electrocution have also disappeared. Only the gas remains.

The gassing lie was spread by the Americans. The lie that Jews were killed by boiling water or steam, specifically at Treblinka, was spread by the Poles. The electrocution lie was spread by the Soviets. (See here)


The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 Xan-ss-trooper-throwing-live-children-into-the-furnace-bynker-v2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.H1yr0Gu_5l

David Olère, SS Trooper Throwing Live Children Into Furnace

The painting shows in grisly detail an event that never took place except in the fertile Jewish imagination: Jewish babies being  unloaded from the back of trucks and being burned alive in bonfires by evil Nazis. This was at Birkenhau camp, immortalized by the mendacious Wiesel in his Holocaust memoir Night, for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1986. Wiesel tells us that on his very first day in the camp he witnessed two burning pits, one for adults and one for children, in which Jews were being burned alive:

“Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp …. Never shall I forget that smoke. Never shall I forget the little faces of the children, whose bodies I saw turned into wreaths of smoke beneath a silent sky.”

One notices, in the account above, the slow evolution of the Holocaust lie. The different liars, all accomplices in the same scam, are not quite sure in the beginning how they should go about arranging the extermination of 6 million Jews. They are asking themselves: “Should we say the Jews were burned alive, or shot, or electrocuted, or steamed to death, or disposed off in gas chambers? What’s the best way we can make the public believe that our lies are the truth?” In Elie Wiesel’s original Yiddish version of Night, the Jews were killed by being burned alive in fire pits. Then it was steam, then it was boiling water, then it was electrocution. Finally, the Americans decided it would have to be gas chambers.

This was the only way to convince a skeptical public that six million bodies had completely disappeared into thin air. No need to dig up six million corpses to prove your point.  Just let the wind blow away the ashes—and the evidence.

“The ashes of millions of victims,” Professor Arthur Butz notes tersely, “have never been found. Surely any thoughtful person must be skeptical.”

As Faurisson moreover explains in an extended  footnote (# 2) to the above essay, A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel, nowhere in Wiesel’s original Hebrew version of Night do the words “gas chamber” occur. When the Hebrew version of Night was translated later into German, French and English, a mendacious mistranslation was deliberately sneaked into the text: the word “crematory” was falsely given as “gas chamber” on 14 occasions.

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 5f3f7211c7c1bbd67d641722b0e00e7e.jpg.pagespeed.ce.Ll9f1-jXuJ

Cremating Jews at Auschwitz, David Olère
(A feat now shown to be false and also physically impossible).

Faurisson notes: “To kill a crowd of people in a room with hydrocyanic acid [Zyklon B] is dangerous but not impossible; but, to enter the room afterwards, even with a gas mask, amid a host of cyanide-infused corpses and then proceed to extricate and carry them, in the course of a few hours, so as to make way for a new gassing of the same proportion, is in the domain of the impossible.”

Here is a picture of the famous “gas chamber” fraudulently shown to millions of tourists at Auschwitz for the last 70 years:

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 615x411xchamber.jpg.pagespeed.ic.9NfqogQ4PG

This room had in fact been an air-raid shelter and had never gassed a single Jew. The authorities at Auschwitz have since admitted that they lied to the public for decades, probably cowed by the state of Israel and international Jewry into maintaining this imposture. To this very day, tour guides and teachers regularly inform relays of gullible schoolchildren, “This is the gas chamber in which thousands of Jews were killed every day!”

Faurisson adds caustically: “The door opens inwardly, which constitutes an absurdity since the corpses strewn about on the floor inside would have prevented it from opening.”

Any Holocaust revisionist who dares to mention this blatant example of fraudulence runs the risk today of being thrown into prison in 17 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland and Romania. Italy will  soon be the 18th country to join the club.

Voltaire was right to warn us against these hidden slitherers in the corridors of power.

—  §  —

Apart from the anomalies mentioned above, there were other demonstrable falsifications in the text of Elie Wiesel’s Night when it appeared in translation. One of the most egregious examples was Wiesel’s candid confession in the Hebrew version of Night that after the liberation of Buchenwald the Jewish inmates of the camp went into Weimar as a group with the specific intention of stealing clothes and potatoes and raping German girls (“un tsu fargvaldikn daytshe shekses.”)

The translators thought this was too much and decided to sanitize the passage.

There is now no mention of Jews going into Weimar on a rape spree. Both the word “Jews” and the word “German” are dropped, and, in Stella Rodway’s now prettified English translation, it all becomes harmless fun: “On the following morning, some of the young men went to Weimar to get some potatoes and clothes—and to sleep with girls.”

The Jewish thugs have suddenly morphed into nice “young men”. These thugs now go into Weimar to “get” potatoes, not to “steal” them. And, finally, they hope to “sleep with girls”—a bit of hilarious fornication, you understand—instead of “raping” them.

To summarize the situation in Faurisson’s own words:

“Elie Wiesel passes for one of the most celebrated eyewitnesses to the alleged Holocaust. Yet in his supposedly autobiographical book Night, he makes no mention of gas chambers. He claims instead to have witnessed Jews being burned alive, a story now dismissed by all historians. Wiesel gives credence to the most absurd stories of other “eyewitnesses.” He spreads fantastic tales of 10,000 persons sent to their deaths each day in Buchenwald.” (See here)

One Jewish academic has been scathing in his dismissal of mendacious Holocaust memoirs such as Elie Wiesel’s. It’s a wonder he hasn’t been whisked off to Israel and incarcerated for his outspoken criticism of Jewish liars:

“Most of the memoirs and reports of ‘Holocaust survivors’ are full of preposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic effects, overestimated self-inflation, dilettante philosophizing, would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias, and partisan attacks.”

—Samuel Gringauz, Jewish Social Studies, New York, January 1950, Vol. 12, p. 65. (Quoted here)

—  §  —

Here, finally, is Holocaust survivor Renee Salt (pictured), spinning a story so preposterous that one can’t help wondering how Tucker can have kept a straight face while relating it. Let’s cut to the chase and narrate the story briefly.

Renee finds herself in the Lodz ghetto with her father. The Nazis arrive. Renee’s father has a gold ring on his finger. It has been stuck fast to his finger for years. His finger has grown too fat and there’s no way the ring can be removed, even with soap. An SS soldier eyes the ring covetously and orders Renee’s father to hand it over.

Needless to say, it can’t be done. “Fetch me a knife!” growls the evil Nazi, grinding his teeth with rage. Mein Gott, what a beast!

And then, unbelievably, a miracle occurs in front of everyone’s eyes: the ring decides to take action!  It literally leaps off the finger, freeing itself from captivity, and rolls across the ground … coming to a halt just near the evil Nazi’s boot. Ach du meine Güte, talk about miracles never ceasing!

Let’s hear it in Renee’s own words:

“Now I didn’t see many miracles during the Holocaust, but as he finished saying these few words [‘Give me your ring!’] the ring on its own, without any prompting, rolled off the finger so loosely as though it would have been at least five sizes too big, and stopped at the SS man’s feet.”  (See here)

Renee Salt’s miraculous Holocaust story was brought to my attention by a trusted correspondent who claimed it had been plagiarized from a 62-minute Tom and Jerry cartoon, “The Magic Ring” (2002).

My correspondent writes:

“This Holocaust Survivor story is tailor-made for schoolchildren. It’s just the kind of fanciful fairy tale likely to appeal to a classroom of gullible kids.

All the main motifs of Renee Salt’s Holocaust story are to be found faithfully replicated in the Tom and Jerry cartoon: (1) a magic ring; (2) a finger on which the ring is stuck; (3) someone trying to steal the ring; (4) futile attempts to remove the ring from the finger; and finally (5) the ring succeeds in self-expanding and miraculously frees itself from the finger.

Here is the account in Wikipedia:

“Tom hears his master Chip coming and tries to get the ring off, but to no avail. Chip, believing that Tom attempted to steal his ring, chases after him out of the house, where the ring falls off Tom’s finger…”

I will leave it to the reader to decide if five such striking similarities between Renee Salt’s Holocaust story and the 62-minute Tom & Jerry Disney cartoon (see HERE) constitute plagiarism or are purely coincidental.

—  §  —

I will end this essay by advising readers to do their own research and arrive at their own conclusions in a rational and well-balanced way. Allow me to bring this presentation to an end by quoting two authorities at different ends of the intellectual spectrum and allowing readers to choose the authority they prefer.

First, here is Robert Faurisson, the world’s foremost revisionist historian — beaten up by Jewish thugs no fewer than eight times for daring to speak his mind:

“The reader will have understood: serial mass gassings are just another silly story of the same kind as those about “Jewish soap”, “lampshades of human skin”, extermination of the Jewish detainees at Treblinka by steam, their extermination at Auschwitz by electricity and in blast furnaces, or, near Belzec, by quicklime. [All officially sanctioned “guesses”. LD]

There is an endless list of nonsensical tales in the manner of Elie Wiesel or Father Patrick Debois about “geysers of blood”, or a hand emerging from a mass grave to grab a shovel, or systematic extermination under quilts or pillows—the Holocaust by suffocation!

The lie of the Nazi gas chambers will go down one day in history as one of the most fabulous impostures of all time. This lie has developed slowly, without plot or conspiracy, and without the general public’s becoming aware of it. If the good people have been so badly taken in, it has in a way been with their consent and cooperation. They have believed, then wanted to believe, then in the end wanted to have others believe and are now legally bound to believe.

One of the most brazen lies in history, the alleged Nazi gas chambers, of course originated in hatred and in the inveterate habit of lying but it has thrived on naivety. In perfectly good faith, the good people were outraged at that “Nazi horror”. In doing so, they lent a hand to a gigantic slander, a criminal lie of worldwide proportions.”

(See here)

Finally, the official Jewish response to Faurisson. It would appear that Faurisson, in relying on logic and reason and the scientific method for arriving at his “facts”, has been horribly misled into believing that the Impossible cannot sometimes occur in exceptional circumstances.

Today I learned to my astonishment that the laws of nature do not necessarily apply to Jews, especially when it comes to Holocaust miracles. In the case of Jews, God’s Chosen, the laws of nature may sometimes be suspended. According to an official Jewish publication, the Juedische Rundschau Maccabi, Basel, dated 11 November 1993:

“Every Jewish person may learn from our survivors and live with the knowledge that the Jewish people are not subject to the restrictions of the laws of nature.”

The Holocaust/Holohoax - Page 3 X6fabb8f451b0325f5b1fc1ca0c66c472.jpg.pagespeed.ic.kBsczUY_Ko

David Olère, SS Ogre eating Jewish children

The hallucinatory paintings of Holocaust artist David Olère, conjuring up phantasmagoric events that never took place except in the fevered imagination, have now entered the popular mind as a result of innumerable imitations spawned by art works, movies, Holocaust survivor memoirs, and TV documentaries. The dividing line between fact and fiction has been abolished. A new reality has been created out of the collective fantasies of millions.

In the words of Henry Kissinger, “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.


Lenin said it better: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

The post How a Mass Delusion Became the Truth appeared first on Zen Gardner.


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Great article, thanks for posting.

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