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Jesus is coming

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Jesus is coming Empty Jesus is coming

Post by Ugly skeptic Mon Dec 04, 2023 4:15 pm

I'm not sure where I fall spiritually. I'm not anti Christian like a lot of people, but I definitely don't agree with the popular church that just follows heliocentrism. However, considering project blue beam and similar conspiracy theories around a fake alien invasion, it seems more likely a more effective thing to do would be to fake a Jesus coming back from the dead.

Christian or not, What are your thoughts?

Ugly skeptic

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Jesus is coming Empty Re: Jesus is coming

Post by Koubenakombi Mon Dec 04, 2023 6:41 pm

I guess too many marvel movies made people even more passive, waiting for a saviour of some sort... it is easy to transfer responsibilities for failure or inability to act to a counterpart, specially with superpowers. Playing with words, "I thank god" I have waken up to flat earth and space, aliens and nuclear weapons are not longer wasting my precious time in this existence. Considering the woke times we are living in, future is more likely to be balanced by a strong return to a "conservative religious" manner... so be prepared for intense religious BS (the ones invented and managed by men) in the decades ahead. it's not bad... nor good... societies' foundations are usually built backed by some common beliefs, so you may expect some creepy old fella complaining (again) because you are dancing (footloose). All that said: economy, politicians, wars are all a distraction. They are coming for our assets and properties as described in the book "The Great Taking", by David Rogers Webb. Get out of their system... this time, if jesus comes back, the animals from his manger will be taken!  Jesus is coming 1f404   Jesus is coming 1f40e   Jesus is coming 1f42b Jesus is coming 1f40f  Jesus is coming 1f402  Jesus is coming 1f411


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