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The Globe has atmospheric issues

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The Globe has atmospheric issues Empty The Globe has atmospheric issues

Post by Spake Face Tue Sep 06, 2022 11:57 pm

What they don't teach in school is what super rotation is and can be defined as follows: the state where a planet's atmosphere rotates faster than the planet itself.
This definition can be found on Wikipedia but does not need to be proven to the average globe believer because it is an apparent and observable reality from their perspective. One only needs to turn on the weather channel to see weather and jet streams tend to go eastwards, which is of course the same direction as the said rotation of Earth. It's not a secret but not thought about because of its omission from curricula. If they include this in education, then the obvious next question is "How does that work?".
Ask Google "How does the atmosphere rotate with the Earth?" and it gives this answer: The atmosphere rotates along with the Earth due to friction. Friction makes molecules that are in contact with the ground to move. The friction between the molecules (air viscosity) causes the upper molecules to move.
Here is where the problem lies. Friction or air viscosity cannot in anyway account for super rotation and you don't need to be a scientist or physicist to figure this out. Friction is the resistance between molecules and when there is resistance there is a loss of force which is the opposite from a gain of force, which is what would be required for super rotation to be a reality. It would be like sticking your hand out the window of a speeding vehicle and having the wind push your hand forwards because the friction of the cars surface caused a forward moving wind around the vehicle. The vehicle would cause a wind in the direction of travel but not as fast as the vehicle and air viscosity only allows a very local effect. Friction has little effect on the vastness of the atmosphere.
Of course jet streams and weather patterns travel eastwards and it is verifiable so it is actually the rotation of the Earth which should be questioned. Can an individual prove Earth's rotation without using evidence from space agencies, which can be faked? I have not heard of such evidence.
If Earth is rotating 1037.5646 miles per hour at the equator, according to thoughtco.com, then there should be a westerly breeze of over 1000 miles an hour at the equator, which we don't see.

There is an even bigger problem with Earths atmosphere. Science says Earth's atmosphere is bound to it by the force of gravity, which is said to be mass attracting mass. This would be okay if the globe were not moving, but this is not the model we were taught. Thoughtco.com says Earth orbits the sun at 66 660 miles per hour, which is relatively slow compared to how fast it moves to keep up with the sun. Universe today.com says the sun moves through the galaxy at 828 000 km per hour, which converts to 514 495 miles per hour. So, the orbital motion is less than 1/8th of what I will call the upwards motion, which is the motion I will concentrate on for the following visualization exercise. I say upwards because the planets are said to orbit the sun on an orbital plane while the sun travels 90 degrees from this plane. The axis of Earth is said to be 66.6 degrees from this orbital plane but they say 23.4 degrees from perpendicular to the plane to save people from seeing too many 6's.
I think for this exercise these purported motions are enough to prove my point without going to to astronomical proportions of bullshit involving the movement of the galaxy through space.
Here is a simple way to visualize the problem: use a car for the example that would represent the Earth and attach a pole on the roof; encircle the car with people which represent the atmosphere; have each person hold a rope that is tied to the pole which represents the "pulling" force of gravity. It's okay as long as the car doesn't move but when we drive the car, what's going to happen? (please note: visualization. Do not try this at home) The people in front of the car will be run over and the people on the sides will be dragged behind. This is a kind of two dimensional example but I think you get the point.
The pulling force of gravity could not push the atmosphere ahead of Earth. If gravity kept the atmosphere with Earth, then it would all be 23.4 degrees off of the south pole. If on considers that a pressurised environment cannot exist beside a vacuum without a container, then this whole thread becomes moot.

There are major discrepancies with the mechanics of how the globe atmosphere can function the way it does. If you've read this and still believe you are on a spinning ball, then it is up to you to produce evidence of how these phenomena occur. I'd love to hear but it seems that magic would be the only explanation for this mystical globe.

I'm not a scientist but I do have common sense and considered how super rotation can be explained. Here is my theory, first of all the Earth is a self contained non rotating plane, where the sun is small and local and orbits the north pole. After that there is only the direction of weather patterns and jet streams to consider. We know hot air rises and cool air drops, so as the day progresses, the Earths surface is heated causing it to be hottest in the afternoon and resulting in air rising. This occurs in the suns wake and further back along the suns path is evening and then night where cooling occurs and air drops which causes a vacuum effect allowing a space for the rising afternoon air to occupy.
The flow of atmosphere in this instance is opposite the direction of the sun and would be a continuing trend around the world. Could this be the reason for the direction of our weather patterns? I like this idea better than the absurdity of super rotation which has no explanation.

I hope this inspires people to investigate more on my theory. Weather is complicated and has many variables so I don't claim any scientific facts, but could this idea also have something to do with the northern counter clockwise and southern clockwise storm patterns? The days are shorter the more north and south the latitude is so it would cause a airflow outwards from the equator according to my logic. It's food for thought anyways.

Thanks for reading, keep an open mind, and have a great day.

Spake Face

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The Globe has atmospheric issues Empty Re: The Globe has atmospheric issues

Post by ese927 Wed Sep 14, 2022 6:07 pm

Excellent observations. Another question I can't wrap myself around with this latest globe model Ive learned about with the so called planets being drug around and apparently behind the sun...How does earth have seasons in the southern hemisphere? I'm no scientist either but when I seen this model, it's totally impossible for the south to even get warmed. Am I completely foolish?


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The Globe has atmospheric issues Empty Re: The Globe has atmospheric issues

Post by johnwillert Sun Sep 18, 2022 11:34 pm

Great points, very reasonable.

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The Globe has atmospheric issues Empty Re: The Globe has atmospheric issues

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