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Is there a foe list evaluation from time to time?

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Is there a foe list evaluation from time to time? Empty Is there a foe list evaluation from time to time?

Post by Koubenakombi Mon Dec 04, 2023 7:41 pm

After 1 year here I wonder if administrators check for people whom inhabit lots of foe lists.

I know, this may get me kicked out... but after the scamdemic, I'm used to that.

I my humble opinion... for the vibrant subject flat earth is, this place seems dead. Not sure why...

I don't think Eric Dubay would entitled himself as "President Eric Dubay"... are we being ruled? Is there also a kingdom with dwarfs and fire-breathing dragons as well?

But back to the "foe list" case... when dbags run free through the forum, they will make true users, bit by bit, more inclined to leave.

The ones who think they can tell others how to live their lives... what to eat... what to believe...

The ones that cannot laugh (these are the worse... these types have wasted so many good jokes they will be trapped here for generations to come).

Again, after 1 year, I have more people in my foe's list than friends... not that I'm complaining... "friends are rare, dbags are everywhere" (my own coinage).

Again, if administrators are able to evaluate and identify the most common people in these blacklists, please invite them to leave to spread their wits elsewhere!

And if I'm one of them, I anticipate a "goodbye to you all". Logging off now... next time, if the login fails, I will know... lol!

If you don't get my sense of humor... bake a cake... do more of what makes you happy.


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