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Silicon based life before carbon and a random thought

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Silicon based life before carbon and a random thought  Empty Silicon based life before carbon and a random thought

Post by nowhereelsetogo Fri Jun 02, 2023 10:25 pm

So here's a thought.

Videos about the giant trees leading to the idea that our home was once predominantly silicon based, but blah blah and we're now in a carbon world. Sorry for the insulting level of over simplification but I'm assuming a lot about what we have come across so far.

Lots of stuff in the 'news' about worries over AI by the chief bozo responsible for that thing. Especially the 'AI drone killed the drone supervisor because he/she/they/them/zi.... wasn't in line with the goals'.

Commentators (content providers?) speculating that 'AI' is NOT a thing, in the sense of computing, but rather a (mmm bit difficult) conduit, facilitator for something else.

So all computers work with silicon.

Is silicon the basic physical basis of life that the baddies (Nephilim, fallen ones, men of renown, Titans blah blah) depend on for physical form?

Answers on a postcard please.

AND NOW for your entertainment two videos which I found both edifying and entertaining. I feel one should laugh out loud at least once a day, today it's been four or five for me, clown world I suppose.



I think I found these so good because I almost had a row with the wife this morning and then found these through Henry Makow. All I said was that it's odd that we get one day of respect for veterans (or in the UK remembrance) but we now have a WHOLE month celebrating deviancy and degeneracy - I avoided the row because the feminist/woke emotionally based attitude (she displayed, to my dismay) is TRULY laughable.

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Silicon based life before carbon and a random thought  Empty Flat Earth and Vapor Canopy Calendrix

Post by ellie Wed Jul 12, 2023 9:09 pm

Jason's information has knocked my socks off -- like Eric's did about 7 years ago.
Another vapor canopy is mathematically predicted for 2036. It will be an extinction event.


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