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Comments disappearing on YouTube & Wikipedia context bars

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Comments disappearing on YouTube & Wikipedia context bars Empty Comments disappearing on YouTube & Wikipedia context bars

Post by Forest4theTreez Fri Jan 27, 2023 6:18 pm

Is it just me or are there others that have their comments automatically disappear after a few seconds on YouTube?

I think it’s time someone like Eric Dubay make another video about YouTube censorship and talk about this issue and especially the Wikipedia context bar which is attached to every legit flat earth video. I’ve also seen it for  “new world order” videos and most recently for Eric’s latest video about the bilderberg group.

I’m not a content creator nor do I have an internet presence or following and my comments are disappearing. Imagine what’s done to those that have channels and a following. I’ve seen the videos Eric has done in past and think it’s time for an updated version.

Maybe because I posted information on Joe scrogans podcast exposing him as a controlled opposition sell out puppet and then on another channel exposing jeranism?

Shortly after that I noticed all my comments disappear seconds after posting.

We need a video highlighting the Wikipedia context bars and YouTubes latest blatant attempts at hiding, suppressing and censoring the truth...


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