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Former High-Rank Illuminati exposes the organization in the 1970's

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Former High-Rank Illuminati exposes the organization in the 1970's  Empty Former High-Rank Illuminati exposes the organization in the 1970's

Post by Apologia Christou Mon Feb 28, 2022 5:06 pm

Former High-Rank Illuminati Member converted to Christianity and afterwards exposed the organization in several public speechings in the 1970's in America. This is one specific speech, I'll add a playlist where he discusses the specific occult aspects of the organization below, also in the form of Q&A's.

To give a small summary (be aware that this is the stance of the 1970's):

- the goal is complete world-government which is accomplished through the finance-sector
- their purpose is political, while their religion is the occult
- structure in general consists of (in this order):
1. Rothschilds Tribunal
2. 13 "Priests" who directly get their orders from the Rothschilds, and pass them on unto state officials and senators (and sometimes even to the president)
3. 33rd Degree Masons
4. big financial institutes
- the organization is represented by different political establishments and representatives in various states; while at this time it was the Council on Foreign Relations in America, and the representative was the Rockefeller Family
- their religion is occultism (or witchcraft), which is practized by the "Priests" and was at that time the fastest-growing religion in the United States; the speakers family-line ("Todd", which was changed about 60 years before from "Collins") is said to be responsible for bringing this religion from Scotland to America
- various books published by members of the Illuminati talk about the plan and accomplishment of their goals in the form of novels, one example being "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand

And here's a playlist consisting of 5 Tapes:

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