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Video evidence of a Second Sun. Any theories?

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Video evidence of a Second Sun. Any theories?  Empty Video evidence of a Second Sun. Any theories?

Post by Rapsher Tue Feb 22, 2022 6:04 am

A Second Sun Filmed With a Solar Telescope

A few months back I watched a podcast Tin Foil Hat #457: Eddie Bravo returns with Crrow777 and Hibbeler. During the podcast Crrow777 provides a video that he took during a Solar Eclipse with a hydrogen alpha solar telescope, which I believe he said took place August 21 2017 and during the eclipse he filmed what appears to be a second sun. The second sun can be seen at the 1:18:44 mark during the podcast. For the full breakdown of the video it begins at 1:13:55.
I included two other video links of what appear to be a second sun as well.
Two suns appear over China
Two Suns Theory: USA And Canada Experiences Two Suns called Hunters Moon | TV5 News.

Even prior to seeing these videos I've theorized that the Flat Earth 3000 mile high sun doesn't add up, which is the distance estimated in the flat Earth model in order to cover the distance in the manner that it does... however in my opinion there has to be another explanation... perhaps multiple suns or some other technology that allows a mirroring of a sun and it's energy to various geographic centers around the vast plane. Much like we obviously wouldn't be able to see a sun 93 million miles away, we wouldn't be able to see a sun 3,000 miles away either and the sun and moon appear to be much closer than that, even if we could see 3000 miles. To put it in perspective, 3000 miles is the distance across the United States. I would even go so far as to speculate that there's possibly a different sun or sun reflection for every time zone, but I'm not sure. The only thing that I'm confident about is that we almost certainly wouldn't be able to see a sun/moon 3000 miles away. Any theories as to what may be going on or how a single or multiple suns cover the vast plane?





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Video evidence of a Second Sun. Any theories?  Empty Re: Video evidence of a Second Sun. Any theories?

Post by siriusrising Thu Feb 24, 2022 9:02 am

Excellent post. Thanks. The Ancient Chinese believed there were 10 suns. The solar goddess Shiho would take one of her 10 suns (sons) around the skies with her ie there were always two suns on the daily circuit.
Things went wrong when all her ten suns (sons) came out to play one day. The result was scorched earth, drought and dried up rivers. There are interesting discussions going on about melted cities. I've thought for a while that only solar energy could produce that amount of destructive energy ie to melt rock and bricks.
Interestingly, the height of the sun children was thought to be 10,000 feet approx 3 km. Might this be a reasonable diameter for a local sun?


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Video evidence of a Second Sun. Any theories?  Empty Re: Video evidence of a Second Sun. Any theories?

Post by defrank Wed Jul 10, 2024 1:17 pm

After going through Tilak´s revision (Artic Home of the Vedas) and a good few others,
I understand there used to be a second Sun on the Earth during the Atlantean continent period, lighting what today is the Artic Circle, today it´s only a tiny dot at night.

when Atlantis fell, the map of the heavens changed tremendously,
and if we ever get the center point of the earth, which i think it´s in the Mediterranean,
we can point out a second Sun in the Artic Circle in ancient times,
I´m also going through some of the megalithic sites in India, which I think some are dedicated to that Sun, obviously it´s hard to prove, but never mind, the sooner or later we will find out.


We are definetly not over with this whole issue


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Video evidence of a Second Sun. Any theories?  Empty Re: Video evidence of a Second Sun. Any theories?

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