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The International JEW -The World's Foremost PROBLEM

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The International JEW -The World's Foremost PROBLEM - Page 4 Empty Re: The International JEW -The World's Foremost PROBLEM

Post by its_Goyim Tue Nov 02, 2021 2:02 am

"If I told you the bankers were the problem, you'd call me a socialist. If I named the bankers, you'd call me a fascist"

Can't win with JEWS....
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The International JEW -The World's Foremost PROBLEM - Page 4 Empty Re: The International JEW -The World's Foremost PROBLEM

Post by daride Wed Feb 23, 2022 9:26 am

Jews are the biggest issue facing humanity. Utter psychopaths with almost total control.

It's very hard to wake up anyone due to the Holohoax. I've found the best way is to talk about the USS Liberty. Most have never heard of it, which could be the first red flag to them.

The main points are:

1. The attack was intentional, as shown by the testimony of the survivors
2. US government sided with Israel over American soldiers (shows that the US gov is controlled by Jews)
3. The media accepted the government's story without question and slandered the brave survivors as "antisemitic" liars (shows that American media is controlled by Jews)

So with one event, you can show that Jews have complete control over the US government and media. It's so extensive that politicians will commit treason to support Israel. And you also show that Jews will always defend other Jews, no matter what crimes they commit against non-Jews (goyim cattle in their eyes).

Some people might ask "Why in the world would Israel attack a US ship? I thought they were our allies!"

This is where you can explain that the goal was to have no survivors. Then there would no one who could prove that Israel did it. The goal was for Israel to blame Egypt and get the US to enter a pointless war for Israel.

If people accept this, they might begin to see how evil Jews really are. They might see that Jews are pathological liars as well.


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