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Thanks, Shane!

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Thanks, Shane! Empty Thanks, Shane!

Post by PacMan Sun Feb 18, 2024 3:18 pm

Walter Bislins, is a glober that once set out to kill the flat earth by (as he claimed) transforming the global model into an FE model, using Java.
Already Bislins model has done the FE community a great service. (Thanks, Walter!)

Previously, I asked if someone in th FE community could make an independent FE variant of it, and Shane had already begun.
Here is his Shane's updated model

Here's a video explanation of it

Shane's variant enables the FE community to mathematically visualize (in real time) that all supposed challenges from the ball-earth, and show that most if not all glober challenges, like two-rotation-axis (star-trails turning in the opposite directions in the south vs north) and perspective on a globe curve, are actually verifying the flat earth and obliterating the globe earth position. - EXPLORE IT & USE IT (!)

It shows that it is all very much about perspective and refraction. So much so, that is has become clear that the effect of the personal azimuthal grid, is the main effect that Jesuits and Freemasons stole and encoded into the globe model.


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