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Electronics are Magic

The Compassionate Cynic
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Post by Xaiara Tue Jan 09, 2024 2:56 am

Today is January the 9th of 2004 and, according to the Synchronary, Red Electric Dragon from the wavespell of the Blue Storm (to catalize, energy, self generation).
Today's antipode is the Blue Electric Monkey (Magic, Play, Illusion) and the analog energy is the White Electric Mirror (Endlessness, Reflect, Order)
The Planetary Human as Psicrono (the manifestation of free will, influence and wisdom within the wavespell of the Night, wich is abundance, dreams, intuition) ...

It seems to exist an intelligent consciousness in everything that impregnates even objects and is alive in languages as Logos.
Probably, there are different ontological levels inside humankind.

I am very glad to find this questioning about how the audiovisual technology of the last century and the current one works. It is very impressive how a scene can be captured in a paper by a chemical reaction... or how a sound can be recorded in the crappy plastic of a cassette!?

Regarding electricity, I have also arrived to the conclusion that it must be the channelling of a consciousness, similar to what water is but in etheric form.
In this regard, there are two videos of John Levi about the mentioned themes:

False history of power


Living on a computer



Kind regards


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Electronics are Magic - Page 3 Empty Re: Electronics are Magic

Post by Tree Tue Jan 16, 2024 4:05 pm

Hi Xaiara,

Thank you for the kind words and support! And good points about intelligent consciousness as well as electricity.

Good video finds too. Sort of an opposite perspective to the computer being a world… the world is a computer. Or continuation of it.

Here is a very recent YouTube channel I found that seems to be questioning audio devices real explanation at least some.


He also does one on Bluetooth.

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