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Asteroids, Meteors and Shooting Stars

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Asteroids, Meteors and Shooting Stars - Page 2 Empty Re: Asteroids, Meteors and Shooting Stars

Post by RileySlowWave Tue Feb 21, 2023 5:13 pm

Update: (thanks for moving my post to the correct thread)

I watched the couple videos linked by Tycho above: I agree the dashcam "meteor" vids appear to be artillery of some kind; I thought the meteor-crater museum visit was humorous & telling [buncha farce there] -- he was astute in saying it looks like people had dug for water...

Regarding comets: it's news to me that Halley's "comet" was a no-show in the late-80's, which kind of shows the hand at play... clever trick

So I'm now questioning comets [totally fake?], meteors [still trying to figure out shooting stars...], & can say asteroids & meteorites are likely farces...

Just a big thanks to a thoughtful & comprehensive community tackling this stuff.

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