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Jewish Ritual Sacrifice

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Post by The Compassionate Cynic Tue Jul 09, 2024 1:48 am

I mean there has got to be something more going on that...
@ nsdcrew

It seems ever since the jew oil barons took over, the rothchilds and the like. That they have been making a preference for their own kind that are "in the club."

But still this doesn't explain how this has been going on for so long. I was reading an article that they have been kicked out of 100+ countries over the past few hundred years. Me thinks it is the Talmud that is an ancient guideline to take over any society. In that mass of text lies all kinds of underhanded tactics and racist superiority. It is actually really hard to get a hold of, yet every synagogue has it, and when I ask questtions online I am told that only a jew can understand it, don't even waste your dumb time trying..

I guess anything is possible just cutting throats believing you are superior to everyone else who walks the earth.
The Compassionate Cynic
The Compassionate Cynic

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