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Sheeple's "cognitive dissonance" (in a nutshell)

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Sheeple's "cognitive dissonance" (in a nutshell) Empty Sheeple's "cognitive dissonance" (in a nutshell)

Post by RYANSILLYGENIUS Fri Dec 15, 2023 8:48 pm

Here's something reminiscent of sheeple in denial. I'll paste a link below, for where I got it from. It simplifies their problems! Y'all would probably agree this is what really disappoints you! This link below is what I've got the attached screenshot from. The top bullets is just their alternative to everything below that; i.e. on top is what they should do, and everything below those were sheeple's shortcomings & excuses against Flat Earth!


Sheeple's "cognitive dissonance" (in a nutshell) Screen12

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