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The masonic magicians

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The masonic magicians  Empty The masonic magicians

Post by Senpai420 Sun Jul 02, 2023 6:01 pm

Hey guys, i believe the year 2034 holds something special for us, possibly another one of their mass murder operations.

On august, 10th 1935 a plot to assassinate Mexican President Lázaro Cárdenas was reported foiled. The last remaining Freemason lodges in Nazi Germany were dissolved. Laval warned that a dictatorship in France was not unlikely if his economic measures failed to be enforced.

33 years after on august 10th 1968 the twin towers began construction, the same year the 911 number was introduced. 33.1 years after the construction began the twin towers collapsed. 911 a number known for health and safety now associated with death and destruction.

33 years and 1 day after the twin towers collapsed it will be September 12th 2034. the day of an annular "ring of fire" solar eclipse.

Book "metro 2034" is about a post apocalyptic world set in 2034.
Book "2034 - A novel of the next world war."

33 years after 2034 is 2067 and of course there is a movie called 2067 about an apocalyptic world.


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The masonic magicians  Empty Re: The masonic magicians

Post by stukatotherescue Wed Jul 12, 2023 6:35 pm

Interesting, 33 is also 3 times 11

2001 - Twin Towers
2012 - ? (Felix Baumgartner? lol)
2023 - ? (economic crash? new pandemic? something happening in september (predictive programming in 1st terminator movie)?)
2034 - Ring of fire from original post


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The masonic magicians  Empty Re: The masonic magicians

Post by Alex27 Wed Aug 09, 2023 6:57 pm

For the Jews numbers are very important, after 3 years and 1 day they can marry a girl and have sex without problems in fact they write that it is not even considered sex because the hymen grows back every time, and it is compared to putting a finger in one eye. As tears flow from the eye, so does the child's hymen grow back and there is no sin in using it. This refers to their girls, while non-Jews can always be raped because they are not considered human but animals (both male and female)

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The masonic magicians  Empty Re: The masonic magicians

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