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Zetetic Cosmogeny (eBook)

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Zetetic Cosmogeny (eBook) Empty Zetetic Cosmogeny (eBook)

Post by Admin Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:40 am

This 1899 book by Thomas Winship is my favorite of all the old flat Earth books I've read. I highly recommend "Zetetic Cosmogeny: Conclusive Evidence that the World is Not a Rotating, Revolving Globe But a Stationary Plane Circle."


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Zetetic Cosmogeny (eBook) Empty Re: Zetetic Cosmogeny (eBook)

Post by Schpankme Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:19 am

Admin wrote:
This 1899 book by Thomas Winship
"Zetetic Cosmogeny"
my favorite of all the old flat Earth books

On "page 63" of this book it is stated, that many Sea Captains (Cook, Weddell, Ross, etc) made it beyond parallel "71° 36' south", there was no mention of "the midnight Sun"; for if such a phenomena had existed it would have been duly noted.

We also see the following quote, where there was not "163 days of darkness and 24 days of semi-darkness (polar night)".

  "On the 17th May the sun set, and was not seen above our horizon again until the 21st July." ~ Royal Belgian Geographical Society

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