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Balltardisms Empty Balltardisms

Post by Schpankme Sun Mar 24, 2019 1:27 pm

Faith in Theory (Balltardism)

01.  Would NASA recieve, 55 million dollars, per day, to promote theoretical bullshit?

02.  Anyone not believing in Space Exploration is a crazy religious nut case.

03.  Only uneducated people think that faith and theory means pretend.

04.  Theoretical Science is the highest level of understanding and investigation.

05.  Faith based religion is the opposite of Theory based science.

06.  Heliocentric Reformation of the calendar by the Vatican proves Spherical Earth.

07.  Not every Moon feature is named after Jesuits.

08.  Ask someone with actual theoretical experience.

09.  If you hate Science Theory then you are anti-Semitic.

10.  Unlike Preists of the Catholic religion, Jesuits know all about Theoretical Science.

11.  Space requires theory based equations to enter; Heaven requires faith based incantations to enter.

12.  Ancient Greeks knew all about the Heliocentric Universe long before publication by the Jesuits.

13.  It's all conspiracy theory bullshit if you don't beleive in Space.

14.  Gene Roddenberry invented the Space Enterprise.

15.  The horizon always looks level until it gets out of sight then it curves.

16.  The Earth being flat or spherical does not alter my daily behavior.

17.  Intelligence comes from having faith in Science theory.

18.  The Sun and Moon only appear to be equal in size and distance from Earth.

19. The Jesuits are a Christian cult not Jews pretending to be Scientists.

20. Don't balme Heliocentricism if you can't accept Science theroy.

21. The Earth spins at 1000 MPH (1600 km/hr), taking 24 hours per rotation, now thats slow.

22. We wouldn't have the Heliocentric Universe without Space.

23. Space and Theory means Science, Heaven and Faith means Religion.

24. You cannot hear explosions in Space.

25. You cannot describe our world without some kind of theory.

26. Don't mix "faith" and "theory" because we need them for our reality.

27. The SUN can be seen moving across the sky East to West.

28. I'm not Vegan, I'm not flat Earther, but I am open to suggestions.

29. Heliocentric scientists used theory to prove the Earth was spherical.

30. It was the Vaticans faith in God that provided the proof in theoretical science.

31. Jesuit Big Bang is the science version for the creation of man.

32. Learn the difference between religous faith and a scientific theory.

33. The Zero-G Plane does not produce Free-fall within an enclosed enviroment.

34. Not everything that comes out of my mouth is based on having faith in theory.

35. The Moon is in "free fall" towards Earth but the effects of Graity means moving upwards.

36. The Pole Star changes before your birth and after your death.

37. Because of the Atom, Matter attracts Matter, you've just never seen it.

38. Spherical Earth is taught to children in the school system, it's our reality, accept it.

39. I saw NASA TV launch a Rocket, it curved into Space, and deployed a Satellite.

40. What you call "Faith in Theory" is more properly known as the Scientific Method.

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Balltardisms Empty Re: Balltardisms

Post by Schpankme Sun Jun 30, 2019 8:54 am

41. Jews and Zionism did not mislead the population into believing Science Theory.

42. Theory gives us reason to believe in things we can not see or touch but can prove.

43. Saying the Earth has no curvature is very trivial evidence.

44. If you don't believe we went to the Moon then stop using that computer.

45. You need to show evidence that the ATOM does not exist.

46. The Vatican knew about the globe 100's of years before science and technology.

47. Our history books tell us about atomic bombs and nuclear reactors.

48. Globe Earth is the ONLY model you can buy at the store, what does that tell you?

49. Flat earthers hate everybody who actually paid for an education.

50. The tides visibly follow the moon and everyone as been taught this.

51. In space Dropity becomes Uppity when you apply Gravity.

52. The Sun sets in the West this is not possible on the flat, stationary Earth.

53. There is a force (gravity) pulling you down otherwise you wouldn't go down.

54. If Space is fabricated then theoretical scientists are protecting their paychecks?

55. Theoretical science is the best explanation so we are stuck with gravity.

56. You will win the Nobel Prize if you can falsify gravity with their own theory.

57. Earth is a continuously curved surface and down means in the direction of the center of mass.

58. If the earth was flat then we should be able to see the Sun all the time.

59. Gravity is not magical wuwu it requires theoretical math to describe real observations.

60. There's no problem with globe earth the problem is with flat earthers making videos.

61. Free-fall inside the Zero-G plane is called micro-Gravity.

62. All the other stars and planets are round there's no reason for the Earth not to be round.

63. Time Zones mean day and night happen at different times and different places on earth.

64. Only the spherical surface allows you to make triangles with 90 degree angles.

65. The sun gets lower in the sky as you travel away from the equator.

66. Stars in the night sky look upside down to people in Australia vs Chicago.

67. Ships can circumnavigate the globe earth from east to west.

68. If the earth were flat their wouldn't be a horizon where things disappear.

69. During the lunar eclipse the shadow on the Moon is caused by the Earth.

70. We know the Earth is round because we have Photographic evidence.

71. Everything in Space with size and mass will eventually turn into a ball.

72. Most rational-thinking humans know are planet is sphere-shaped and orbits the sun.

73. Trillions of dollars have been spent exploring space.

74. Google "International Space Station photos"

75. Humanity has known Earth is round for a few millennia.

76. We don't have time for a meeting with the Flat Earth Society.

77. The spherical earth rotates producing sun rise and sun set.

78. In 1610, Jesuit Galileo Galilei observed the moons of Jupiter rotating around it.

79. Even a Kid Can Ask Their Teacher and Prove the Earth Is Round.

80. The Solar System formed from supernovas that created heavy elements by nucleosynthesis.

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Balltardisms Empty Re: Balltardisms

Post by Schpankme Sun Jun 30, 2019 8:56 am

81. A sphere is the only stable shape for gravitational self-attracting liquid.

82. The spherical earth is actually an ellipsoid as viewed from space.

83. The Earth's core is iron and nickel.

84. Stars like the Sun are also spheroidal due to gravity's effects on their plasma.

85. The spherical shape of the Earth has been confirmed by spacecraft.

86. There's nothing to be gained in faking space and promoting theories.

87. Flat earth is another CIA psyop who's purpose is to deflect and confuse.

88. Earth, this big ball so huge and "heavy" that it attracts the oceans.

89. The moon is this giant-rock-thingy in the sky with a rounded shadow.

90. The Sun is a super huge burning sphere that travels through the sky.

91. On the Globe Earth we see ships sink slowly below the horizon.

92. Eric Dubay is on the same team to protect IS RA EL by making real truth look stupid.

93. Flat Earth is more than likely the brain child of NAtional ZIonist J E Ws.

94. The horizon should appear flat on a sphere, do you understand basic geometry?

95. The equator is the hottest place on Earth because Earth's tilts.

96. You can see the ISS in the night sky it's only 220 miles (350 km) away.

97. Crepuscular Rays shinning down through the clouds prove the Sun is 93 million miles away.

98. I've had personal experience with people who have been up in space.

99. The ancient Greeks had proofs that the earth was a sphere.

100. The Theory of Evolution describes why some people still look like Neanderthals.

101. This really brilliant Greek scientist called Eratosthenes said the Earth is spherical.

102. All around the earth different places see the sun at different angles in the sky.

103. Astronauts would not lie about the shape of the earth.

104. Lets all go to the edge of flat earth and jump into space.

105. The Flat Earth Society has members all around the Globe.

106. NASA uses OTHER COUNTRIES to "get supplies" up to the International Space Station.

107. There's two places on Earth called the South Pole and North Pole what does that tell you?

108. Spare me the flat earth conspiracy we were educated in the same School System.

109. To question spherical earth means you take drugs and wear tin-foil hats.

110. Theoretical Science proves everything written in the bible, bud.

111. Picture the Spherical Earth as a bucket of water and me swinging it around my head.

112. Skepticism can be good but don't throw out every bit of human progress made on Planet Earth.

113. Every Theory the Vatican invents if accepted by the major Universities cannot be disproved.

114. Every time there's another flat earth video I ask my baller friends what they think.

115. We could show the earth rotating live from satellites but why waste time and money.

116. I have flown at 45,000ft and yes there is indeed a slight curve to the earth.

117. Theories unlike Faith can never be dogma.

118. Humanity will continue to evolve at an exponential rate on "planet earth".

119. Some flat earther's are very intelligent but they act like they have special knowledge.

120. Lesson Learned: Never debate the shape of our planet!

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Balltardisms Empty Re: Balltardisms

Post by Schpankme Sun Jun 30, 2019 8:57 am

121. No photos from space showing the globe earth --> not important.

122. Ignoring science theory is retreating into mysticism.

123. Commercial space flights mean going into SPACE.

124. Let me educate you about space // Asteroids come from space \\ Asteroids killed the dinosaurs.

125. Even uneducated people can watch ships disappear behind the curvature.

126. Using the globe earth model we can make accurate predictions about what we see in the night sky.

127. How is it that the sun sets below the curved horizon every night?

128. Why would science call it the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere?

129. We actual live on an "oblate spheroid" because spin causes it to be like a gyroscope.

130. Stars can only rise and set on the spherical earth model.

131. If it wasn't for Heliocentric Theory we would still believe the earth was flat.

132. Gravity molds water into the shape of it's spherical container.

133. Take some water. Make it drip. Round drops. Not flat drops.

134. The only way you can have day and night at the same time, is with a round globe.

135. People automatically know the earth is a sphere (globe), it's axiomatic.

136. The southern celestial pole is not an imaginary place it's just hard to find for most people.

137. People in Australia only appear to be upside-down to people in Alaska.

138. The problem is that light bends that's why everything looks flat.

139. I can't believe you're asking me to prove we live on a globe earth! For God's sake!

140. Polaris has an axial procession, meaning it will not be the Pole Star in about 2,000 years.

141. If space is a man-made construct how did astronauts leave foot prints on the Moon?

142. The earth is pear shaped but it isn’t the kind of pear shape you're thinking about.

143. As a God fearing man and fighter pilot I have witnessed the curvature of the earth.

144. Stay with me now, "GLOBAL warming", Say that again but slower?

145. Yes, the earth spins and orbits the sun, luckily for us we can only feel acceleration.

146. You can't argue with heliocentric math, it works.

147. Because the earth is so large the curve is completely unnoticeable.

148. The ice wall can't exist if the earth was flat it would be the same temperature everywhere.

149. If space is a hoax how come companies get paid millions to support aeroSPACE?

150. Theories provide understanding to the nature of things on Earth as they are in Heaven (Space).

151. Why during an eclipse the shadow on the moon isn't flat?

152. Earth is flat? All the Planets are round? My God such a injustice!

153. If earth is flat how do satellites orbit around it?

154. What about science looking for life on other PLANETS?

155. Some of us entered the Stone Age, Atomic Age, Space Age, please join us.

156. Ask any flat earther if he uses GPS, Do Not React to their reply.

157. Wait, so NASA and the other Space Agencies are lying about Space Travel?

158. If gravity is a hoax, have a fun time floating in the endless void of space!

159. My father was merchant marine, my two step fathers are pilots, they assure you the earth is round.

160. If mass curves space and time where does flat earth come in?

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Balltardisms Empty Re: Balltardisms

Post by Schpankme Sun Jun 30, 2019 8:59 am

161. Just agree with me that the Earth is not flat that's all that matters.

162. The Flat Earth Society is controlled opposition, who cares?

163. Seasons change because earth tilts on it's axis, try that on the flat earth.

164. The Bedford level experiment is false because light can bend to gravity.

165. bro, just go to the moon there's a flag there.

166. NASA does Photoshop photos, but they have to, so you can see the Globe Earth.

167. Neal Armstrong saw the earth and the moon and its round.

168. If earth was flat cats would have pushed every thing off of it by now.

169. Flat earther's are the ones who need to disprove every globe earth theory.

170. What about Project Blue Book, ancient Alien symbols, and UFOs seen on Globe Earth?

171. SpaceX, you can tell it's real because it looks so fake.

172. Cellular, Radio, and TV singles use line-of-sight but they broadcast around the globe.

173. Like the song says, "There are eight planets, eight planets, in our solar system."

174. an Asteroid from Space killed the Dinosaurs exploding like one billion Atomic Bombs.

175. Let me offer you a free guided tour of the Washington DC Holocaust Museum.

176. Now were talking about the definition of words and the future of J E Ws.

177. Why would Science lie about Global Warming, they get paid to investigate?

178. When do you think humans will walk on Mars?

179. SpaceX and it's Falcon 9v1.1 Rocket is pushing the boundaries of mankind.

180. The 'theory of Plate Tectonics' is real because Africa and South America fit together like puzzle pieces.

181. Apollo 11 was "one giant leap for mankind" and now we have mobile phones and laptops.

181. Every eclipse causes a dark circle on the Moon, because the Sun, Earth and Moon are spherical.

182. The earth rotation is slowing down gradually, in one million years the day will be 20 mins longer.

183. The earth has it's own magnetic field because the earth core is made of nickle and iron.

184. 70% of the Earth surface is water this is why it's called the blue marble as seen from space.

185. The earth is the only planet not named after a God by the Holy Roman Empire.

186. The Earth is not a perfect sphere as shown by NASA photos because gravity causes it to bulge at the equator.

187. Earth spins, orbits, and fly's through space, but you don't feel movement because it never slows down or speed up.

188. The earth is very old, about 4.5 billion years old, science used rocks to determine its age.

189. Scientific theories can only be falsified by empirical evidence (means without theory).

190. The internet is full of flat earthers, anti-vaccination people, and global warming deniers.

191. "Level" means flat, but "Earth level" doesn't mean "Earth flat."

192. Water only looks flat because the Earth is so big.

193. Water is known to curve over great distances on Earth.

194. Spacetime algebra (STA) is theory based and proves we live on a spinning, spheroid, called Earth.

195. Nuclear reaction uses matter which is bound energy, break the bonds, and the energy is released.

196. Evolution is real we share similarities to apes, have you seen an ape?

197. It's not called the Jesuit Big Bang Theory, it's called the Big Bang HYPOTHESIS.

198. Outer Space is a very old concept even the ancient Greeks knew he properties of space.

199. Water always looks flat and level until it gets out of sight then it curves.

200. Fish tanks, if made long enough, will conform to the Earth's curve through the force of gravity.

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Balltardisms Empty Re: Balltardisms

Post by Schpankme Sun Jun 30, 2019 9:00 am

201. Space causes problems for flat earth.

202. The Judaeo-Freemasonry Vatican (Jesuits) didn't invent Heliocentricism they published it for educational systems around the Globe.

203. Learn the difference between flat and level.

204.  Level also means conforming to the curvature.

205. The properties of Space were found on clay tablets from ancient Sumeria.

206. All it takes is grade school science to know the earth is spherical.

207. Theory is the closest thing we have to mathematically proving the natural world around us.

208. Why do flat Earth YouTuber's like Jeranism and Globebusters post debunk videos that prove Globe Earth?

209. Globe Believer's aren't Science Deniers.

210. You can't triangulate the position of the Sun because it's to big and to far away.

211. Droplets of water on a leaf are flat?

212. Selenelion Eclipse means BOTH SUN and MOON can be seen at the same time in the SAME SKY.

213. It is the imaginary south celestial pole (SCP) that proves Earth is a Globe.

214. The ocean horizon looks flat BECAUSE IT CURVES!

215. Level does not mean flat.

216. Space is real because there are Lesbians on the International Space Station.






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Balltardisms Empty Re: Balltardisms

Post by NosLegio Mon May 09, 2022 4:54 am

#217-220 are the most accurate snapshots of their minds I have seen.

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Balltardisms Empty Re: Balltardisms

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