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Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc)

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Post by Thinkforyourself Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:16 pm

Posted by lizardking on 08/16/2015

Dirk Benedict: "I was getting constant death threats. I would go out in the morning, the tires would be slashed, the car windows smashed, 'we can kill you anytime anywhere'. This went on and on and on. There are so many Hollywood murders. There were so many professional killings, going way back, and death threats. I wouldn't be a celebrity for all the tea in China."


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Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Empty Re: Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc)

Post by Thinkforyourself Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:18 pm

Posted by csp on 08/16/2015

Soaked in Bleach was a great documentary, I thought there was going to be a lot hidden - but this PI Tom Grant really has just put his story, the voice recordings and the facts out there for people to decide themselves. Highly recommend watching it!

All about Shillaphobia

Shun the non-believers!

'Flat Earth Diva'

Supposed 'temper temper beanpole', 'snidy weasel' and 'clueless, cloying, sychophant.'

Apparently 'dangerous person'


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Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Empty Re: Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc)

Post by Thinkforyourself Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:19 pm

Posted by thinkforyourself on 08/16/2015

Aug 16, 2015 0:43:42 GMT csp said:
Soaked in Bleach was a great documentary, I thought there was going to be a lot hidden - but this PI Tom Grant really has just put his story, the voice recordings and the facts out there for people to decide themselves. Highly recommend watching it!

I completely agree; there is absolutely no doubt that Courtney and the Seattle Police colluded and had Kurt murdered. The documentary does a great job of highlighting all of the evidence that points to that fact. 

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Supposed 'temper temper beanpole', 'snidy weasel' and 'clueless, cloying, sychophant.'

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Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Empty Re: Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc)

Post by Thinkforyourself Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:20 pm

Posted by lizardking on 08/17/2015

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Tumblr_m0u8oqOcu31r4qlp5o1_500

Daddy's Little Princess: JonBenét Ramsey & The Air In Colorado

"Evil on this scale is impossible to comprehend. To know who murdered JonBenét Ramsey is to know what world we live in, where we are."
-James R. Gaines, former managing editor, Time Magazine, January 20, 1997 issue

December 25, 1996 seems, in retrospect, a perfect day for a ritual occult slaying. Among the scholars who believe that Jesus was a real figure, the year of his birth is most commonly believed as being in 4 B.C., making the date the 2,000th Xmas celebration since his coming. And indeed there were celebrations on 4 B.C.: the holiday is older than the Christian myth. To quote Acharya S.:

Many of the world's crucified godmen have their traditional birthday on December 25th. This is because the ancients recognized that (from an earthcentric perspective) the sun makes an annual descent southward until December 21st or 22nd, the winter solstice, when it stops moving southerly for three days and then starts to move northward again. During this time, the ancients declared that "God's sun" had "died" for three days and was "born again" on December 25th. The ancients realized quite abundantly that they needed the sun to return every day and that they would be in big trouble if the sun continued to move southward and did not stop and reverse its direction. Thus, these many different cultures celebrated the "sun of God's" birthday on December 25th.

What we have in Yuletide, then, is a resurrection myth celebration, a day of recognizing a moment of a new age. We still see this myth in an updated form in the modern "Baby New Year" mythology, who comes on January 1, which was day seven of the Feast of Fools - and now curiously of Kwanzaa, the African-American holiday.

(Incidentally, among the religious cults which celebrated such a holy day was the Mithra sun god cult that Roman Emperor Constantine was part of. Along with holding December 25th sacred, Sunday - the day of the sun - was their holy day of the week. Coincidentally, at around the time of Constantine's reign, the Christian cult leaders made December 25th the celebration of Jesus' birthday and Sunday their Sabbath. Although this was considered an act of blasphemy by other Judaic cults, Constantine issued the Edict of Milan soon after, officially granting tolerance of Christianity in the Roman Empire.)

And so, the morning after this metaphorically significant day, a phone call was placed in Boulder, Colorado at 5:52 A.M. The receiver of the call was a 911 dispatcher for the Boulder Police Department. The sender of the call was an ex-beauty queen named Patsy Ramsey. The message? "Send help. Send help."

Help was indeed sent. As Officer Richard French arrived less than seven minutes later, Patsy was in hysterics. She showed Officer French a three page handwritten note. As she wept, her husband John appeared cool and collected, although he appeared to pace quite a bit.

The note began simply enough: "Mr. Ramsey," it stated. "Listen carefully! We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction. We respect your business but not the country that it serves. At this time we have your daughter in our possession."

Written in block letters with a black felt-tip pen, the note had some major oddities. The author knew of John's business activities and a recent huge bonus he had received. The amount demanded for ransom was $118,000, the identical amount to his bonus. The money, the note said, was to be in $100,000 in $100 bills and the rest in $20 bills, placed in "an adequate size attaché case" (the note had an accent mark on the e for attaché, just as there is on the second e of JonBenét.) The note had details of Mr. Ramsey's career in the Navy, describing a year he spent in the Philippines at Subic Bay, called in the note the SBTC, as though the writer referred to the place often by those initials. It also had phrases such as "The delivery will be exhausting," "Any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter," and "we are familiar with law enforcement countermeasures and tactics," the kind of jargon popular in military memos. Finally, the note referred to him as "John" 3 times in the last paragraph, but only as Mr. Ramsey in the formal opening. Based on this evidence, it was clear that the writer of the note was a sophisticated person with a military background and intimate knowledge of John Ramsey's life.

Seven hours later, JonBenét, their lovely six-year-old daughter and a regular child-beauty pageant champion, was found, dead. Her body was sprawled on the cement floor of a windowless little room in the basement. Dressed in a white knit shirt and long underwear, there was duct tape over her mouth and a garrote made from a white cord around her throat. Another cord was around her right wrist. The body was covered with a white blanket, and her red pageant nightgown was laid beside her. She had a red-ink drawing of a heart on her left palm.

John Ramsey had found the body himself, after his wife had said, "I want you to search this house. From top to bottom." He immediately bolted to the basement, stopping at a small broken window on the north side of the house, which caused Fleet White, Mr. Ramsey's best friend, to notice the anomaly. Of course, only a midget or child could fit through the window, not likely candidates as big time kidnappers. There were a lot of rooms and corridors in the basement, but John went directly to the one where JonBenét was found.

He immediately yanked the tape from her mouth and carried her upstairs, laying her on the upstairs living room floor. As a Vanity Fair source reports, "What was interesting was when Ramsey brought the body upstairs he never cried. But when he laid her down, he started to moan, while peering around to see who was looking at him." Patsy then collapsed on top of JonBenét and began praying to Jesus. The net affect of their actions was to hinder the investigation by messing up the crime scene.

Despite the lack of the crime scene, one thing is immediately apparent: the "kidnapping" story is thoroughly implausible. Kidnappers don't make a habit of killing their ransoms, and if they do, they certainly don't leave the booty behind. Even if JonBenét was murdered in an accident, they would've dragged her corpse along and continued their extortion ploy. Furthermore, there was no sign of a forced entry, no footprints in the melting snow around the house, and, though the Ramsey's would later insist they didn't set their alarm system at night, there was no way for the "kidnappers" to know that.

Further facts began to be revealed: a "practice" ransom note was discovered, on the same legal paper as the final note. A practice note would not be carried to the premises, so that means both notes were written there, meaning that the "kidnapping" tale was a last-minute created fantasy, likely to cover up an "accidental" slaying.

As Vanity Fair reported, the autopsy revealed more, with phrases like "chronic inflammation" and "epithelial erosion" among the highlights of the redacted report. Dr. Richard Krugman, a child abuse specialist, noted a vaginal abrasion which "is a sign of trauma, [but] it's not a sign of sexual abuse necessarily." Dr. Robert Kirschner of the University of Chicago's pathology department went even further, pointing out that her vaginal opening was twice the normal size for six-year-olds. He stated, "The genital injuries indicate penetration, but probably not by a penis, and are evidence of molestation that night as well as previous molestation."

There was also blood and urine stains on JonBenét's underpants, a cleaned-up crime scene and body, and evidence that the child had been "re-dressed" after the murders, with the cords around her neck and wrist loose as though it was staged.

Right now, it may be a good time to stand back and state what is rather apparent: either the Ramsey's were the killers or assistants in the murder, or they have been the victims of some rather hi-tech silent midgets with no footprints.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, the forensic pathologist better known for his criticism of the JFK autopsy, has no doubt about molestation or who the guilty party is. "This to me is evidence of sexual abuse," he said in a newspaper interview. "I think any forensic gynecologist and forensic pathologist would agree with that." He would also state, point blank, "If she had been taken to a hospital emergency room, and doctors had seen the genital evidence, her father would have been arrested."

Of course, whenever someone has pointed any finger of guilt in this case, the "legitimate" arm of the korporate media has long condemned it as a "rush to judgement", as though the Cliff Notes evidence just detailed isn't compelling enough. Instead, the korporate press has long bent over backwards in this case. Newsweek would report early on that Ramseys' experts concluded neither John nor Patty wrote the notes, as though the Ramsey experts were not biased. (In fact, an investigator of the ransom note testing states, "Out of the 74 names submitted for testing, Patsy's handwriting was the only one that set off alarm bells," and handwriting analyst Sheila Lowe has found the note and Mr. Ramsey's known writing "very similar".) Newsweek's cover story report on the subject in January 1997 not once suggested that the Ramseys were involved (though such beliefs were already circulating), and took the whole case as a "mystery" and presenting the kidnapping tale as plausible. If any blame was placed on the parents, it involved their usage of JonBenét in beauty pageants, a predictably pious condemnation while they tried to find some sort of "meaning" behind the Boulder slaying, thus allowing them to discuss the subject while avoiding the facts. If only there was such "fairness" in the reporting of Timothy McVeigh or the alleged Unabomber.

Compare this also to the treatment of Louise Woodward, the British au pair who was tried (and found guilty) on murder charges of nine-month old Matthew EappenThe official story is that Woodward must be the guilty party, as she was with Matthew when he died, but the evidence was indicative that the killing injury could have happened days before the death. Presumably, if Woodward is the only one who could have caused the injury, that would mean that Matthew's parents were incredibly cold and remote to their own child. Despite these facts, the state wasted little time declaring the 19 year-old girl a killer rather than investigating the Eappens (who, incidentally, were fairly wealthy), and the pundits predictably followed suit. Shrill right-wing ideologue and Dick Riordan suckup Jill Stewart (writing for the allegedly progressive L. A. New Times) declared Woodward a baby murderer before the trial had been finished, and Ellen Goodman stated as fact that Woodward "is still a killer who acted in anger as well as frustration." With all this hysteria surrounding the Au Pair Trial, you can't help but wonder if maybe it was an attempt to distract us from the more blatant and disturbing facts swirling from Boulder.

Eventually, though, even much of the mainstream press has cracked in the JonBenét tale, as the previously mentioned October 1997 Vanity Fair article seems little doubt whom the author finds the guilty party. And naturally, in their attempts to atone for their dishonest coverage, the reports always predictably bring up the specter of O. J. Simpson. But in fact, besides involving murder, sex, and wealthy men, the Simpson and Ramsey cases widely differ. There has been no demonization of John Ramsey as an icon of evil, no usage of his name as a code word to incite anger in masses. There has been no Dominick Dunne to feign their moral outrage about the incredible injustice to civilization involved in the JonBenét death.

Within 24 hours of the Brentwood slayings, there was an onrush of media declaration that Simpson was guilty. Even now, the Ramsey's are given the benefit of the doubt in their search for "the real killers." In the middle of October, the Associated Press began reporting as legitimate the possibility of another "suspect" in the Boulder case, a 54 year-old man who lived six blocks away. The reason for suspecting him? 32 years before, he was convicted of misdemeanor indecent exposure (mooning someone would qualify as that), a conviction that earned him the label of "a child abuser" in the AP report. Meanwhile, serial killer Glen Rogers was working within blocks of the Nicole Brown Simpson's condo at the time of the slayings, and has been known to brag about his involvement in the murders, providing such juicy details as the color underwear she wore (according to Rogers, it was yellow.) The LAPD hasn't investigated it, insisting that Rogers has an airtight alibi.

Perhaps there is a better case to link to the JonBenét case: the sad story of Susan Smith and her two children. At first, Mrs. Smith proclaimed she was a victim of a vicious carjacking who kidnapped her two children, and described in gory detail a suspect that was little more than a crude caricature of a 70's black jive-talkin' sitcom character. The story sounded utterly outlandish, and yet, soon afterward, there was a frenzy to find the suspect, with the usual civil rights violations of minorities. Eventually, Susan broke, and confessed to murdering her children herself, and it soon was revealed that she was a victim of molestation by her father, a born-again fundamentalist "Christian". Susan Smith was given life in prison, although if her non-existent monstrous black carjacker had ever been captured, he certainly would've been given the death sentence and demonized as a far worse icon of evil than Susan ever was for slaying her own children. Susan's father, despite admitting to his crimes, was mysteriously never charged for his own activities.

The JonBenét Ramsey (and Susan Smith) case reveals a pattern of trivialization of child molestation evidence. This is not some modern phenomenon concocted in the 20th century, but rather, a secret that has a dark, ugly history. Freud came face to face with it, when he abandoned his own seduction theory (his belief that most of the psychological problems his upper-class female patients had were due to molestation by their fathers) when it was viciously attacked, due mainly to the nasty implications of it. But even today, it is at the center of many stories that often grab headlines. Most of the focus in Woody Allen and Mia Farrow's divorce case has been on his romance with Soon-yi Previn, Mia's adopted step-daughter. The korporate media is more often than not silent of the more disturbing charge, that he molested Dylan, their adopted seven-year-old daughter. Whenever such charges are briefly mentioned in korporate pieces, it is quickly added that "the charges are unsubstantiated." What they fail to mention is that Connecticut state authorities, based on the testimony of Dylan and others, have stated that they do believe Woody did molest her, but decided not prosecute anyway, under the excuse of "wanting to spare the children further suffering." Woody's film career has continued without pause. Then there is the case of the Menendez brothers, who, after admitting to murdering their parents, painfully revealed that they were ruthlessly abused and molested by them over the years, and the twin emotions of fear and revenge drove their slayings. Rather than investigating the Menendez claims, they too were viciously demonized for trying to escape the murder charges and accused of making up their abuse. (Leading the charge, unsurprisingly, was our good friend from Vanity Fair Dominick Dunne.) And of course, there is the wild tale of Wacko Jacko, which, even though the accusations against him are widely believed to be true, are merely passed off with a laugh among other smirking monologue jokes on Jay Leno. The King of Pop was last seen fondling "his" baby on the cover of Life magazine, and the accompanying story forgot to mention the serious charges against him.

(Curiously, the one case where child molestation has been magnified rather than minimized in the mass media is the charges against David Koresh, charges which somehow are to justify the mass murder that followed in Waco.)

And so, perhaps JonBenét's death has been relegated to the tabloids for any real investigation because it is so tawdry and so doomed to wallow in sensationalism due to the dirty laundry it uncovers. Perhaps. But perhaps the dirty laundry goes much deeper, and it is these darker truths which are intentionally being submerged in the Ramsey case.

"There is a killer on the loose! I don't know who it is, I don't know if it's a he or a she, but if I were a resident of Boulder, I would tell my friends to keep... to keep your babies close to you. There's someone out there."
-Patsy Ramsey on CNN

In all the trees that have been slaughtered covering the JonBenét story, precious little has been written about John Ramsey's business dealings, besides that he's rather successful. If it is mentioned, it usually is inserted as an afterthought, briefly brought up and then almost immediately discarded as unimportant. If Mr. Ramsey is considered to be a murder suspect, however, what he is and what he is involved in should remain central to the investigation.

Who is John Ramsey? A former Navy officer, he moved to Atlanta in the early seventies. John combined his knowledge of electronics engineering and marketing to form a computer firm, Advanced Products Group. The firm would merge with two other firms in 1988 to form Access Graphics, and he and Patsy moved to the new headquarters in Colorado. The company would later have a major change of fortune: it was bought up by Lockheed Martin, and soon became a company with one billion dollars a year in sales.

Lockheed Martin is the "new and improved" version of Lockheed after buying up Martin Marietta, combining two of what were among the nation's (and world's) biggest defense contractors. Lockheed in the 70's, as described by Jonathan Vankin in The Big Book of Scandal, was a "a company that sold billions of dollars in weapons every year, while covertly functioning as one of the world's largest organized crime syndicates." As Tom Jones (chair of smaller rival Northrop Corp, not the Las Vegas lounge singer) admitted, "Sure, we bribed people. We were just following Lockheed's business model." Lockheed chairman Dan Haughton replied, "We prefer to call them 'kickbacks'."

Among the fine agents (or, in Lockheed's code, "locust") for Lockheed was their Middle Eastern representative, Syrian arms merchant and CIA asset Adnan Khashoggi, chum of Ollie North, major player in the Iran-Contra scandal, and cousin of Dodi Fayed, soon-to-be husband of Lady Diana before their little "car accident". Officially, Khashoggi earned $106 million in Lockheed "commissions" for his work, though knowing the arms business, that may be an understatement.

Lockheed's locust for Japan was Yoshio Kodama, a right-wing nationalist with strong ties to the Yakuza. Rather than being tried for war-crimes, the CIA got him off - and back into the corridor's of power.

Allegedly, Khashoggi funneled $1 million of his funds into Trickie Dick's re-election campaign. (As for Lockheed, officially, they were the only major corporation not shaken down for cash by Nixon's CREEP committee.) On September 1, 1972, Nixon met in private with Japan's Prime Minister, Kakuei Tanaka. Three days later, Japan began buying $1 billion in anti-submarine planes, and soon after All-Nippon Airways ordered $400 million in Lockheed Tristar Passenger Jets. Kodama began receiving crates of yen.

In the mid-70's, a congressional committee led by Frank Church began investigating Lockheed's shady practices. When the committee subpoenaed Lockheed Treasurer Robert Waters, he "committed suicide". Kodama, meanwhile, suffered a stroke, and while bedridden, ultra-nationalist Mitsuyasu Maeno commandeered a plane and crashed kamikaze style in his home. Maeno's motivation was alleged outrage that his hero had shamed the nation. (No word if Maeno was clutching Catcher in the Rye.)

Despite even admittance of criminal activity, Lockheed walked. And walked profitably, winning the Stealth Fighter contract, the most expensive plane at the time, in the 80's. And yet, despite evading any punishment for their blatant crimes, we are supposed to chalk this up as history, that Lockheed, shamed by their illegal activities, stopped them all by their lonesome selves.

Uh huh. Sure.

Bribery has a not-too-distant cousin, blackmail. And where you see one, you almost always see the other. As Number Two would say to the Prisoner, "By hook or by crook." Carrots work great, but sometimes sticks work even better.

The "carrot and stick" strategy was used in Operation Gladio, a successful attempt by the CIA to control politics in Italy, an operation that soon covered all European nations. Supposedly fearing governmental takeovers by communists or socialists, the CIA began backing and controlling candidates that it deemed preferable. The CIA pumped funds in campaigns for their personal picks, and financed propaganda units posing as objective news reporters. (Among the "journalists" involved in this scheme include Walter Pincus, writer of the Washington Post's Gary Webb hit piece, and future Ms. Magazine editor Gloria Steinem.) Using the bait of sex and drugs, they would lure politicians in compromising positions as well, having them in their pocket for life or be destroyed by scandal.

Just how low did Gladio blackmail go? A recent sex scandal in Belgium gives a clue. In the summer of '96, Belgian police arrested Marc Dutroux, who was accused of kidnapping young girls, sexually abusing them, and killing them. Two teenage girls were found chained and starving in his basement, and there were dead bodies on his property. All quite Silence of the Lambs stuff, but it soon was revealed that the police had long suspected Dutroux was a pedophile killer. They had let him be. Dutroux, meanwhile, a working stiff on welfare, became wealthy.

Though Belgian officials have done their best to hinder the investigation, the reason Dutroux got away with it for so long was that he and his friends were using the girls for sex parties involving the elite in business, military, and politics. A judge who attempted to get to the bottom of the matter was soon dismissed by his superiors in the Ministry of Justice.

To think that Dutroux masterminded this blackmail operation all by his lone nut self would be utterly absurd. To suggest that it was a modern manifestation of Gladio at work would be quite logical. In any case, even Time Magazine, in one of the rare mentions they've had on this apparently unimportant scandal, described shadowy links from this operation to mobsters, and mentioned the usage of "underground tunnels."

Ah, yes, underground tunnels. The same kind of tunnels described by the kids at McMartin preschool, who also claimed they were the victims of Satanic ritual abuse, claims which were utterly mocked in the mass media. In fact, they still are mocked in the mass media - despite the evidence to the contrary, including wide-spread sexually transmitted diseases among the kids. People Magazine is not particularly noted for its investigative journalism, yet had a reporter "investigate" the McMartin pre-school story. After interviewing Dr. E. Gary Stickel, the UCLA archaeologist commissioned to excavate the McMartin site, the reporter wrote back to headquarters that no tunnels had been uncovered. When Dr. Stickel heard this, he was surprised, as he told the reporter the exact opposite, which his 185 page Report of the Archaeological Excavation of the McMartin Preschool Site duly notes. "I told her the children said there were tunnels and we found tunnels. It was as simple as that." After alerting People of the apparent failure to communicate, People began researching his evidence - and then the story was bumped. People, incidentally, is owned by the Time Warner, the people that bring us both Time and Life magazine.

Why the cover-up in McMartin? As reported by Alex Constantine and Ted Gunderson, among others, McMartin was a front for CIA brainwashing of children. (The elder McMartin, who was involved in the building of the preschool in 1966 - when the tunnels were built as well - worked for noted CIA front Hughes Aircraft.) It is hardly a solitary case: the usage of children in brainwashing experiments (often using Satanism and pedophilia) is a well documented phenomenon.

Among the other noted cases besides McMartin:

* Franklin, Nebraska. A well-connected black right-wing businessman named Larry King - not the talk show host - sang the national anthem at the GOP convention in 1984 and 1988. He also headed the crooked Franklin Credit Union, which was closed after it was uncovered King had swindled $39 million. Investigation soon found the predictable links to CIA-Mafia cocaine money laundering... and then began uncovering that King was the head of a Satanic pedophilia ring, which led to high powered politicians in our nation's capital. Soon after, the investigation was sandbagged. A documentary uncovering the scandal, Conspiracy of Silence, was set to appear on The Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994, but was pulled from the air the last minute, despite having been cleared by channel lawyers. They have shelved it ever since.

* The Presidio Army Base in San Francisco. A huge sexual abuse scandal first broke out in the early eighties at the Orwellian named Presidio Child Development Center. At the center of the day care center scandal was Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino, head of the Satanic Cult Temple of Set. He was also an army intelligence expert in psychological warfare with a top secret clearance. Despite the children giving a bulls-eye description of Aquino's bedroom, Aquino was never charged with any crime, and the children's abuse was dismissed as another hysteria.

* The Finders. Though not as well-known, the Finders is nonetheless an astounding case. Six seriously abused children were found in Tallahassee, Florida with two members of the cult. A raid of a Finders' warehouse in Washington, D.C. found loads of graphic child pornography. Investigators checked with the State Department on a passport that was found, and were told to "terminate further investigation".

They soon discovered that the Finders was a CIA front that supposedly had "gone bad", and that the leader of the cult, Marion David Petite, had a wife who was a "former" CIA agent and a son who worked for Air America. The case against the Finders was quickly dropped.

Perhaps the most shocking claims are made by Cathy O'Brien, who writes about her own alleged Satanic abuse as a CIA sex slave from early childhood in her book Trance Formation In Amerika. Her husband, a "former" CIA agent named Mark Phillips, rescued her and has since supposedly helped her recover her memories. There are many who believe he is little help to her. Many of her memories and claims have been provably false, and yet there are many claims that have been repeated elsewhere by others independently. Among her more interesting (and many state more verified) report are that George Bush molested her and her daughter while strung out on heroin (curiously, Mr. Bush was a regular at many of Larry King's parties in Franklin), and that she was gang-banged by the Bennett Brothers, William (finger-wagging Book of Virtues writer and former commander of our phony drug war) and Robert (current White House counsel to Bill Klinton in his tame by comparison Peckergate scandals involving Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky.) Cathy O'Brien claims she was drawn into this web of horror at early childhood, recruited because of her fresh good looks and her family connections in the occult underworld. The name of the program she was involved in is claimed to be called Monarch.

In retrospect, the Monarch operation may go even deeper than anyone has alleged. Scratch the surface of many juicy tabloid tales, and they seem to flow from the same CIA-Mafia-Satanic well that no korporate journalist dares to drink from. The richer victims in the Manson slayings were reputed (by sources of Ultimate Evil author Maury Terry) to have been involved in trafficking kiddie porn as well as LSD. Michael Jackson has strong ties to the Mafia, which is said to be behind his infatuation with Italians. The Menendez parents also have been linked to Mafia, which may explain the not-so-irrational fear of their sons. (Oddly, Mr. Moral Outrage Dominick Dunne, who has apparently patterned himself after Truman Capote and comes from a wealthy Eastern establishment family, never found time or interest to cover the Jacko case or the McMartin Trial, and apparently is entirely uninterested in the Ramsey affair. One of his daughters was murdered by her boyfriend, who then received a stunningly light sentence, and one of his sons was "kidnapped" during the Simpson trial which required him to temporarily leave the trial, a story that never has been fully explained.)

But of course, the korporate media has conveniently ignored the possibilities in these cases, often going out of the way to denounce the more blatantly disturbing ones. There is, for the example, the Remembering Satan story, which Lawrence Wright wrote in 1993 for the New Yorker. Despite a confession from a Washington state county sherriff and Republican Party leader, Paul Ingram, of being involved in Satanic ritual abuse of his daughter and others, Wright presented the theory of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (a "foundation" loaded with CIA agents) that the stories were imagined fantasies of guilt, supposedly brought on by his being a deeply fundamentalist Christian. Certainly it couldn't be that his "Christianity" was a cover for the same things done by high-ranking Republicans in Franklin. (Interestingly, Susan Smith's father also was a high-ranking GOP man and a self-proclaimed "born-again Christian", perhaps explaining why he was never charged for his admitted crimes - and which suggests there's even more to that case.)

In the end, all these tales prove one thing: that the place to find the truth is in Hollywood fantasy. After all, wasn't it Raymond Shaw's mother in The Manchurian Candidate who, kissing his lips passionately, reveals herself to be not just his kontrol agent but secret lover? In the master Jack Nicholson vehicle Chinatown, wasn't the big plot twist that the big and powerful running Los Angeles were involved in molesting their own kids? (The director of the movie, Roman Polanski, was incidentally also the director of Rosemary's Baby and the father of Manson victim Sharon Tate's never-born child.) Wasn't the movie Angel Heart about the lords of Louisiana being dedicated to multi-generational Satanism? And, when it was finally uncovered who killed Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks, didn't it turn out to be her father, who appeared to be "possessed" by demons, thus indicating that in his bizarre tale of strange happenings, David Lynch was really exposing the bleak machinations behind black magick occultism hidden in Middle Amerika?

All of which leads us full circle back to Colorado and Jon-Benét. The Ramseys certainly fit the same bill. Which is perhaps why one investigator of this stuff put it to me, "Cathy O'Brien is a Jon-Benét Ramsey that lived."

To label John Ramsey and Access Graphics as a stick in CIA stick and carrot affairs may seem a outrageous allegation. And perhaps it would be irresponsible journalism. Almost as irresponsible as noting that Mr. Ramsey, a well-connected military fellow, resided in Atlanta when a string of over 30 child murders happened in the black community between 1979 and 1981. There are urban legends that the FBI and CIA were actually behind them, that the young bodies were used for some bizarre experiments. (It is interesting to note that the Center for Disease Control has it's headquarters in Atlanta, and that these murders struck in the early days of the AIDS epidemic which has targeted blacks and homosexuals. Preceding the epidemic, homosexuals were recruited into "experimental hepatitis-B vaccination programs" run by the CDC in ads specifically targeting them.) Other tales say it was members of white upper crust families getting their rocks off. The Feds would later pin the blame on Wayne Williams, a black male, over dubious fiber evidence that they proclaimed proved he was the lone madman killer. Even by official claims, however, he was only behind up to 23 of the slayings, leaving over a half-dozen officially unsolved, but beings these were minority children, it was swept away with the "Case Closed" pronouncement.

I suppose it would also be irresponsible to note that Patsy Ramsey was born and raised in Parkersburg, West Virginia, a city better known for the Federal Bureau of Public Debt Building, a project located there at the heavy insistence of West Virginia's longtime Senator (and longtime Appropriations Chairman) Robert Byrd. Byrd, it should be noted, is fingered by Cathy O'Brien as one of her main oppressorsHe has also been alleged (by an article in a fundamentalist Christian magazine) to be one of the main people behind the formation of Michael Aquino's Temple of Set. Do two rumors equal a truth? No, but in any case, Senator Byrd is a "former" member of the KKK.

Adding to the irresponsibility, it turns out Patsy Ramsey's father, Don Paugh, was an engineer for Union Carbide, the fine folks who brought us korporate murder in Bhopal and whose former mining camp in Guyana provided the spot for Jim Jones little Utopian community. Early on, Don was asked to help out John Ramsey's then struggling business, and became vice president in charge of operations. According to Jeff Merrick, a former John Ramsey associate, "The word is that John was going broke and Don bailed him out financially." How he did that on his middle-class income is questionable. The Paughs may have instead used their impressive connections via the Miss America Pageant circuit, which both Patsy and her younger sister Pam had been contestants in after both being crowned Miss West VirginiaDue to her programmed, controlled manner, famed-sportswriter and 1977 Miss America judge Frank Deford wrote in his notes that Patsy was "a little automoton." JonBenét was particularly noticed for her ability to freeze all motion and hold a pose, an incredible feat considering she was only six years old.

Yes, all this is irresponsible perhaps, but very illuminating. And perhaps as illuminating as an alleged claim in the Star that a large amount of kiddie porn had been downloaded on Access Graphics computers. The article also noted that AG did a lot of work in Amsterdam's red light district. Of course, in the tale of JonBenét, the tabloids have been the lone korporate media sources to proclaim shamelessly that the Ramseys are indeed the culprits. However, this report in particular is a blockbuster, as it hints at JonBenét being only part of a pattern. While the Star seemed to point the finger solely at Mr. Ramsey, the fact remains Access Graphics is part of Lockheed Martin, and thus any child pornography on their computers indicates a major scandal.

As pointed out in Grossed-Out Surgeon Vomits Inside Patient! An Insider's Look At Supermarket Tabloids, by Jim Hogshire, a study by Deborah Gruenfeld revealed that headlines tend to influence people's beliefs to a degree which makes the articles nearly worthless in value. Further, tabloids only trail marginally behind mainstream journalism in terms of believability (which, considering the equally disgusting level of deceit in both, is quite understandable.) Thus, the best way to influence public opinion is not through well-reasoned and well-written articles, but by having headlines with sensational - and thus attention-getting - claims shoved in the face of the most number of people. Like, say, at the checkout counter of a supermarket.

The founder of the model for supermarket tabloid publishing was a man named Generoso Pope. In 1951, as Mr. Pope would readily admit in his own "Who's Who" Biography, he worked for the CIA in their psychological warfare division. In 1952, he bought the Hearst-owned New York Enquirer (he changed the name to The National Enquirer) and started his media empire, supposedly independent of his lone one year stint (or so he claims) in league with Langely. Pope financed the purchase via a loan for twenty grand from mobster Frank Costello, who also happened to be godfather of Pope's children. According to Pope, the loan was at "zero interest." Thus, the beginnings of tabloid journalism have the predictable intelligence/Mafia fingerprints all over the place.

In retrospect, it all makes sense. At the time, the CIA plot known as Operation MOCKINGBIRD was in full effect, an attempt to put it's bloody tentacles over the entire korporate media apparatus, an attempt that has clearly succeeded. But as any expert of Machiavellian plots will tell you, to truly kontrol something, you also must kontrol the alternatives. It should then be no surprise that suddenly the supermarket tabloid popped up, to give the masses a false option of "choice". By being an option that is so easily discredited, it somehow manages to reinforce the "legitimacy" and "integrity" of mainstream korporate journalism. The tabloid also serves for middle America as another kontrol mechanism, the pages filled with a reactionary ideology that is disgustingly racist and sexist, which explains why tabloids regularly have been propaganda mills for the ruling klass. And finally, the tabloids are the perfect place to throw a legitimate story that the elites desire to discredit.

Which leads us back to the front page report by the Star linking Access Graphics to kiddie porn. So far, neither John Ramsey or Lockheed Martin have sued. In fact, they have not even bothered to comment. Which is odd, considering the disturbing claims that the Star made. So the question is why have they not commented, and why did the Star publish it in the first place. I'll let you make up your own minds of the meaning of it, but if anyone has a better explanation than that it was released by the Star to discredit the report, I'd like to hear it.

In any case, the usual suspects have all lined up in the predictable ways.

How big is Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, the law firm representing the Ramseys? As Denver Post columnist Chuck Green put it, "Take a look at their offices here in Denver. Then take a walk over to the Governor's Mansion a few blocks away and tell me which is bigger, and I'll tell you which one is more powerful." Among the firm's clients are Gary Hart, Governor Roy Romer, former Governor Richard Lamm, and, curiously, Hunter S. ThompsonAlex Hunter, Boulder's district attorney, is a political ally of the firm, which may explain why rather than investigating the Ramseys, the D.A.'s office has often seemed more like collaborating with them, sharing evidence with the legal team of the unindicted and uncharged RamseysThanks to arrangements made by their lawyers, the Ramseys were provided with copies of their original statements and police reports if they would agree to talk with the police. The Hunter office has taken as plausible the "lone nut intruder" theory first promoted by the Ramseys, who have pointed the finger of suspicion at any person close to them that seemed to doubt their silly tale. By April 1997, the Boulder police decided they could no longer trust the D.A.'s office, and decided to stop sharing information. Soon after, their computer system was hacked into.

There was fluid found on and near JonBenét's body. Rather than be checked immediately for DNA, it was held, and then later sent to Cellmark Laboratories, the wonderful lab whose supposed impeccable DNA testing "proved" that O. J. Simpson was the real killer. There is no disputing that biological material had been recovered from the JonBenét crime scene, yet soon it was reported that no semen had been found at the crime scene. You would think that by now, those fabulous sleuths at Cellmark would've uncovered something, semen or not, but so far it has been nil. Cellmark, of course, is located in Maryland, right near the Pentagon and the heart of the Military Industrial Komplex.

Soon after hiring their law firm, the Ramseys hired Patrick Korten to be their spokesman, a job Korten held for the Department of Justice under Ed Meese. Korten's firm, Rowan & Blewitt, is a PR firm that boasts of being specialist in "crisis management", a nice term for "spin doctors," which Mr. Korten had a lot of practice during the corrupt reign of Meese in the DOJ. During the Meese years, there was the scandal behind the bilking of Inslaw over its Inslaw software, which ultimately led to the death of journalist Danny Casolaro. Curiously, Casolaro was in Martinsburg, Virginia for a planned interview with members of the staff of good old Senator Byrd on the night of August 9, 1991. Casolaro had mentioned to others that one chapter of his planned expose on government corruption would be about Byrd, and he believed the secrets that would crack the Inslaw case resided with Byrd staff members. What happened in that meeting, or if it indeed happened, is an open question, for the night of August 9 was the last time he was seen alive. He was found dead in his hotel room the next day, officially labeled a suicide though clearly not. Incidentally, August 9-10, 1991 coincided with the 22nd anniversary of the Tate-LaBianca slayings (22 being the year cycles in a the Crowley-inspired Thelemic Calender to match the number of trumps in a Tarot deck.)

And so, the creepy occult fingerprints appear once again. Perhaps it is but a coincidence that the lone Ramsey press conference, which some have compared to a Ramsey infomercial, was on May 1, coinciding with the occult holiday of May Day or Beltain. Or maybe other events swirling in the air of Colorado can provide some clues.

All about Shillaphobia

Shun the non-believers!

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Posted by lizardking on 08/17/2015

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Tumblr_m9gz0etwZi1qdp4kpo1_500
Andrei Chikatilo was a Soviet serial killer, nicknamed the Butcher of Rostov, the Red Ripper, and the Rostov Ripper, and a KGB agent. 

Chikatilo confessed to a total of 56 murders and was tried for 53 killings in April 1992. He was convicted and sentenced to death for 52 of these murders in October 1992 and subsequently executed in February 1994. All of the murders attributed to him were of women and children, many of them involving cannibalism or vampirism. 

On 13 May, Chikatilo withdrew his confessions to six of the killings, and in July 1992, he demanded that the judge be replaced for “making too many rash remarks which assumed his guilt”. His defense counsel backed the claim. Even the prosecutor supported the defense’s claim, stating the judge had indeed made too many such comments. The judge ruled that the prosecutor be replaced instead.

“Due to the sheer savagery of the murders and the precision of the eviscerations upon the victims’ bodies, Russian police theorized that the killings may have been conducted by either a group harvesting organs to sell for transplant, or were the work of a Satanic cult.”

An eye witness to one of the gruesome killings, a Soviet soldier patrolling the perimeters of a military base, maintained that the killing was done by several people, and even picked them out of a police lineup, and was promptly carted away and left to rot in a sanitarium.

One of the biggest pieces of evidence to discredit the whole Chikatilo-as-lone-killer myth is that Chikatilo was once arrested in 1984 in connection to one of the murders, and had to be released when his blood type did not match the blood type present in the semen samples found on one of the bodies. After Chikatilo was convicted and executed, they tried to maintain the lie:

From the Chikatilo dramatization 'Citizen X':

'The mistake in blood and semen analysis that allowed Andrei Chikitalo to be released in 1984 has never been adequately explained.

Soviet Russia's head forensics expert has since asserted that she had discovered a rare new phenomenon; a man with a blood type of one kind, and a semen type of another. Her colleagues around the world scoff at the idea.'

All about Shillaphobia

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Posted by lizardking on 08/18/2015

“Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane University, as early as 1955, working for the Army, gave patients LSD while he had electrodes implanted deep inside their brains.”

“In the mid-1950’s, Paul Hoch, M.D., a man who would become Commissioner of Mental Hygiene for the State of New York, then a laborer in the field for the CIA, gave a ‘pseudoneurotic schizophrenic’ patient mescaline. The patient had a not-unfamiliar heaven-and-hell journey on the compound. But Hoch followed this up with a transorbital leucotomy [aka lobotomy]… Hoch also gave a patient LSD, and a local anesthetic, and then proceeded to remove pieces of cerebral cortex, asking at various moments whether the patient’s perceptions were changing.”


All about Shillaphobia

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Posted by csp on 08/18/2015

Aug 18, 2015 1:03:57 GMT lizardking said:
“Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane University, as early as 1955, working for the Army, gave patients LSD while he had electrodes implanted deep inside their brains.”

“In the mid-1950’s, Paul Hoch, M.D., a man who would become Commissioner of Mental Hygiene for the State of New York, then a laborer in the field for the CIA, gave a ‘pseudoneurotic schizophrenic’ patient mescaline. The patient had a not-unfamiliar heaven-and-hell journey on the compound. But Hoch followed this up with a transorbital leucotomy [aka lobotomy]… Hoch also gave a patient LSD, and a local anesthetic, and then proceeded to remove pieces of cerebral cortex, asking at various moments whether the patient’s perceptions were changing.”


Thanks LK, sickening stuff.

All about Shillaphobia

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Supposed 'temper temper beanpole', 'snidy weasel' and 'clueless, cloying, sychophant.'

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Posted by thinkforyourself on 08/25/2015

It seems like the UK Government considered killing Paul McCartney in the weeks after John Lennon was murdered. Today he recounted how soldiers in military clothing, carrying guns, came onto his property, and were sneaking around, until he called the Police:


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Posted by thinkforyourself on 08/28/2015

Jimmy Savile – Prolific Serial Paedophile

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Ji_2134112b

Jimmy Savile Abuse Report:

34 rapes were formally recorded
52 female victims were over 18
63 female victims were aged between 13 and 16
18 of his female victims were under 10
Of Savile’s 40 male victims, a quarter were under 10
Broadmoor hospital where Savile had set of keys and was at one stage helping run the place but just one offence in 1991 recorded in report
Savile abused dying child, 11, at Great Ormond Street
CPS reveal two forces – Surrey and Sussex – investigated four complaints but didn’t tell each victim there were others.
Among the hospitals 22 offences recorded at Stoke Mandeville between 65-88. Leeds General Infirmary 16 offences between 65-95
Final report says 214 crimes formally recorded against Savile, 450 complainants (three quarters were children).
73% of Savile’s offending was against those aged under 18 – youngest victims 8 years old
18 of Savile’s alleged victims were under the age of 10.
Savile’s peak offending period, according to the allegations, was between 1966 and 1976 – when he was between 40 and 50 years old.
By police force, the most reported offences occurred in the Metropolitan Police area (43) followed by 34 in West Yorkshire, 30 in Thames Valley and 14 in Greater Manchester
Offence at last recording of Top of The Pops in 2006 was against a girl aged between 13-16 years old, Savile was 79 at the time
The earliest recorded allegation against Savile dates back to 1955, in Manchester. The final claim was recorded in 2009.
locations: 57 allegations where at hospital premises (inc hospices) 33 at television or radio studios & 14 relating to schools
Savile Allegations of offences at the BBC range from 1959 to 2006 at the final Top of The Pops recording
While volunteering as a porter in NHS hospitals, Savile attacked 22 victims at Stoke Mandeville, Bucks, and a further 16 at Leeds General Infirmary.
Four offences are recorded at psychiatric hospitals, including one in 1991 at high-security Broadmoor, Berks. Another took place at secure Ashworth Hospital, Merseyside, back in 1971.

List of UK police forces where Savile offences have been recorded:

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 List

There are currently 29 current and former BBC staff under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct – three times the number originally thought.

It is alleged they were involved in a paedophile ring network that had spread the length of the British Isles : Includes – Sir Peter Morrison, LORD/MP Greville Janner, EX PM Ted Heath, Lord Leon Brittan, Sir Ian Horobin, MP/Lord Boothby – Click this link – Fellowship of paedophiles – Cover-up.

In March 1999, Ray Teret, Jimmy Saviles Chauffeur then 57, was jailed for six months for seducing and bedding a 15-year old schoolgirl. I also discovered that in 1980 Jimmy’s older brother John Henry was fired from his job at a London psychiatric hospital for sexually assaulting a female patient. He was alleged to have lifted the patient’s smock and groped at her breasts in his office.

Was Jimmy Saville a paedophile or is he a victim of a witch hunt?

“Alleged & convicted celebrity paedophiles” named on this page include …. Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath, Gary Glitter, Wilfred Bramble, Jonathen King, Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, Brian Epstein, John Peel, Chris Denning, Freddy Starr.

Jimmy Savile, star of children’s television favourite Jim’ll Fix It, sued the Sun in 2008 over a series of articles linking him to Haut de la Garenne, the Jersey children’s home where human remains were found and children were allegedly tortured and sexually abused. He initially denied ever visiting the home, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. Savile’s reaction was to slap an injunction on The Sun who had to withdraw the picture. This was followed with a series of articles. One asserted that Savile was unwilling to assist with the police investigation and another that he admitted having visited the home. The Sun also criticised Savile for being unprepared to ‘go some way to fixing it for the victims’.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Jim

Savile had initially denied ever visiting the home, despite this photo clearly showing him there. 

However, the Crown Prosecution Service advised that there was insufficient evidence to take any further action, and no charges were ever brought.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 SAV-620_1597013a

The number of possible sexual abuse victims of Jimmy Savile has risen to 300, Scotland Yard has confirmed. It is thought the TV presenter and DJ, who died last year aged 84, may have abused scores of young girls and some boys over a 40-year period.

Police have so far spoken to over 200 victims and officers have recorded over 300 child sexual abuse allegations. Savile’s great-niece Caroline Robinson has accused him of sexually abusing her when she was 12. Others include …..

MUM Deborah, now 52, was 14 when she says Savile kissed and groped her on a visit to her children’s home.
FIONA, a pupil with Deborah at Duncroft Approved School for Girls, in Staines, Surrey, said she was abused at age 14.
NOW 51, Katrina from Middlesex — seen above as a teen — claims she was only 14 when she was abused by Savile.
CHARLOTTE, another Duncroft pupil, claims she was put in a “padded cell” by staff after trying to lift lid on the TV star.
BEBE, now 62, has also come forward to say she was just 14 when she was molested by the legendary DJ.
ONE woman claims cigar-chomping Jim’ll Fix It star Savile raped her while she was on work experience at the BBC
FORMER beauty queen “Jill”, who is now 61, said the former DJ indecently assaulted her in his caravan when she was 20
ANOTHER woman said Savile took her virginity in a London hotel when she was 15 — and often abused her in his dressing-room.
DEE, told yesterday how he made her “do sexual acts” 40 years ago — inside his caravan in Jersey.
The late TV presenter was questioned in 2007 about the alleged abuse at the now-closed Duncroft Approved School for Girls near Staines, Surrey, where he was a regular visitor.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Untitled70

New details about the police investigation came to light ahead of the broadcast of an ITV documentary which accuses Sir Jimmy, the star of Jim’ll Fix It, of molesting young girls and raping a teenager at the height of his fame.A Surrey Police spokesman said: “In 2007 Surrey Police received a historic allegation of indecent assault which is alleged to have occurred at a children’s home in Staines during the 1970s. The allegation was investigated and an individual was interviewed under caution.

“The matter was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service for a charging decision, who advised there was insufficient evidence to take any further action.”

What Jimmy Saville said about Gary Glitter in a TV interview in 2009:
“Now Gary, all he did was to take his computer into PC World to get it repaired.”
“They went into the hard drive, saw all these dodgy pictures and told the police and the police then ‘Oh we’ve got a famous person … Oh my goodness, yeah we’ll have them’.
“But Gary has not sold ’em, has not tried to sell ’em, not tried to show them in public or anything like that. It were for his own gratification.
Whether it was right or wrong is up to him as a person. But they didn’t do anything wrong but they are demonized.”
Glitter was jailed for indecent images of children in 1999, in 2002 was permanently deported from cambodia due to suspected child sexual abuse, and in 2005 he was jailed in Vietnam for sexually assaulting two girls aged 10 and 11 and was deported back to the UK in 2008.

One of those who stood most to lose was Sir Edward Heath, the former prime minister from 1970-74, who was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garrene among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called ‘Morning Cloud’, or as his bodyguards referred to it, ‘Morning Sickness’.

Heath on the morning cloud.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Ed

A source spoke to one of his victims and he said about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him. The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville. He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference. Allegedly Saville is known for supplying a number of high-profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Heath-and-savile

Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to loiter in London’s lavatories and not to try to pick up young boys. Nonetheless, he quickly fell prone blackmailers who insisted he dress up in a ridiculous Gestapo uniform in which he was photographed. 

Heath was also sensationally linked to a childrens home in N Ireland. The Kincora Boys’ Home was a home for working boys in Belfast that was the scene of a notorious child sex abuse scandal. The scandal first came to public attention on 3rd April 1980, when three members of staff at the home, William McGrath a notorious homosexual , Raymond Semple and Joseph Mains, were charged with a number of offences relating to the systematic abuse of children in their care over a number of years. Mains, the former warden, received a term of six years, Semple, a former assistant warden, five years and McGrath four years. Former Army Press officer Colin Wallace, who was based in Belfast, has long insisted that the authorities knew boys were being systematically sodomised at the home six years before they decided to act.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Heathwallace-1

Above: Colin Wallace (second from right) in the company of PM Ted Heath at Kincora childrens home.

Another famous person linked with Jersey and Savile was Wilfred Bramble (pic below) best known for his role in the British television series Steptoe and Son. Brambell was homosexual at a time when it was almost impossible for public figures to be openly gay, not least because male homosexual acts were illegal in the UK until 1967. In 1962 he was arrested in a toilet in Shepherd’s Bush for persistently importuning and given a conditional discharge.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 1963-460x250

In the 1960′s ,The former Radio 1 DJ Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman (pic below) owned a large corner shop on the Lea Bridge Rd in London. In March 1994 Freeman revealed on breakfast television that he had become celibate in 1981, but had been bisexual.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 44098522_fluff1974_bbc203b

“This shop has recently been reported as a place where ‘Fluff’ held kinky parties ,attended by the likes of confirmed bachelor Sir Jimmy Saville , convicted child molester Jonathan King (pic below) the once jailed paedophile broadcaster & former pop star. 

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 King

“At these parties , young boys , specially brought over from several childrens homes would be plied with drugs and alcohol.
“However these parties were forced to come to an end when Police chiefs got wind that the MP & Ex Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe (pic below with Ted Heath) was attending them along with several other prominent MP’s…

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Untitled71

According to a source: ‘Jimmy Savile was predatory in that he used his hit shows as a vehicle to get to those young girls.

‘All of those who have been interviewed for the documentary were under the age of consent at the time of the abuse. The youngest one was just 13 years old.’

Two say he gave them sexually-transmitted diseases.

Two BBC producers even agreed to speak on camera to Mr Williams-Thomas, with one admitting he thought Savile was abusing young girls. He confesses he didn’t speak out at the time as he feared he’d lose his job because of Savile’s immense influence.

Wednesday’s show alleges that Savile abused a girl he visited at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire, where he is ­considered a hero after raising millions of pounds to build The National Spinal Injuries Centre.

He is also accused of preying on young girls he met at Duncroft Approved School in Surrey. In one chilling incident he allegedly gave a victim a copy of his 1974 autobiography, writing, “No escape!!” and signing it, “Her keeper”.

Newsnight was told of claims that two other TV celebrities, still alive, sexually abused girls at Television Centre in the 1970s. The BBC bosses ordered that the investigation be dropped. But I expect it was more than likely an attempt at a cover up by the BBC.

One woman claimed that the presenter molested her when she was 14 or 15 after inviting her to recordings of Clunk Click, his 1970s BBC family show.

Two claimed that Savile took them for drives in his car and rewarded them with gifts of cigarettes, records, money and places in the Clunk Click studio audience in return for “sexual favours”. 

One 14-year-old girl tells the programme how she met Sir Jimmy at a school in Surrey in 1974 and he assaulted her in his caravan which was parked in the school grounds.

All of the women making the allegations were former pupils of Duncroft Approved School in Staines, Surrey, (pictured below) where Savile was a regular visitor. 

The Duncroft Approved School was based in an old manor house down Moor Lane. It was originally under Home Office control as a school ‘for intelligent, emotionally disturbed’ girls, until it came under local authority control in the 1970s as a ‘Community Home School’, and finally the children’s home charity Barnardo’s took it over. 

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Duncroft1

In 2007, Surrey Police received a complaint from a woman who said she was indecently assaulted by Savile at Duncroft in the 1970s. The allegation was investigated but no further action was taken.

Another ex-Duncroft pupil, Charlotte, was 14 when she first met Savile. She revealed how she was even punished after telling teachers he had assaulted her in his caravan. “I remember that I sat on his lap. And then I felt this hand sort of go up my jumper and on my breast. I absolutely freaked out.

“Then I was just dragged out of the caravan by two of the staff… and told what a filthy mouth I have, how can I make those terrible accusations, Uncle Jimmy does nothing but good for the school. I was taken to the isolation unit, left there for two or three days.”

Another woman, who was to receive his autobiography with the chilling note inside, is still too scared to reveal her identity despite Savile’s death aged 84 last October. She told how raped her in 1974 when she was just 15 and had sex with her again and again.

She said: “It was in a London hotel. Before I knew it he had me on the bed and he was having sex with me. It ­happened on a number of occasions. It was very, very quick, very unemotional and that was it.”

Another woman claims Savile ­attacked her when she was 14 after watching her perform in a choir at Stoke ­Mandeville Hospital in 1973. She said: “After the concert, I ran up to him to let him know I was the one who had sent him a letter about the choir. Before I knew what had happened he’d stuck his tongue into my mouth. ”

The programme also interviews a number of Savile’s former colleagues. One, former BBC production assistant Sue Thompson, told how she once walked into his dressing room while he was kissing and groping a girl.

During the filming of the top of the pops, one of the Nolans aged 14 says : “I stood next to Jimmy Savile, and uh I was 14, and he was all over me. You know its a bit like , ahhhggg, I dont like it.” 

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 15

“In the 50s, when Savile was running dance halls in the north, he earned himself a reputation as a hard man. In one documentary he says ‘I wouldn’t stand for any nonsense whatsoever. Ever, ever. I never threw anybody out. I Tied them up and put them down in the bloody boiler house until I was ready for them’…

Savile also has some ties with Peter Sutcliffe aka the Yorkshire Ripper. In the picture below he stands by Sutcliffe in Broadmoor whilst he is shaking hands. (Notice the handshake – Masonic). Jimmy Savile, became very good friends with the mass murderer while doing voluntary work at the top-security hospital. 

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Jimmy_savile

Predator … tracksuited pervert Jimmy Savile volunteers at Broadmoor.

Top Of The Pops DJ Savile — famed for his charity work — became a frequent volunteer there and was given his own KEYS. He even had his own MOBILE HOME in the grounds. It is known he abused several vulnerable young female patients at Broadmoor, by using them to clean his mobile home and then sexually abusing them

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Untitled24

In a police interview of Sutcliffe he says – 

''I hit her on the head at least two or three times. I lifted up her clothes and slashed her abdomen and throat.” Mr Sutcliffe also told police he left the murder scene after he heard voices, but couldn’t tell where they came from. He also heard a car being driven away from the entrance to a house. Later he found out that the house was where disc jockey Jimmy Savile lived or did he already know, because he had been visited there just before the attacks''?

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 From-the-sun2

Murder scene … where Irene Richardson, top right, died, circled left, and Jimmy Savile’s home, circled right… yards from where Jimmy Savile abused paperboy.

Mass killer Peter Sutcliffe murdered third victim Irene Richardson yards from the paedophile DJ’s penthouse. Regular Broadmoor visitor Savile also befriended Sutcliffe after the Ripper was moved to the secure hospital for his slaughter spree.

And the family of Sutcliffe’s first victim are demanding that cops question the killer, now 66, to find out if Savile was involved in any of the 13 Ripper murders or helped cover them up.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 From-the-sun

All about Shillaphobia

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Former gravedigger Sutcliffe knifed Irene, 28, and killed her with three hammer blows near toilets in Roundhay Park, Leeds, on February 5, 1977. Leeds-born Savile — suspected of abusing 300 young victims over 50 years — had taken a lease on his flat in Lakeview Court, overlooking the park, in September 1971.

“Savile and Sutcliffe came from the same area and some of Sutcliffe’s crimes took place very close to where Savile lived.

“Both inhabited a world where men were encouraged to take what they wanted by force and where girls and women were seen as things to be used and then discarded. They used sex and violence instead of intimacy to express their inner demons — the need to be powerful and to control girls and women.”

Cops hunting the prostitute slayer took a cast of Savile’s TEETH — most likely to check against bite marks on victims. Sutcliffe NAMED Savile in police interviews and two of his victims were FOUND near Savile’s flat.

The making of a cast of Savile’s teeth was revealed by ex-model and Benny Hill girl Nikki Critcher, who had become friends with Harley Street dentist Dr Mace Joffe around 1980.


Esther Rantzen, the founder of ChildLine, said she now felt a degree of guilt for ignoring “gossip” that surrounded the Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It presenter.

At least five women have spoken to ITV1, claiming they were molested – and in one case raped – by the late entertainer, one of the biggest BBC stars of the 1970s and 1980s.

Some of the alleged incidents are said to have taken place at BBC Television Centre.

Rantzen, who began presenting That’s Life in 1973, told ITV1: “I feel that we in television in his world in some way colluded with him as a child abuser – because I now believe that’s what we was.

“We all blocked our ears to the gossip. There was gossip, there were rumours.”

She described it as “very distressing” to conclude that Savile abused teenage girls, and said those in television had helped turn him into “a sort of God-like figure”.

ITV1 is broadcasting an hour-long documentary about the star, called Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile, on Wednesday night.

Sue Thompson, who was a newsroom assistant at BBC Leeds, claims she walked in on Jimmy Saville one day in 1978, when a 14-year-old girl was sitting on his lap.

“He had his left arm up her skirt and he was kissing her,” he said.

However, she kept quiet because she did not think anyone would believe her.

Freddie Starr injunction for “false allegation” of groping girl, 14:

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Freddiestarr

(pictured) Freddie Starr appears with Karin Ward on Clunk Click, Jimmy Savile‘s show, in 1974.

COMIC Freddie Starr yesterday lost a court gag bid over claims he groped a girl of 14 in Jimmy Savile’s dressing room.

The bombshell claim — described in court papers as a “false allegation” — was made by a woman who said she was attacked by Starr at a party in the 70s.

She also alleged another under-age girl later had sex with paedo pop star Gary Glitter at the same bash.

Starr, 69 — who vehemently denies the claim — won a temporary gagging order at the High Court on Tuesday. But yesterday a judge refused to continue the injunction.

Court papers revealed the woman’s claim — described in the order as “false” — was that: “Freddie Starr groped and propositioned a girl who was then aged 14 at a party in Jimmy 

Savile’s dressing room in the early 1970s. When she rebuffed his advances he then is alleged to have publicly humiliated her.

“At the same party Paul Gadd (Gary Glitter) was alleged to be present and having sex with another under-age girl.”

The video, originally broadcast on the BBC programme Clunk Click in 1974, showed a 14-year-old Karin Ward appearing in the background alongside Mr Starr.

He has previously refuted all allegations he touched Miss Ward inappropriately, and denied ever meeting her on the show.

Last night, Mr Starr conceded he had appeared on the programme, with his lawyer releasing a statement saying he had been “mistaken”.

The lawyer told Channel 4 news Mr Starr “cannot be expected to recollect every show that he has appeared on and to remember every person that he has ever met”

“In respect of Karin Ward this was not a name that Freddie could remember and therefore had no recollection of meeting her,” he said in a statement.

“It would now appear from seeing footage of a Clunk Click show aired in 1974 that in fact Freddie was mistaken and therefore that he had in fact been on a Jimmy Savile show.

“However, this does not detract away from the fact that Freddie vigorously denies the awful allegation that has been made by Karin Ward, which despite this footage is still totally 
unsupported and uncorroborated by any other evidence.”

Last week, Miss Ward told ITV she had been “horribly, horribly humiliated” by Mr Starr, who had a “very bad attack of wandering hands” when she was a teenager.

Mr Starr previously said he had met Savile only twice and added: “Don’t tar me with the same brush as a scumbag and a paedophile.”

The comedian, 69, strongly denied meeting the teenager who this week accused him of molesting her at the gathering.

An injunction banning reference to claims relating to Freddie Starr was overturned by a High Court judge.

Mr Starr insisted: “I’ve only met Jimmy Savile maybe twice. He came to see me with his mother at one of my shows.


THERE was a famous broadcaster who once boasted about having a sexual encounter with an under age girl.

At the time, in the mid-Sixties, he was working for a popular radio station in Dallas, Texas. 

He later recounted how teenagers used to queue to offer themselves to the DJs. One of his “regulars” was a 13-year-old, although he tried to justify his behaviour by insisting that she looked older.

Eventually the presenter married a 15-year-old Texan girl before the US authorities took a dim view of his predatory antics and he fled home to the UK to make his name on BBC radio.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Peel

Late BBC Radio DJ John Peel, who died in 2004, poses wearing a schoolgirl uniform in 1977.

The late John Peel’s descriptions of his early days in radio – given in at least two interviews – perhaps help to explain how the late Sir Jimmy Savile was able get away with his behaviour for so long.

In the era of free love the DJs were almost as famous as the rock stars whose music they played. No questions asked, no-strings sex was on a plate as a perk of the job.

In most cases, although often distasteful, it was perfectly legal but it has become clear that in the early days of rock and roll radio a few overstepped the mark.

Peel once described how in the US his Liverpool accent was a magnet to young women who were fans of The Beatles. 

“I was suddenly confronted by this succession of teenage girls who didn’t want to know anything about me at all. All they wanted me to do was to abuse them sexually, which of course I was only too happy to do.

It was the glamour of the job. An enormous number of rather attractive young women were prepared to have some kind of clumsy and depressing sexual experience with me.”
He married 15-year-old Shirley Anne Milburn then discovered that crossing some state lines would be a criminal offence as she was considered under age in some states.

Peel later told his second wife Sheila that he hadn’t known the true age of his US bride.

The anything goes attitude at the time was typified by the launch of pirate station Radio Caroline which broadcast from a ship in the North Sea. 

A constant diet of rock and roll crackled over the airwaves and the young DJs became sensations. 

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Dave-lee-travis
Then former BBC disc jockey DLT – Dave Lee Travis – was accused of abusing his position to fondle young girls.

FORMER presenter Johnnie Walker has said: “Fans would come out to visit the ship“This was the Sixties and people were just making love all over the place, no Aids or anything. So girls would come to the ship and we’d tie their boat alongside and we used to get the engineer to take their boyfriends to look round the transmitters and generators and we’d take them downstairs to the cabins.”

The DJ also recalled that there was a similar laissez-faire attitude to drugs aboard Radio Caroline, which was the inspiration for the 2009 film The Boat That Rocked.

Walker revealed that if they needed fresh supplies he would broadcast a coded message that they had run out of tea. 

A few days later a package of spliffs would arrive from his girlfriend on land.

But it was the casual attitude to sex that’s most shocking by today’s standards. The groupie, a girl in her teens whose aim was to have sex with someone famous, was a product of the Sixties. 

They targeted bands but DJs had a similar allure.

Also by the late Sixties there were “baby groupies” who started going back stage at 14 and were adept at looking older than their years. 

The attitude prevailed that if they were up for it they were fair game.

Music journalist David Hepworth said this week: “It wasn’t seen as being as sinister as it is nowadays.

“You’d have huge rock names who had girlfriends who were 16, 17, or even younger and nobody would write about it. Nobody would particularly bother about it.”

That approach permeated the new radio stations, including Radio 1 which first went on air in 1967. 

Several years later John Peel, who died eight years ago, was still running a Schoolgirl Of The Year competition on his show.

Simon Garfield, author of The Nation’s Favourite: The True Adventures Of Radio 1, says: 

“It’s certainly true to say that in the Seventies DJs on the station were mobbed wherever they went. Once they got to present Top Of The Pops as well it happened more.

“There were as many groupies throwing themselves at them as there were for the pop stars.”

Former Radio 1 DJ Tony Blackburn has also explained the culture that existed in the station’s early years. 

“I was one of a handful who became at least as famous as the pop stars whose records we were playing. At that time we were the nation’s jukebox and I was notching up audiences 
of around 20 million for my breakfast show.

“The opportunities to let this go to your head were manifold. There was an endless stream of record pluggers eager to wine and dine you, invitations galore, flattery from all sides and a generous supply of women ready to throw themselves at you. 

“I seemed to be a magnet for an extraordinary cross-section of women from desperate housewives to drop dead gorgeous Playboy bunnies. 

“I was earning fabulous money, starting at £500 a week in the late Sixties, and had a succession of glamorous girls on my arm.”

It should be pointed out that there is no suggestion that the young women Walker or Blackburn described were under age. 

BUT what is true is that back then there were no mobile telephones with cameras, no text messages or emails. 

What happened away from the microphone was much less likely to become public. And if the line was crossed during that era people were much more likely to look the other way. 

It wasn’t until many years later that Esther Rantzen and her ChildLine charity helped to reveal cases of alleged sexual abuse of children.

However there was one notable case in 1974 when Chris Denning, one of Radio 1’s launch team, was convicted
of gross indecency. 

It was the first of many convictions here and in Eastern Europe for abusing boys.

Some of the allegations involving Jimmy Savile and underage girls focus on his time at Radio 1 in the Seventies.

They include claims surrounding a programme called Savile’s Travels, which involved him going around the country in a caravan.

In his 1976 autobiography Love Is An Uphill Thing Savile boasted of his encounters with groupies. He described asking organisers of a charity event to choose girls to spend the night camping with him after a disco.

He wrote: “Six girls were selected and all of them were given matching mini-skirts and white boots. They looked good enough to eat. 

“The first thing was that the father of one of the girls arrived and hauled her off home.

“She protested loudly but dad would have none of this preposterous situation.”

Savile also told of being caught naked in his caravan with more groupies.

“The heat of the albeit innocent night had caused the girls to shed the majority of their dayclothes. In some cases all. We all resembled some great human octopus.”

Just as telling is that Savile apparently had no concerns that he would face censure, or investigation, by committing details of his sleazy deeds to print. 

No doubt he regarded it as harmless fun, even stating that the 11th commandment was “not to get found out”. In the culture that existed in those days, when attitudes to sex were more ambivalent, he could write about his actions with impunity.

Jimmy Savile thought he was untouchable – but times change.

DURING the Sixties pirate radio was broadcasting’s equivalent of rock and roll. Acts such as Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones had burst on to the music scene but, other than by buying expensive records, there was little opportunity for teenagers to hear their music.

At the time the BBC was serving up mainly a diet of cookery and gardening tips, political speeches and educational programmes.

Its choice of music was very conservative and focused on classical concerts.

From abroad there was Radio Luxembourg playing pop but the authorities here tried to prevent newspapers from printing its schedules.

Radio Caroline, named after the daughter of John F Kennedy, was the brainchild of Ronan O’Rahilly, an Irishman who had briefly managed the Rolling Stones.

From the moment it launched on Easter Sunday 1964 with a track by the Stones, Caroline was edgy and brash. 

Despite the poor sound quality it gave the nation’s teenagers what they craved.

It operated offshore because no British licence had been granted.

Harold Wilson’s government worried that it was subversive and within three years there were more than 21 pirate stations around the UK, broadcasting to an audience of up to 15 million.

The days of many of the pirate stations were ended in 1967 by the Marine Offences Act which outlawed unlicensed offshore broadcasting and sparked riots by teenagers in London.
However Caroline carried on broadcasting, obtaining supplies from the Netherlands and relying on foreign advertisers to sidestep the new law.

The BBC finally responded by launching Radio 1 and the heyday of pirate radio ended.

However, many of the DJs who went on to become household names began their careers on pirate stations, including John Peel, who started at Radio London. 

Kenny Everett, a presenter known for his excessive behaviour, was also a DJ there.

But perhaps because of the “pseudo rock star” status they enjoyed a few among the new breed of DJs thought that they could continue in their wild ways and not be challenged.

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Posted by lizardking on 08/29/2015

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Screen-shot-2012-09-05-at-7-46-39-pm


On October 13th, 1974, Arliss Perry, a nineteen-year-old from Bismarck, North Dakota, was found murdered in the Memorial Church on the Stanford university campus. She had been in California for only six weeks.

Recently married to her high school boyfriend, Perry (formerly Dykema) moved with her husband to the campus while he studied at Stanford. Perry's dead body was said to be found to the left of the altar, partially disrobed, and in the words of a church official----lying in a "ritualistic and satanic" position.

However, I heard a rumor that her murderer(s) actually laid her body on the central altar of the church, but that the authorities had her body moved to another location in order to maintain the sanctity of the church. Found on her back, naked from the waist down with her legs spread wide apart, her pants were carefully placed over her legs to form oppositional, triangular shapes.

Perry's blouse was ripped open and her hands held a votive candle folded across her chest. Horrifically, another votive candle protruded from her vagina. Evidence indicated she was beaten, then choked. The savage blow of an ice pick behind her left ear caused her death. Its handle was seen protruding from her skull when a security guard found her body. The presence of the ice pick at the scene indicates premeditation---the murderer brought the unusual weapon to the church with the intent to kill.

Horrified and shocked by the crime, the local authorities kept the occult signatures of the murder from the public. Initially, local police believed a local sexual psychopath committed the killing. Santa Clara detectives knew that personal possessions of Arlis Perry were removed from the murder scene as either souvenirs or proof that the murder occurred.

The occult murder of Arlis Perry remains unsolved.

The opening chapter in Maury Terry's book The Ultimate Evil retells the awful story of Arlis Perry's demise. Terry stumbled upon on the murder of Arlis Perry while researching a series of murders that took place in New York City from the summer of 1976 to August of 1977.

Known as the "Son of Sam" murders, six people were killed and seven more injured, allegedly by David Berkowitz. At the time of his arrest, Berkowitz admitted the killings, but in the mid-90's he claimed that the murders were ritual murders committed by a cult.

Maury Terry came into possession of a book on witchcraft formerly owned by Berkowitz. Berkowitz underlined a sentence in a section about the Process Church: "Thou shalt kill. They say they are dedicated to bringing about the end of the world by murder, violence and chaos--but they, the chosen, will survive to build a new world of Satanic glory." (p.372)

Additional writings were added to the margins of the book. "The shade of Aleister Crowley looms large in the area [L.A.], but his excesses pale into insignificance compared to today's devil worshipers."

In his own hand, David Berkowitz wrote information about the occult murder of Arlis Perry at Stanford: "ARLISS PERRY, HUNTED, STALKED AND SLAIN. FOLLOWED TO CALIFORNIA. STANFORD UNIV.

Both Vincent Bugliosi, prosecutor of Charles Manson, and Ed Sanders, author of The Family, believed Manson was a member of the Process Church.

One of the murders committed by the Manson Family had occult signatures similar to those left at the Arlis Perry murder.

Berkowitz believed he knew who murdered Arliss Perry, but never provided an exact name. The Son of Sam called the murderer Manson II, who belonged to a cult in California that killed often.

Perry's husband Bruce Perry behaved suspiciously. He had blood on his shirt when he was interrogated but claimed it was from a nose bleed. He later became a psychiatrist and campaigned against "Satanic panic."

Arlis Perry was murdered on October 12th, a day which was also the birthday of black magician Aleister Crowley. Berkowitz had already tagged Crowley as an inspiration for his cult. Followers of Crowley, also known as Thelemites, revere October 12th as a holy day and refer to it as Crowleymas.

Was Arlis Perry deliberately stalked by cult members affiliated with the Process Church and killed in a Satanic sacrifice specifically in honor of Satan's Prophet, Aleister Crowley?

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Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Tumblr_m3etgveN9Y1rosrwvo1_500

In a 2009 interview on 60 minutes Bob Dylan himself said:-

“I used to. I don't do that anymore. I don't know how I got to write those songs. Those early songs were almost magically written,” says Dylan, who quotes from his 1964 classic, “It's Alright, Ma." 

"Try to sit down and write something like that. There's a magic to that, and it's not Siegfried and Roy kind of magic, you know? It's a different kind of a penetrating magic. And, you know, I did it. I did it at one time." 

So why is he still out there? 

"It goes back to that destiny thing. I mean, I made a bargain with it, you know, long time ago. And I´m holding up my end … to get where I am now,” says Dylan. 

And with whom did he make the bargain? “With the chief commander,” says Dylan, laughing. “In this earth and in the world we can't see." 

Here’s an article talking about Bob Dylan and giving an insight on his career, lyrics and how God is secondary to the Devil. 

Talkin' Devil With Bob Dylan

In early 1963, Bob Dylan recorded a song for Broadside titled "Talkin' Devil". He introduced it by saying: "This is all about where the Devil is. Some people say there is no Devil." Although the song is of questionable quality and was never performed again, it set forth a conviction about the crucial importance of the Devil in this world to which Dylan has adhered all his life.

The song opens by alluding to the demonic nature of the Ku Klux Klan:

Well, sometimes you can't see him so good
When he hides his head 'neath a snow white hood...

The second verse gives fuller dimension to the nature of the Devil:

Well, he wants you to hate and he wants you to fear,
Wants you to fear something that's not even there,
He'll give you your hate and he'll give you his lies,
He'll give you the weapons to run out and die.
And you give him your soul

"Here, in these early lines, Dylan delineates the chief characteristics of the Devil which he will go on to describe in vivid detail in his compositions down the years. The Devil is the masters of deceit and illusion who "gets you to fear something that's no even there." He is the power of death who would delude you into trading your soul for false securities."

That same year, Dylan composed another song about the Devil titled "Watcha Gonna Do", which centres upon the shadow of death coming under one's door, and he asks:

Tell me what you're gonna do
When the devil calls your cards.
O Lord, O Lord,
What shall you do?

The Devil's ultimate weapon is death - his ultimate power. The power of the Devil is never far from Dylan's mind. It is a haunting presupposition of all he sings. Although his fullest expression of the power and the influence of the Devil was made most clear during Dylan's "born again" period beginning in late 1978, these early descriptions help to illuminate other references to the Devil and his works prior to and subsequent to that period.

In seeking to understand how the Devil functions in Dylan's world view, it is helpful to examine first his fulsome descriptions at the time of his turning in faith to Jesus Christ, when accompanying his newly professed faith in Christ was a heightened awareness of the power of the Devil.

Dylan's raps delivered as introductions to his songs performed in 1979 and 1980 serve to re-introduce us to the Devil. The thrust of his message is that the Devil has usurped ownership of this world from its Creator God. Quite literally, God no longer owns the world. It belongs to the Devil. "Well, let me tell you that the Devil owns this world." Dylan declared at Tempe on November 26, 1979. "He is called the 'god' of this world." 

This theme is expanded in other rap introductions during the tour. Although the Bible in various places may make some fine distinctions between various forms of evil powers, for Dylan, the Devil has various names which are all roughly equivalent. In this he follows the understanding offered in the Book of Revelations, which explains:

And war broke out in heave; Michael and his angels fought against the
dragon. The dragon and his angels fought back, but they were defeated,
and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. The great dragon
was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan,
the deceiver of the whole world - he was thrown down to the earth, and his
angels were thrown down with him. (Revelation 12:7-9, NRSV)

In Montreal, Dylan explained: "They keys of the world were give to someone called Lucifer. That old song about Lucifer - he's still around, the prince of the power of the air, the serpent; he's a spiritual being. You can't see him, but he can control you. He'll want to destroy you." How did Lucifer obtain the keys to the world? Dylan alludes to this in his song, "Pressing On", from "Saved" (1980):

..Adam given the Devil reign
Because he sinned, I got no choice
It run in my vein

As a part of his introductory rap to this song at Buffalo on May 1, 1980, Dylan explained: "So if you're a descendant of Adam - anybody here a descendant of Adam? Well, Adam got those keys (to Paradise) offa you, and Jesus Christ went to the cross to get those keys back."

For Dylan, the Devil is the pre-eminent spiritual force at work in the world perverting and distorting all existence. There is nothing beyond the Devils' control. In matters of the world, the Devil holds absolute sway. As Dylan says in "Talkin' Devil", the Devil works primarily though deceit - the misrepresentation of what is real and true. This was the thrust of Dylan's rap in Pittsburgh when, on May 15, 1980, he said in referring to the snake in "Man Gave Names To All The Animals" (1979): "The animal there, in case you haven't guessed, was a snake - the same snake that was in the Garden Of Eden. The same snake that was Satan, Lucifer, god of this world, Prince of the power of the air. That's the same snake. Just like he was out deceiving Eve, he's out there deceiving us right now." To deceive is to mislead, delude, trick, fool, cheat, swindle, defraud. Since the Devil is god of this world, then the world itself is misled, deluded, tricked, fooled, cheated, swindled, defrauded.

This is the state of Dylan's world - a world in which the Devil has distorted all reality within the scope of human time. The present world is one of illusion. This is made most clear in Dylan's "Gates Of Eden" (1965). Once the conniving snake has deceived Adam and Eve, they are thrust out from the Tree of Knowledge (Genesis 2:9, 17) into a world of utter distortion where the "kingdoms of Experience" rot in "the precious wind." Dylan concludes, "And there are no truths outside the Gates of Eden." Life is lived East of Eden where the Devil is the god of this illusory world.

Dylan spells out the illusory nature of the Devil in an interview with Ron Rosenbaum in March, 1978. Rosenbaum, alluding to the Devil's ultimate weapon of death, asks, "When you're on stage, do you feel the illusion that death can't get you?" Dylan replies: "Death can't get you at all. Death's not here to get anybody. It's the appearance of the Devil, and the Devil is a coward, so knowledge will overcome that." When asked to expand on what he has said, Dylan explained: "The Devil is everything false. The Devil will go as deep as you let the Devil go. You can leave yourself open to that. If you understand what that whole scene is about, you can easily step aside. But if you want the confrontation to being with, well, there's plenty of it. But then again, if you believe you have a purpose and a mission, and not much time to carry it out, you don't bother about those things."

Astutely observing that Dylan in some way relating his own "purpose and mission" to the work of the Devil, Rosenbaum pursuingly asks: "Do you think you have a purpose and a mission?" When Dylan answers, "Obviously," the question is asked, "What is it?" Dylan replied: "Henry Miller said it: The role of an artist is to inoculate the world with disillusionment."

Dylan has perceived his "purpose and mission" in life to break through the illusory world of the Devil. To inoculate is to introduce the virus of a disease into a system so as to immunise or cure. Dylan would restore the world to a true self-understanding by inoculating it with disillusionment. More specifically, Dylan saw his mission to be that of disillusioning people - disengaging them from their illusory world.

This has been the genius of Dylan's songs. They are bent upon the task of breaking through the illusions of society to a transcendent reality. Fourteen years earlier, in 1964, Dylan had expressed a similar artistic "purpose and mission" in his poem sequence "11 Outlined Epitaphs" (1964):

"I am ragin'ly against absolutely
everything that wants t'force nature
t'be unnatural (be it human or otherwise)
an' I am violently for absolutely
everything that will fight those
forces (be them human or otherwise)"

There is at least a hint here that the struggle has to do with supra human powers for good or ill.

This mission becomes more explicit in a song like "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" (1965) in which he says:

Disillusioned words like bullets bark
As human gods aim for their mark

He continues this purpose as with Rimbaud he seeks, in the words of John Wells, "to achieve poetic visions which would loosen the moorings of ordinary consciousness through the dissolution of ordinary reality." The result is viewing life as it is lived out on Highway 61 or:

As Lady and I look out tonight
From Desolation Row

It is a world where the Devil creates mixed-up confusion. This is how the Devil is described in "Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again" (1966) which begins:

Oh, the ragman draws circles
Up and down the block

Robert Shelton quotes a conversation with Dylan in which he seems clearly to regard "the ragman" as being Satan, the keeper of hell.

As Dylan indicated to Rosenbaum, the artist's task is "confrontation." This is consistent with Dylan's often spoken rap allusion to the Bible's dictum: "Resist the Devil and he will flee from you." (James 4:7, KJV) Since the Devil is "a coward", Dylan believed "knowledge will overcome it."

Just what this "knowledge" consists of Dylan does not make clear. This is a particularly difficult problem when "there are no truths" to be had in the world dominated by the Devil. Dylan would seem to claim that it is the artist who has knowledge that is uncontaminated by the Devil. Just why the artist is exempt from the wiles of the Devil is not made clear.

That Dylan does take this mission seriously is apparent from his comments relating to his composing the songs that appeared on the album "John Wesley Harding" (1968). In his 1978 Rolling Stone interview, Dylan stated: "John Wesley Harding was a fearful album - just dealing with fear (laughing), but dealing with the devil in a fearful way, almost. All I wanted to do was to get the words right. It was courageous to do it because I could have not done it, too." 

These comments indicate the seriousness with which Dylan took his mission of resisting the illusions of the Devil with a resolute determination to "get the words right." They also reveal Dylan's own fearfulness engendered by an eyeball confrontation with the Devil. As Dylan observed of the Devil in Talkin' Devil:

Well, he wants you to hate and he wants you to fear,
Wants you to fear something that's not even there...

It is clear that in composing the songs of "John Wesley Harding", Dylan felt himself in the grips of the Devil and struggled to overcome the Devil's illusory fears. The album is characterised by a high level of concentration, seeking to confront the Devil with a knowledge that will break his power.

The whole of "John Wesley Harding" is best interpreted within the context of this struggle of Dylan with the Devil. While a detailed analysis of "John Wesley Harding" from this perspective is beyond the scope of this essay of how this album struggles with the Devil may be indicated.

"As I Went Out One Morning" has all the marks of the Devil working through

...the fairest damsel
That ever did walk in chains.

She is a temptress through which the Devil works.

The persona of the song appears to be Dylan, himself, who could identify with Tom Paine, the hero of the American Revolution and a voice of enlightened intellect and radical freedom. Dylan appears to have chosen to mention Tom Paine because shortly after the death of John F. Kennedy in 1963, he had accepted the Tom Paine Award of the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee for his work in the civil rights campaigns. Upon his arrival he sensed the great disjunction between the "cocktail liberals" that surrounded him and the exploited people they professed to care about. Explaining his repugnant feelings upon that occasion, he said: "Those people at that dinner were the same as everybody else. They're doing their time. They're chained to what they're doing. The only thing is, they're trying to put morals and great deeds on their chains, but basically they don't want to jeopardise their positions." 

The damsel in the song appears to represent those who claimed the name of Tom Paine. Innocently, Dylan reached out his hand toward this woman but she grabbed him by his arm in a threatening way. Instantly recognising the Devil at work, Dylan, in good biblical fashion, resists that the Devil may be forced to flee, saying:

"Depart from me this moment."

A tug of war ensues, with further enticements by the damsel. Dylan is ultimately rescued by Tom Paine himself, whose integrity and knowledge is sufficient to gain Dylan's release from the damsel's grip. The song ends with an apology by Paine for what the temptress has done in his name.

Clearly, from this song, Dylan sees the Devil at work in the world of which he is a part. The Devil insinuates himself into even the best of causes to give the illusion of worth when in truth the causes are perverse. One must ever be ready to resist the Devil and to confront him with the integrity of truth. One must not be misled.

It was out of such an experience as this that Dylan became disillusioned with politics. In 1984, Dylan told Kurt Loder: "I think that politics is the devil's instrument. Politics kill. Politics is dirty. Politics is corrupt. I mean, everybody knows that..." 

An examination of the other songs on John Wesley Harding indicates the struggle of Dylan with the Devil. As David Pichaske points out, the song "The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest" "concerns itself with temptation and death, Judas Priest (another interesting and significant juxtaposition of names) playing the role of tempter, Frankie Lee playing his willing victim". The Devil is personified by Judas Priest. Of particular interest is Pichaske's interpretation of "the little neighbor boy" who walked along "with his guilt so well concealed." He explains: "We are all guilty, Dylan suggests, simply by virtue of being born - a rather bold statement of the orthodox doctrine of original sin..." The song suggests Dylan's own complicity in the Devil's work.

This theme is repeated in "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine", where the person confesses:

And I dreamed I was amongst the ones
That put him out to death.

He concludes by putting his fingers "against the glass" as he weeps. He has not broken through the looking glass of illusion.

In the light of Dylan's emphasis upon "John Wesley Harding" having been composed out of a sense of fear for the Devil, it is conceivable that "Dear Landlord" is a pact between Dylan and the Devil. Recall that Dylan declared in 1979: "Well, let me tell you that the Devil owns this world." If this statement is taken literally then the Landlord of this world is the Devil.

According to Christian theology the Devil has put a price on each human soul - a price that can only be paid by Christ on the cross. The result is that life is a heavy burden. The hope of redemption lies in an apocalyptic end beyond history. Thus, Dylan understands that when he leaves this world, he will leave everything behind:

When that steamboat whistle blows,
I'm gonna give you all I got to give.

He can't take it with him. Rather slyly, Dylan hopes the Devil will receive
well what he has to give,

Dependin' on the way you feel that you live.

The Devil can have his due,
and he can determine its worth according to his own perverted felt values.

The second stanza recognises that the Devil of hellish flames has suffered much, but humanity suffers as well. That suffering is caused by the Devil. The work of the Devil is to see that:

Anyone can fill his life up
With things he can see but he just cannot touch.

That is the nature of illusion.

The third stanza seeks to come to some accommodation with the Devil. He is god of this world and owner of this present existence. Dylan pleads for mercy in the recognition that as long as he lives on this earth he lives under the Devil's domain. There is no other place to go to escape from the Devil's control. So, he proffers a bargain with the Devil:

And if you don't underestimate me,
I won't underestimate you.

This is Dylan's attempt to come to terms with the reality that life is lived in a foreign land in which the Devil rules. There seems little choice other than to make the best of circumstances. This is something less than collaboration with the enemy. He recognises his own dignity and "special gift" and puts the Devil on the alert not to "underestimate" him. It is also his bounden duty not to underestimate the Devil and all his ways.

The subject of "I Am A Lonesome Hobo" may also be the Devil. In the Book of Job, Satan is one who travels to and fro across the earth detached from family or friends (Job 1:7). From the perspective of the Apocalypse this would be the beginning of new life for the believer and the end of life for the Devil. Certainly, prime characteristics of the Devil are bribery, blackmail and deceit. The Devil serves time which is a part of the created order dominated by him. Time belongs to the Devil; eternity to God.

As Dylan indicates, the Devil insinuates himself inside other people. He told Neil Spencer: "That's [the Devil] the real enemy, but he tends to shade himself and hide himself and put it into people's minds that he's really not there and he's really not so bad, and that he's lot a lot of good things to offer too." Stanzas two and three are expressed by one who has been used by the Devil and who warns others of his own lonesome fate.

In "I Pity The Poor Immigrant", the final stanza says:

I pity the poor immigrant...
Whose visions in the final end
Must shatter like the glass.

The immigrant, who has followed the way of the Devil and of death, must inevitably end up disillusioned on that Final Day.

Wilfrid Mellers observes of The Wicked Messenger: "The messenger, like Judas Priest, would seem to be a devil disguised as an angel who cannot speak truth but only flattery." Although it is difficult to conceive of Dylan's songs as flattery, it is apparent that Dylan does regard his compositions as bound to this world's controlling power of the Devil. When, in the second stanza, he offers a handwritten note which reads: "The soles of my feet, I swear they're burning," it is clear he, like Satan, has been treading the hot corridors of hell.

Dylan has sought as best he could to confront the fearful form of the Devil. He has sought to be as honest as he knows how to be in the hope that his knowledge will prevail against the Devil. In truth, he acknowledges unsuccess. The best he could come up with was a brave compact with the Devil for both parties to take each other with utter seriousness. He recognises with regret his own complicity and knows of no escape his side of the Judgement Day. The revelation that does come from all his efforts is:

If ye cannot bring good news, then don't bring any.

It is worth noting that the word "ye" is an archaic plural for you. The message is for all.

For the most part, God is conspicuously absent from Dylan's thoughts on the album "John Wesley Harding" as he deals "with the devil in a fearful way." The one exception is the song "I Pity The Poor Immigrant", in which it is clear from his biblical allusions that the "I" of the song is the Lord God Almighty. The situation is that the immigrant is one who:

...turns his back on me.

This denotes the fallen and rebellious state of humanity. The result of having fallen under the spell of the Devil is that one lives an illusory life which shatters at the Day of Judgement. God's reaction to such rebellion is a distant pity bereft of compassion. It is a condescending sympathy - the pity of one above the fray. Paradoxically, the forlorn plight of the immigrant is both the result of God's judgement and the work of the Devil. God cannot stand idly by in the face of the world's injustice. As Dylan later explained to a San Francisco audience on November 16, 1979: "You know, we read in the newspaper every day what a horrible situation this world is in. Now God chooses to do these things in this world to confound the wise." Nevertheless, at the same time this "horrible mess" is the work of the Devil.

The last two songs of the album reflect a despairing escape from the whole issue of struggling with the Devil. Dylan is satisfied to turn back to thoughts of human love, which is a source of comfort in the face of a hostile and bedevilled world.

Dylan's confession of faith in Christ beginning in 1978 served to give him renewed energy to fight the Devil. The first cut on "Slow Train Coming" (1979) set forth the issue in black and white terms: "Gotta Serve Somebody".

Its chorus declares:

Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you're gonna have to serve somebody.

Although Christ has various meanings for Dylan, he functions primarily for Dylan as the one who has conquered the Devil. Typical of Dylan's emphasis upon this aspect of Christ's work is his rap given at a Syracuse concert in 1980. There, he said: "I know some of you might wonder even if there is a Devil. No, I'm not talking about the devil that's got a pitchfork. Some of you might have heard about a devil with a pitchfork and horns. That's not necessarily the devil. No. We're talking about that Devil. He's a spiritual Devil. And he's got to be overcome. And he has been overcome, by what Jesus did at the cross. I just want to tell you that."

Dylan expresses this theme in his "Ain't No Man Righteous, No Not One" (1981) where he sings:

When I'm gone don't wonder where I be.
Just say that I trusted in God and that Christ was in me.
Say He defeated the devil, He was God's chosen Son
And that there ain't no man righteous, no not one.

Dylan does not dwell upon how this defeat took place. It centres upon Christ's crucifixion - Christ's dying to redeem a world from the grip of the Devil.

So far as the objective world is concerned, the Devil remains god of this world. Outwardly, nothing has changed except that it is possible for persons to know that Christ has triumphed and will prevail at the end of time. Those who trust in Christ will join Christ in an existence beyond history. Dylan described to his San Francisco audience on November 16, 1979 something of how this would happen: "Anyway, we know this world's gonna be destroyed; we know that. Christ will set up His Kingdom in Jerusalem for a thousand years, where the lion will lie down with the lamb." 

But, in the meantime, the warfare with the Devil continues. In the 1979 song "Trouble In Mind", Dylan sings:

Satan whispers to ya, "Well, I don't want to bore ya,
But when ya get tired of the Miss So-and-so
I got another woman for ya,"

Here comes Satan, prince of the power of the air,
He's gonna make you a law unto yourself, gonna build a bird's nest in
your hair. "
He's gonna deaden your conscience 'till you worship the work of your own
You'll be serving strangers in a strange, forsaken land.

Within the bounds of this world there is no escaping the power of the Devil. His grip remains solid. As John Hinchey observes: "Trouble In Mind is an appeal to the Lord to deliver the imagination from its bondage to Satan..."

There is no human means available for changing the world for the better. In 1981, Neil Spencer asked Dylan to respond to the observation that some people make: "People feel that fighting oppression is more important than spiritual interests." Dylan replied with considerable force: "That's wrong. The struggle against oppression and injustice is always going to be there, but the Devil himself is the one who creates it." As Dylan expressed it in his song Man Of Peace of 1983:

You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

The Devil continues to be the master of illusion.

Indeed, the power of the Devil negates history. In a most candid moment, Dylan exclaims: "God is still the judge and the devil still rules the world, so what's different? No matter how big you think you are, history is gonna roll over you." Most significantly, Dylan shifted the topic away from social concerns to self-knowledge. Individualist that he is, Dylan sees Christ serving in large part to help him to know God in a personal way so as to remain faithful in belief till the Last Day. He says:

"You can come to know yourself but you need help in
doing it. The only one who can overcome all that is The
Great Creator himself. If you can get His help, you can
overcome it. To do that, you must know something
about the nature of The Creator. What Jesus does for an
ignorant man like myself is to make the qualities and
characteristics of God more believable to me, 'cos I can't
beat The Devil. Only God can. He already has. Satan's
working everywhere. You're faced with him constantly.
If you can't see him, he's inside you making you feel a
certain way. He's feeding you envy and jealousy. He's
feeding you oppression, hatred." 

The ultimate question for Dylan in regard to Satan is, Are You Ready? (1980):

Are you ready to meet Jesus?
Are you where you ought to be?
Will He know you when He sees you
Or will He say, "Depart from Me"?

Are you ready for the judgement?
Are you ready for that terrible swift sword?
Are you ready for Armageddon?
Are you ready for the day of the Lord?

As Dylan told his concert audience at Albany in April 1980: "However, Satan is getting ready to wield his masterpiece. And you gotta have some strong faith coming out. Even the [wise] will be deceived." 

Dylan confirmed his concentration upon the individual to the exclusion of this world's affairs in his interview with Kurt Loder in 1984 when he stated with emphasis: "I'm not really interested in governments of countries. I think that the individual, the man alone, just him, the single being, is what really matters. I'm in favor of the absolute freedom of the individual." 

But in a world where the Devil is god of this world, freedom is elusive. It allows for the Devil to insinuate himself into one's own very being. This is apparent in Dylan's masterful "Jokerman" (1983). Michael A. Miller has observed that in this song, the "Jokerman" is "the satanic, adversary spirit" which "shows his face through the Joker element in individual human beings." It is apparent from "All Along The Watchtower" (1968) that the Joker of that song is Bob Dylan who seeks the truth. But now, 15 years later, Dylan recognises "that enemy within." The Devil is both the god of the world and a perverse force lurking within one's own spirit.

Acknowledging the pervasive power of the Devil in the world, Dylan in this song laments:

Freedom just around the corner for you
But with the truth so far off, what good will it do?

In stanza two he expresses the source of his despair:

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread,
Both of their futures, so full of dread, you don't show one.

Neither Dylan nor the Devil is prepared to "show" the full horror of what lies ahead for fools and angels alike.

Dylan then likens himself to the deceiving snake of Eden disguised as the Devil:

Shedding off one more layer of skin,
Keeping one step ahead of the persecutor within.

Recognising the Devil as "the persecutor within", the best he can do is try to keep running as fast as he can before he is grabbed from behind.

With "Dark Eyes", (1985), Dylan distances himself from the Devil's grasp of the world by declaring:

I live in another world where life and death are memorised.

This is a world beyond this earth in which the Devil's power over death has been finally broken through the death of Christ on a cross. So he

But I can hear another drum beating for the dead that rise,
Whom nature 's beast fears as they come and all I see are dark eyes.

These words encompass both Dylan's hope for life beyond this world, and despair for existence as it is lived within the confines of human time.

Upon surveying Dylan's dialogue with the Devil throughout his public life, it appears that, for Dylan, the Devil is a much more lively character than Christ. The god of this world is the Devil who is the primary being with whom one must deal. God in Christ is notably absent from the world and is helpless to transform it. For Dylan, the chief referent in the world is the Devil, not God. It is the Devil with whom one deals on a daily basis. An aloof God has visited the planet in Jesus Christ to strike a telling blow against the Devil, but the cosmic effects do not take place till the end of time.

As is the case with many artists through the centuries, Dylan finds the Devil much more alive and interesting than God. The Devil has a full-blown character and acts in history. He insinuates himself into the lives of every human being. God is much more passive in Dylan's mind. God is the revealer of divine knowledge.

In the end, the knowledge of God becomes for Dylan the knowledge by which Satan may be "overcome". But it is knowledge from a distance, from beyond time. God is the god of the eternal, whereas Satan is the god of this world. As much as Dylan would like to be living outside the bounds of time, he cannot escape. Dylan, having been "born in time", finds the Devil, god of this world, to be the one with whom he must reckon.

For Dylan, so far as this world is concerned, the Lord God appears to be the lesser character in the drama of existence. Yet, in the end, as Dylan expresses it in When He Returns (1979):

The iron hand it ain't no match for the iron rod,
The strongest wall will crumble and fall to a mighty God.

(Bert Cartwright - The Telegraph #49, summer 1994)

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Talkin' Devil With Bob Dylan


In early 1963, Bob Dylan recorded a song for Broadside titled "Talkin' Devil". He introduced it by saying: "This is all about where the Devil is. Some people say there is no Devil." Although the song is of questionable quality and was never performed again, it set forth a conviction about the crucial importance of the Devil in this world to which Dylan has adhered all his life

All about Shillaphobia

Shun the non-believers!

'Flat Earth Diva'

Supposed 'temper temper beanpole', 'snidy weasel' and 'clueless, cloying, sychophant.'

Apparently 'dangerous person'


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Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation
Part X

By the time Manson shifted base from Rustic Canyon to an old ranch in Chatsworth, he’d begun formulating the notion that he and his followers had to prepare themselves for a race war with Black America.”
Barney Hoskyns (in Hotel California, his take on the Laurel Canyon/Sunset Strip scene)

In this outing, we will be temporarily leaving Laurel Canyon. But don’t worry; we won’t be traveling far, and we’ll be returning soon enough.

Today we will be exploring Rustic Canyon, which lies about nine miles west of Laurel Canyon. It was there, in Lower Rustic Canyon, that Beach Boy Dennis Wilson lived in what Steven Gaines described in Heroes and Villains as “a palatial log-cabin-style house at 14400 Sunset Boulevard that had once belonged to humorist Will Rogers.” The expansive home sat on three landscaped acres of gently rolling hills.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 RusticCanyon12

In the summer of 1968, as is fairly well known, Charlie Manson and various members of his entourage moved in with Wilson. “Tex” Watson, curiously enough, was already living there. As many as two-dozen members of Manson’s clan spent the entire summer there, with Wilson picking up the tab for all expenses. The Mansonites (mostly nubile young women) regularly drove Wilson’s expensive cars and demolished at least one of them. Dennis didn’t seem to mind; he was busy recording Manson in his home studio and inviting fellow musicians, like Neil Young, over to the house to hear Charlie perform (Young was so impressed that he urged Mo Ostin to sign him).

Dennis would later claim that he had destroyed all the Manson demo tapes, that he remembered almost nothing of his time with Charlie and the Family, and that he certainly knew nothing about the Tate and LaBianca murders, which were committed in the summer of 1969, about a year after the Family had vacated the Rustic Canyon residence.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 RusticCanyon2

At some point in time, Wilson had a change of heart and decided that maybe he did indeed know a little something about the murders. “I know why Charles Manson did what he did,” said Dennis. “Someday, I’ll tell the world. I’ll write a book and explain why he did it.” Needless to say, that book was never written and Wilson’s story, if indeed he had one, was never told. Instead, Dennis Wilson drowned under questionable circumstances on December 28, 1983, in the marina where his beloved ship was docked.

But this story isn’t really about Dennis Wilson; it’s about Charlie Manson and his alleged motive for allegedly ordering the Tate and LaBianca murders. According to the ‘Helter Skelter’ scenario popularized by lead prosecutor/disinformation peddler Vincent Bugliosi, Manson was hoping to spark an apocalyptic race war. It is said that Charlie believed that America’s black population would prevail over whitey, but that, having won the war, the victors would be incapable of governing themselves. And that, alas, is when Charlie and his retinue would emerge from the shadows to take command.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 RusticCanyon10

According to Barney Hoskyns, Manson began formulating his race war theory during his stay in Rustic Canyon. If true, then Charlie appears to have been following in the footsteps of a former Rustic Canyon guru – one who preceded him by a few decades, and who, like Charlie, had a certain fondness for swastikas.

Just to the north of Dennis Wilson’s old home is a vast wilderness of undeveloped canyon lands. Lower Rustic Canyon soon gives way to Upper Rustic Canyon, and all signs of human civilization abruptly vanish. The land remains wild and undeveloped save for an old fire road that winds along the summit between Rustic Canyon and a neighboring canyon. That road is closed to the public and vehicle traffic is nonexistent. Aside from an occasional hiker wandering in from nearby Will Rogers State Park, there is nary a human to be seen.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 RusticCanyon9

The farther in one hikes, the more wild and untamed it becomes. Along with the sights of the city, the sounds and the scents quickly disappear as well. Within a very short time, it is surprisingly easy to forget that one is still within the confines of the city of Los Angeles. In its fall splendor, the canyon looks nothing like the Los Angeles that I know and don’t quite love. It is beautiful, serene, pastoral. And yet, filled with mist and heavily overgrown, it is also vaguely ominous.

If one knows where to look, there is a narrow concrete stairway that is accessible from the fire road. This stairway descends down to the floor of the canyon, and it is a very, very long descent. Five hundred and twelve steps long, to be exact. As one makes the descent, this stairway, which seems to go on forever, seems wildly out of place. With time to kill on the way down, one finds oneself pondering (actually, most people probably wouldn’t, but I did) how many man-hours it took to set forms for 512 poured concrete steps, and how truckloads of concrete had to be poured out here in the middle of nowhere.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 RusticCanyon3

Reaching the canyon floor, one finds that, though the native flora has struggled mightily to reclaim the land, remnants of a past civilization can be seen everywhere. Some structures remain largely intact – a nearly 400,000-gallon, spring-fed reservoir serving a sophisticated potable water system; a concrete-walled structure that once housed twin electrical generators capable of lighting a small town; more concrete stairways hundreds of steps long, each snaking its way up the canyon walls; weathered livestock stables; professionally graded and paved roads; countless stone retaining walls; an incinerator; concrete foundations and skeletal remains of former dwellings; the rusting carcass of a Mansonesque VW bus; and, at the former entrance, an imposing set of electronically-controlled, wrought-iron security gates.

It is the kind of place that seems tailor-made for Charlie and his Family – remote and secluded, yet accessible by the Family’s custom-built dune buggies; with just enough crumbling infrastructure to provide rudimentary shelter for the clan; and with elaborate security provisions, including sentry positions and a formerly-electrified fence completely encircling the 50-acre compound (as well as, by some reports, an underground tunnel complex). And it was located just a short hike up the canyon from the place that Charlie Manson called home in the summer of 1968.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 RusticCanyon8

While exploring this place, obvious questions begin to come to mind (they would, that is, if I didn’t already know the answers, but try to work with me here): who developed this remote portion of the canyon? And why? Why here, in what feels like the middle of nowhere? The goal appears to have been to create a hidden and completely self-sustaining community, and an extraordinary amount of money was invested in infrastructure development … but why?

Very few Angelenos know of the curious ruins in Rustic Canyon, and fewer still know the history of those ruins. Every now and then though, a local reporter will pay a visit and the story will make a one-time appearance in a local publication, briefly casting some light on a bit of the hidden history of Los Angeles. In May 1992, Marc Norman of the Los Angeles Business Journal was one such reporter (“Hermit Chic – Rustic Canyon”).

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 RusticCanyon4

According to Norman, “County records show ‘Jessie Murphy, a widow,’ purchasing 50-plus acres north of [Will] Rogers’ property in 1933, but the owners were actually named Stephens – Norman, an engineer with silver-mining interests, and Winona, the daughter of an industrialist and a woman given to things supernatural. Local lore has it that Winona fell under the spell of a certain unnamed gentleman …” This trio, along with unnamed others, began “a 10-year construction program costing $4 million … starting with a water tank holding 375,000 gallons and a concrete diesel-powered generator station with foot-thick walls – both of which are still visible. The hillsides were terraced for orchards, an electrified fence circled the boundaries and a huge refrigerated locker was built into a hillside … The one thing Murphy/Stephens couldn’t seem to get right was their main house. The first architect hired was Welton Becket, but there are also sketches by Lloyd Wright, and in 1941, Paul Williams drafted blueprints for a sprawling mansion with 22 bedrooms, a children’s dining room, a gymnasium, pool and a workshop in the basement.”

Thirteen years later, in September 2005, Cecelia Rasmussen of the Los Angeles Times added a few details to the story (“Rustic Canyon Ruin May Be a Former Nazi Compound,” September 4, 2005): “Southern California has been the cradle to many odd cults, credos, utopias and dystopias. Among the most mysterious are the ruins of a Rustic Canyon enclave once known as Murphy Ranch … on [Rustic Canyon’s] secluded and woodsy floor stand the eerily burned-out and graffiti-scarred remains of concrete and steel structures, underground tunnels and stairways leading from the top of the canyon to the bottom … Behind the locked and rusted wrought iron entrance gates and flagstone wall stand the traces of a small community that had the capacity to grow its own food, generate its own electricity and dam its own water … The hillsides were terraced with 3,000 nut, citrus, fruit and olive trees, and fitted with water pipes, sprinklers and an elaborate greenhouse. A high barbed-wire fence discouraged intruders … research indicates that it could have been home to up to 40 local Nazis from about 1933 to 1945 … armed guards patrolled the canyon dressed in the uniform worn by Silver Shirts, a paramilitary group modeled after Hitler’s brownshirts … A man known through oral histories only as ‘Herr Schmidt’ supposedly ruled the place and claimed to possess metaphysical powers.”

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 RusticCanyon5

Herr Schmidt, needless to say, was the gentleman whose spell Winona Stephens fell under. According to Marc Norman, Schmidt “convinced her that the coming world war would be won by Germany, that the United States would collapse into years of violent anarchy and that the chosen few (read: the Stephenses, the certain gentleman and other true believers) would need a tight spot in which to hole up, self-sufficient, until the fire storm had passed. Then they could emerge not only intact but, thanks to the superiority of their politics, rulers of the anthill and, not incidentally, the origin of its new population.”

Sound familiar?

Murphy Ranch also reportedly featured a 20,000-gallon diesel fuel tank, livestock stables, and dairy and butchering facilities. Along both sides of the compound “rise eight crumbling, narrow stairways of at least 500 steps each,” as the LA Times noted. Those stairways apparently led to sentry positions high on the canyon walls (for the record, they are not actually crumbling, though most are overgrown with impenetrable vegetation). During Murphy Ranch’s years of operation, nearby residents reportedly complained of late-night military exercises and the sounds of live gunfire echoing through the canyons.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 RusticCanyon14

To summarize then, it appears that the city of Los Angeles was home to a secret, militarized Nazi compound that was in operation both before and during World War II. Remnants of that blacked-out chapter of LA history can be seen to this day, though few make the trek. The purpose of the decaying compound was to ride out an anarchic, apocalyptic war, so that the chosen few could emerge as the rulers of the new world.

It was all so very Mansonesque, and, ironically enough, Manson and his crew spent an entire summer camped out at a home that was within a two-mile hike of this curious place. It should have been something of a Mecca for Charlie, and yet he apparently knew nothing of its existence. It seems somehow disrespectful that the Family didn’t choose to set up camp here rather than at, say, Barker Ranch. At the very least, they should have paid a visit.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 RusticCanyon16

In the late 1940s, after the close of the war, Murphy Ranch was reportedly converted into an artist’s colony. Architect Welton Becket, who designed several of the structures at the ranch, went on to design two of LA’s landmark structures: the Capitol Records building and the Music Center. In 1973, the property once known as Murphy Ranch was purchased by the city of Los Angeles. As far as I know, the city has no plans to reopen the facility.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Van Cortlandt and Untermyer functioned as outdoor meeting sites for the cult.”

Maury Terry, referring to the cult behind the ‘Son of Sam’ murders (from The Ultimate Evil)

Just to the west of Laurel Canyon, and slightly to the east of Coldwater Canyon, lies a large estate known as Greystone Park, home of the long-vacant Greystone Mansion. The home, and the grounds it sits on, is said to be, to this day, the most expensive private residence ever built in the city of Los Angeles. Constructed in the 1920s, the home and grounds carried the then-unfathomable price tag of $4,000,000 (by way of comparison, the Lookout Inn, built a decade-and-a-half earlier, was projected to cost from $86,000-$100,000; in other words, the single-family residence cost at least 40 times what the lavish 70-room inn cost – and the inn required bringing infrastructure and building materials to a remote mountaintop).

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Greystone2

The massive, 46,000 square-foot edifice sits amid 22 lavishly landscaped acres of prime Hollywood Hills real estate. This rather ostentatious home was built by uberwealthy oil tycoon Edward L. Doheny as a wedding present for his son, Edward “Ned” Doheny, Jr.. If that plotline sounds vaguely familiar, it is probably because Edward Doheny was the inspiration for Upton Sinclair’s Oil, and thus for the homicidal Daniel Plainview character in There Will Be Blood (some of the interior shots near the end of that film, of expansive, marble-floored rooms, could very well have been shot in the real Greystone, though the exterior shots certainly were not).

Upon the home’s completion, in September 1928, young Ned Doheny and his new bride moved into the humble abode. Within months, the home would be bloodstained; soon after, it would be permanently abandoned.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Greystone5

Poor Ned, you see, was found dead in the cavernous home on February 16, 1929. Near him lay the lifeless body of his assistant/personal secretary, Hugh Plunkett. Both men had been shot. Despite persistent rumors of an inordinately long delay in reporting the deaths, and of the bodies having been moved to re-stage the crime scene, no formal inquest was ever conducted and the case was written off as a murder/suicide arising from a gay lovers’ quarrel. Plunkett was said to be the triggerman and the media quickly went into a frenzy playing up the scandalous homosexuality angle and portraying young Plunkett as positively demented.

It is anyone’s guess whether or not the two really were gay lovers, but it matters little; the rest of the story was almost certainly a work of fiction. In reality, both men were likely murdered as part of the massive cover-up/damage-control operation that followed the disclosure of the Harding-era Teapot Dome scandal, which the Doheny family, as it turns out, was very deeply immersed in. The murder/suicide scenario was then trotted out because, as we all know, if the alleged perpetrator is already dead, it pretty much eliminates the need for things like investigations and trials.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Greystone1

Some forty years after those gunshots rang out in the opulent Greystone Mansion, a new Ned Doheny, scion of the very same Doheny oil clan, would join the ranks of the Laurel Canyon singer-songwriters club. Like Terry Melcher and Gram Parsons, Doheny was viewed by some as a ‘trust-fund kid.’ His closest circle of friends included country-rockers Jackson Browne, J.D. Souther and Glen Frey. In addition to recording his own solo albums (his self-titled debut was released in 1973), Doheny contributed to albums by such Laurel Canyon superstars as Don Henley and Graham Nash.

Strangely enough, New York City once had a large estate known as Greystone as well. That Greystone was donated to the city as parkland, and it thereafter became known as Untermyer Park – the same Untermyer Park identified by Maury Terry as one of the two principal ritual sites used by the Process Church faction behind the ‘Son of Sam’ murders. The other site used by the cult was Van Cortlandt Park, named for Jacobus Van Cortlandt, a former Mayor of New York and one of David Van Cortlandt Crosby’s forefathers. Another of Crosby’s forefathers lent his name to Schuyler Road, which happens to run along the western boundary of the Greystone Park in the Hollywood Hills.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Greystone3

I have no idea what, if anything, any of that means, but I thought it best that I toss it into the mix.

* * * * * * * * * *

Before wrapping up this installment, this seems like as good a time as any to introduce you all to a couple of Laurel Canyon characters who we haven’t yet met, and who would attain a certain amount of fame, though not in the entertainment industry.

One of the two, whom we’ll call Jerry, had a decidedly conservative upbringing. Born into a politically well-connected Republican family, Jerry devoted his early years to pursuing a career in the Jesuit priesthood. His father, an active Republican Party operative, was an aspiring politician who initially had no luck in getting himself elected to office. Ultimately though, he succeeded in capturing the coveted California Governor’s seat in 1959, and he did it by employing a simple gimmick: he merely changed the “R” after his name to a “D.” He held the seat for two terms, through 1967, and then was replaced by a fellow who had employed a similar trick: replacing the “D” after his name with an “R.”

That gentleman, of course, was Ronald Wilson Reagan, who would govern the state through 1975, when he handed the reins over to Jerry, who, like his dad, had decided that he was a liberal Democrat. In fact, according to the media, Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Jr. was an ultraliberal extremist whose politics fell somewhere to the left of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

During Laurel Canyon’s glory years, Jerry Brown resided in a home on Wonderland Avenue, not too many doors down from the Wonderland death house (and from the homes of numerous singers, songwriters and musicians). His circle of friends in those days, as some may recall, included the elite of Laurel Canyon’s country-rock stars, including Linda Ronstadt (with whom he was long rumored to be romantically involved), Jackson Browne and the Eagles.

Another figure making the rounds in Laurel Canyon during the same period of time was a gent by the name of Mike Curb. At various times, Curb worked as a musician, composer, recording artist, film producer and record company executive. He also had the notable distinction of serving as the musical director on the notorious documentary feature Mondo Hollywood, which ostensibly chronicled the emerging Laurel Canyon/Sunset Strip scene. Filmed from 1965 through 1967 (well before the Manson murders), the film featured representatives from the Manson Family (Bobby Beausoleil), the Manson Family’s victims (Jay Sebring), the Freak troupe (Vito, Carl, Szou and Godo), and Laurel Canyon’s musical fraternity (Frank Zappa and his future wife, Gail Sloatman). It also featured acid guru Richard “Babawhateverthefuckitwasthathecalledhimself” Alpert.

Mondo Hollywood, as I mentioned in a previous installment, was the creation of filmmaker Robert Carl Cohen, who, as it turns out, has an interesting background for a guy whose destiny was to capture on film the emerging 1960s countercultural scene. In 1954, Cohen served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. The following year, he was on assignment to NATO. Following that, he served in Special Services in Germany. The very next year, he produced, directed, edited and narrated a documentary short entitled Inside Red China. Two years later, he wore all the same hats for a documentary entitled Inside East Germany. A few years later, he put together another documentary entitled Three Cubans.

Cohen has proudly proclaimed that he was the first (or at least among the first) Western journalists/filmmakers allowed to enter and shoot footage in each of these countries. In the case of Cuba (and likely the others as well), he did so under the sponsorship of the U.S. State Department. Mr. Cohen would like us to believe that he undertook these projects as nothing more than what he outwardly appeared to be – an independent filmmaker – but I have a hunch that few readers of this site are naïve enough to believe that a private citizen not working for the intelligence community could land such assignments.

Have I mentioned, by the way, that Cohen is not a fan of this website? I know this because he sent a few e-mails my way in which he denounced my site as being “based on slander and third-party hearsay,” or some such gibberish, and he followed that up by issuing some empty legal threats. As it turns out though, I don’t much give a fuck what Robert Carl Cohen thinks of my website.

And now, after that brief digression, we return to our discussion of Laurel Canyon’s dynamic duo of Jerry Brown and Mike Curb. In addition to his work on Mondo Hollywood, Curb also served as ‘song producer’ on another key countercultural film of the era, Riot on the Sunset Strip (which, despite its title, had little to do with the actual event). In addition, Curb scored a slew of cheaply-produced biker flicks, including The Wild Angels, Devil’s Angels, Born Losers, The Savage Seven and The Glory Stompers. Along the way, he worked alongside many of Laurel Canyon’s ‘Young Turks,’ including Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper.

It is unclear whether the paths of this odd couple crossed during Laurel Canyon’s glory years, but as fate would have it, they were to cross in 1979 in Sacramento, California. Mike Curb, you see, after being encouraged by Ronald Reagan to venture into politics, was elected to serve as Governor Jerry Brown’s second-in-command. And so it was that these two men, both veterans of the 1960s Laurel Canyon scene, came to sit side-by-side in the governor’s mansion, one sporting a “D” after his name, and the other an “R.”

Governor Brown, however, had little time to spend on actually governing the state of California. Tossing his hat into the presidential ring, he spent much of the first half of his second term out of the state, working the campaign trail. This allowed Lieutenant Governor Curb, as acting governor of the state, to sign into law a withering array of reactionary legislation that was far removed from what the people had in mind when they elected ‘Governor Moonbeam.’ This arrangement allowed the nominal liberal of the Laurel Canyon tag-team, Jerry Brown, to keep his hands clean even as his administration moved far away from its originally stated goals – and even as he made little effort to rein in his wayward underling.

These days, Jerry Brown maintains little of his liberal façade. As California’s Attorney General, he works hand-in-hand with the state’s Nazi-loving governor, Ahhnuld Schwarzenegger. Of course, if his carefully-crafted image is to be believed, Schwarzenegger is practically a liberal himself. The truth however, is something much different … or maybe not. Given that we are living in an era when a straight-faced media can routinely describe Bill and Hillary and Barry O as liberals, then I suppose Jerry and Arnie have as much right to wear that label as anyone. But then again, so do George and John.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 GreystoneMap

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 GreystoneAerial

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 RusticAerial

All about Shillaphobia

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Post by Thinkforyourself Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:07 pm

Posted by radicaldualist on 09/28/2015

Quite strange and interesting blogs (only one article posted in each of them)about the training and the mind control forced on new Secret Agents (the second link in the list it's very informative about the common training for new recruits)








All about Shillaphobia

Shun the non-believers!

'Flat Earth Diva'

Supposed 'temper temper beanpole', 'snidy weasel' and 'clueless, cloying, sychophant.'

Apparently 'dangerous person'


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Post by lizardking Fri Feb 12, 2016 9:05 pm

Syd Barrett: MK Ultra Victim?

My thanks go out (once again) to Mark for inviting me along as a guest on his regular pod-casts, and for giving me the opportunity to share my research, info and love of music with you. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate his ongoing support… but, to save you from boredom and/or reaching for the puke-bucket, I won’t bother to elaborate further!

About a week before hooking up with Mark for this latest interview, I asked him if he'd be kind enough to allow me the pleasure of posting an article on his site that expands on some of the topics discussed in our latest pod-chat. Mark - being the laidback kind of guy he is - was up for that… so here I am!

What I’d like to delve into further is the possibility that founding Pink Floyd member, Syd Barrett was a victim of MK Ultra/Mind Control. I must point out however, that due to deadline restraints, this article is by no means conclusive. It’s merely a brief overview and analysis. I’ve taken a look at some (not all) of the available ‘evidence’ on offer and highlighted some of the classic ’tell-tale’ signs that you’ll be familiar with.

According to close friends and associates of Barrett‘s, there was a marked decline in his mental state from 1967 onwards, perhaps sometime during or after ‘The Pink Floyd’ (as they were then known) enjoyed two UK hit singles and a top-selling, critically acclaimed album (‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’). Syd was the band’s principle song-writer and visionary, and also its brightest star. 

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 7505446

He was a darling of the London psychedelic scene. Admired by his peers (Paul McCartney and Pete Townshend of The Who most notably), revered by the music-press, and lusted after by young female fans for his good-looks, it seemed as though Syd had it all. However, as the fame grew, so did the signs of his mental instability and his apparent distaste for playing the music-industry game. As I briefly touched on in my chat with Mark, when Pink Floyd turned up to play on one TV show in particular, Syd - the lead singer - made no attempt to mime along to the backing-track. Drummer, Nick Mason reportedly said, “Syd stopped enjoying it. He just lost interest, an ever-declining interest and enthusiasm. That’s the unravelling, the rest of us were still hot to do it. Syd underwent a conscience crisis that this wasn’t art. It was becoming so commercial with television and record sales, promotions, and he had been an artist.” As time went on, he became increasingly erratic and unpredictable, behaviour that was seemingly fuelled by his growing appetite for LSD. His growing disillusionment with the music-industry and his Acid-tinged state of mind is perhaps best illustrated by his friend, Jenny Fabian who recalls one particular Pink Floyd gig in London in 1967. She said, “Syd went on to play and I noticed halfway through the first set he wasn’t singing and hardly playing a note. After the first set, Syd said he wanted to get away from the club and sit somewhere quiet. We took a taxicab back to my flat, promising to return in time for the second set. He sat down and suddenly started talking about all the people who were now putting down the group because they had made it. He believed the group had sold out. He couldn’t reconcile what he wanted to do with what he was doing. I wanted to help. I didn’t understand what was wrong. The best and grooviest musicians around. They could play where they liked and what they liked and still make more bread than they needed. In a position to experiment with new musical ideas, there was nothing Syd couldn’t do if he had just half a mind to get it together. I just didn’t understand it. It was as if his mind was burning up right in front of my eyes. I’d Tripped and turned on, not enough to realise what he was going through. Enough to know what Acid did to minds. This beautiful Pop musician, shivering and pouring out his torture and miseries, was something else. He seemed to have lost touch with reality. There’s no convincing someone like that. I kept silent and just listened. When it was time to go he rose without argument and we went back for the second set. This time he made no bones about his problem, or the effect it was having on him. He went on stage, silent, pale and sweaty… and just sat on the floor with the guitar in his lap. He stayed like that for the whole set. Syd started to collapse on stage. He sat down during one number. He continued to play but he didn’t look like he was going to go on for long and then he just stopped playing and then he just lay down and I wanted to help him. I couldn’t.” This was a merely a taste of what would soon become the norm…

Weeks later, Syd went missing for a few days following the band’s performance at the multi-act ‘International Love-In’ at London’s Alexandra Palace. Pink Floyd keyboardist, Richard Wright recalls, “he went missing for the whole weekend and when he appeared again on the Monday, he was a totally different person. When they (the road crew) found Syd, they told us, ‘well, something’s happened to Syd.’ Something had happened to him, a total difference. He’d gone - still looking the same but somewhere else. They said, ‘something terrible has happened, he’s like a zombie.’” Floyd's Roger Waters remembers, “the shock of seeing him, such a change. Very frightening. I couldn’t believe what had happened… because he came the next day, and he was a different person.”

Although it’s not exactly clear where Syd disappeared to during his ‘lost weekend,’ the reports of his altered personality upon his return are one of those “tell-tale” signs I was alluding to earlier. What we do know is Barrett was living in a flat at the notorious 101 Cromwell Road in London, which former Pink Floyd manager, Peter Jenner once described as being “run by heavy, loony messianic Acid freaks.” Legendary music-photographer, Mick Rock is quoted as saying that Syd’s flat was “a burnt-out place, the biggest hovel, the biggest shit-heap; a total Acid-shell, the craziest flat in the world. There were so many people, it was like a railway station. Two cats Syd had, one called Pink and one called Floyd, were still living in the flat after he left. He just left them there. Those were the cats they used to give Acid to.” 

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 591549

John Marsh, who was Pink Floyd’s lighting man, reportedly said Syd lived at Cromwell Road “with various characters, among whom was a psychotic kind of character called Scotty. He was one of the original Acid-in-the-reservoir, change-the-face-of-the-world missionaries. He was also a desperately twisted freak and really malevolent crazy. Everyone knew that if you went round to see Syd never have a cup of tea, never take a glass of water unless you got it yourself from the tap and even then be desperately worried, because Scotty's thing was spiking everything. By this time, Syd was living on a diet that must have been comprised of 80% Acid.” As discussed in my chat with Mark, another guest at Cromwell Road was John Esam. He was a poet, film-maker, advocate of LSD and friend of Michael Hollingshead, a British-born researcher in psychedelic drugs who, by his own words, was first introduced to LSD by Aldous Huxley. According to Hollingshead’s autobiography, the ‘Brave New World’ author “suggested that I go to Harvard (University) to meet a Dr. Timothy Leary, a professor there, whom he'd met earlier that year in Copenhagen, when he had presented a paper on induced visionary experience before the Fourteenth International Congress of Applied Psychology. Leary had also read a paper on 'How to Change Behaviour' describing the induction of visionary mental states by psilocybin, the synthetic of the sacred mushroom of Mexico.” The two did eventually meet and it was Hollingshead - according to his autobiography - who Leary experienced his first LSD Trip with. The pair subsequently began working together at Harvard in the research of hallucinogens. I’m pretty sure it’s no ‘coincidence’ that MK Ultra experiments with psilocybin were also taking place at the very same university during this period? In 1965, Hollingshead returned to the UK and straight into ‘swinging‘ London. He claims, “I had brought with me from America a quantity of LSD, about half a gram, or enough for 5,000 sessions, part of an experimental batch made available by courtesy of the Czech Government laboratories in Prague.” He then leased a flat in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea where he opened the ‘World Psychedelic Centre.’ His mission was clear; “Our Crusade was to launch LSD on the world! Whilst other artists/visionaries/seers had been content to observe the world, the New Message was simple: if things are not right, then change them! We would make the dynamic life-giving adventure of exploring Inner Space the New Romance! We would set off an explosion that would sweep through our culture and give birth to a New Radicalism! We would even found a drug-based religion, whose message would be 'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out'! We would proclaim the Reign of the Happily Integrated Modern Soul! We would become the first signatories of a new 'Declaration of Evolution' as published in Timothy Leary's The Polities of Ecstasy.’” This “crusade” began almost at once. Leary - the alleged CIA asset - ingratiated himself with all the hip ’n’ happenin’ Pop stars of the day - as did Hollingshead who reportedly introduced John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Keith Richards, and Charles Mingus to LSD. God only knows how Syd Barrett might possibly figure in all of this. And what of his supposed meeting with the notorious British psychiatrist, R.D. Laing who worked at the Tavistock Clinic during the 1950s and ‘60s and at the Gartnavel Psychiatric Hospital in Glasgow - the very hospital where MK Ultra’s Dr. Ewan Cameron had once been based? Pink Floyd’s future was threatened with each passing day as Syd, their leading light, continued to deteriorate, and it seems that the band and it’s management eventually turned to Laing for help as a result. Peter Jenner is quoted as saying, “we tried to stop him going crazy. I put all my textbook sociology, all the stuff I’d read about psychology in action. We took him to R.D. Laing, Laing didn’t say much. We moved him out of Cromwell Road but it was too late.” According to some accounts though, Barrett never met Laing personally. Roger Waters claims that they managed to get him as far as Laing’s front-door before he bolted (maybe he knew something they didn’t?). It’s also been claimed that Laing was given a tape-recording of Barrett talking, at the end of which the psychiatrist stated that the singer was “incurable.” Whether Barrett did meet face-to-face with Laing or not is debatable but worth noting nonetheless, especially when stacked alongside all the other connections in this article linking Syd (and the music-industry) in some shape or form to Mind Control, LSD, and the CIA. Consider this also…

The ground-breaking light-shows that accompanied early-era Pink Floyd gigs were a taste of what would follow almost twenty years later with the advent of Acid House and then ‘Rave.’ But what effect did these lights have on Syd? In his book, ‘Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd - Dark Globe,’ author, Julian Palacios makes an interesting point:

Even without drugs, Barrett was up for days on end. Sleep deprivation and exhaustion brought on their own altered states. Syd’s sensitivity to flickering lights did not help… disdained strobes, though alternating lanterns with rapid-fire motion meant a flicker effect pummelled the stage Eyes closed or open, Barrett was subjected to lights pulsing in time with his brain-waves. At some point, Barrett let feeling trapped onstage get the better of him. He turned to face the lights, well aware they acted as (a) large-scale Dream Machine...

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 1280541

Flickering in time with his alpha-waves, lights sent Barrett in and out of trance-like states, even hypnosis. “We did use stroboscopic lighting onstage a lot in the early years,” confirmed (David) Gilmour. “Pink Floyd was warned… you shouldn’t do it so much. People had fits and convulsions while stroboscopic lights were going on. Drugs as well as stroboscopic lighting could send anyone over the edge. It was hard to play, onstage, straight. With strobe lighting going on, even if you shut your eyes it made little difference, interacting with body rhythms or brainwaves. Syd’s demise has been blamed on drugs, but it’s not out of the question to suggest stroboscopic lighting allied with drugs contributed to the collapse of his faculties.”

David Gilmour had been drafted into the band in 1968 as an extra guitarist, initially to act as Syd’s shadow during gigs in case he chose not to play his instrument (or even turn up in the first place for that matter). Looking back on the group’s somewhat ill-fated maiden tour of the US earlier in 1967, Nick Mason says, “Syd went mad on that very first American tour. He didn’t know where he was most of the time. He detuned his guitar onstage. He just stood there rattling strings, a bit weird even for us.” Barrett had very little to offer in the recording-studio either. The man who’d penned the band’s first two singles and the majority of their debut album, had nothing else to give - that is with the exception of a handful of tracks, a number of which remain unreleased to this day such as the rather aptly titled, ‘Vegetable Man,’ and ‘Scream Thy Last Scream.’ Pink Floyd’s second album released in 1968 and titled, ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’ featured only one Barrett-penned song. His time was up. It was while the band was travelling to a gig in early 1968 that someone asked whether they should collect Syd on the way. Gilmour recalls that “somebody, probably Roger, said, ‘no, let’s not bother.’” 

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 2993802

Syd embarked on a solo career of sorts, releasing two albums between 1969 and 1970 before gradually retreating from public life and the music-industry altogether.

In June 1975, Pink Floyd were busy recording the follow-up to their worldwide smash, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ at the legendary Abbey Road studios when an unusual visitor stopped by. Richard Wright remembers that “I saw this big bald guy sitting on the couch… about sixteen stone, huge bald fat guy. I didn’t think anything of it. In those days, it was normal for strangers to wander into our sessions. I thought, ‘he looks a bit strange.’ I sat down with Roger at the desk and we worked for about ten minutes. This guy kept on getting up and brushing his teeth and then sitting, doing weird things, but keeping quiet. I said to Roger, ‘who is he?’ Roger said, ‘I don’t know.’ I said, ‘well, I assumed he was a friend of yours.’ He said, ‘no, I don’t know who he is.’ It took me a long time. Then suddenly I realised it was Syd, after maybe forty-five minutes.” It just so happened that the band were working on a song that was dedicated to their former leading light when he walked in on them. Wright continues, “he came in as we were doing vocals for ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond,’ about Syd. He for some reason picked the day we were doing a song about him. A huge shock. I hadn’t seen him for about six years. He’d shaven all his hair off - his eyebrows, everything. Awful. Roger was in tears, we both were. Shocking, seven years of no contact, and then to walk in while we’re doing that track. Coincidence, karma, fate - who knows, very powerful.” Peter Jenner was there too. He says it was “terribly sad. This great fat, bald, mad person who we used to know and who this song was all about sitting there in another world. Weird. He kept brushing his teeth with this little toothbrush. I asked him what he’d been doing. He just smiled. What I’d call ‘barking mad,‘ terribly distressing.“ David Gilmour recalls that “he turned up for a couple of days then wandered off and we never saw him again.” 

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 2357599_orig

Assuming that Barrett was indeed a victim of MK Ultra, then it would appear that his impromptu reunion with Floyd at Abbey Road occurred during a period in time when he was undergoing some form of programming-meltdown. Those classic “tell-tale” signs are there again; the shaved head and eye-brows are the most obvious, but, it’s also worth noting that Syd was twenty-nine years of age when he walked in on his former band-mates in June ’75. As you're no doubt aware, Mind Control victims are said to experience a major breakdown as they approach thirty.

In 1981, Barrett moved in to his mother’s modest semi-detached home in Cambridge, the old university town where he was born and raised. He remained living there as a virtual recluse until his death from cancer in 2006 at the age of sixty - well, almost. He did spend some time in what his sister, Rosemary has reportedly said was a private “home for lost souls.” That’s not exactly how author, Julian Palacios describes it in his ‘Dark Globe’ biography however. He writes, “during 1983-‘84, Barrett spent eighteen months at Greenwoods, a National Health Service treatment facility” in Brentwood, a town in the county of Essex. It “offered in-patient rehabilitation for people with ’severe and enduring mental health problems and associated behavioural problems.’” Furthermore, physicians at Greenwoods are said to have diagnosed him as having a “personality disorder.”

Whilst Barrett lived a life of anonymity in Cambridge under the watchful eye of his sister and his mother, interest in Syd’s music and cultural legacy showed no signs of diminishing. Fans and journalists regularly came knocking at his front-door, but unfortunately for them, he often refused to entertain their curiosity. Rosemary has reportedly said, “having people coming to the door upset him… Some more extreme fans would stalk him. In the end he just disconnected his door-bell.” She claims “he showed no interest in Pink Floyd at all” or any other episode from his former life as a popular musician and song-writer to the point that he reverted back to his birth-name, ’Roger.’ It seems, as far as he was concerned, ‘Syd’ was a persona, an alter-ego that he no longer wanted to be shackled to… (I think you know where I’m going with this?)… Rosemary says, “my brother was two people. He was ‘Roger’ when we were children. ‘Syd,’ as most people knew him, was a nickname for just a few years. After that, he was ‘Roger’ again for the rest of his life.” Additionally, “if anyone called him ‘Syd’ he wouldn't answer - ‘Syd’ was Pink Floyd.” In a 2009 interview, she said her brother maybe “just wanted to become the real person that he was, I'm not sure how genuine the ‘Syd’ character really was.”

I think we can mark that down as another “tell-tale” sign, right?

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 5252864_orig

In essence (assuming that Rosemary’s recollections are accurate), Syd no longer resided in Barrett’s head. The psychedelic Prince of Pop, the founding member of one of the biggest bands… ever, didn’t die of cancer in 2006. He met his end years before when ’Roger’ reappeared after a lengthy absence. Yeah, sure, Syd continued to live on in the hearts and minds of millions of fans across the world, but not in Roger Barrett’s. There was almost no trace of him. The persona that shone so brightly if not briefly for a time back in the 1960s had served its purpose. For example, Roger’s sister claims her brother effectively stopped playing the guitar from the 1990s onwards. “He had really changed his interest from music to painting” she once said. Fact is, Barrett was picking up where he left off. Before Pink Floyd existed, he was a student at London’s prestigious Camberwell College of Arts. According to Rosemary he “always considered himself an artist not a musician. For him music always went alongside art and if anything he was probably moved off a more obvious path by music. Music was a fun thing but art was where his real love was. The music came to the fore 
because of Pink Floyd but without that he would have carried on the art.”

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 2011362_orig
More 'clues'... The front-cover sleeve of the 2010 compilation, 'An Introduction to Syd Barrett.'

Opinion remains divided as to the exact nature of Barrett’s mental decline. Depending on which member of Pink Floyd you ask for example, it seems they either take the view that the LSD turned him into a schizophrenic, or visa versa. Personally, I do have to admit that I come away from all of this with the impression that he did sometimes play on his reputation as an Acid-soaked madman just to irritate people for his own amusement. He was, after all, a sharp-witted young man by all accounts and I’m sure that he was still capable of serving up the odd flash of brilliance in spite of his deteriorating mental state. Roger Waters remembers one such moment which occurred not long before Syd’s exit from Pink Floyd when his long-suffering band-mates repeatedly tried, and largely failed, to coax him into writing some new material. Waters says, “we were trying to get songs out of him… he came to a rehearsal… erm, room that we were in with a new song. ‘Oh, great. How does it go?’ I remember sitting down with him with a guitar and he was strumming away and, er, this song went… he said, ‘I’ll teach you the chorus okay, it goes like this: ‘Have you got it yet? Have you got it yet? Have you got it yet?’ And I went, ‘okay, yeah. Yeah, okay,’ and, er… we started playing together and he’d do it slightly different. And then he’d do it slightly different. And after he kept changing it… about the sixth time we’d done it… I went, ‘I’ve got it.’ And I just put the guitar down and that was it. That was the last time I ever did anything with him. It was a very clever joke. I was desperately trying to learn this thing, and it kept changing. ‘Have you got it yet?’ Yep. Got it.”

It might be difficult to comprehend now, given Pink Floyd’s mass appeal and status as one of the Great Giants of Rock, but back in 1966 and ’67 prior to signing with EMI, the band were - to pinch words from someone else’s article - “the psychedelic pied pipers of the ’London underground’ scene” thanks to their spaced-out live jams and groundbreaking, if somewhat hallucinatory lightshows. In short, whether due to accident or design, Syd Barrett rose to prominence during a time in cultural history when vast numbers of young people were ready and willing to fall under his influence. Consider the fairytale-like quality of some of the songs he wrote and recorded for Pink Floyd’s debut album in 1967 too. They’re said to have been inspired by the works of C.S. Lewis and Kenneth Grahame author of ‘Wind in the Willows.’ This unique fusion of psychedelic Pop, surrealism, and English whimsy was popular with other bands of the time such as The Beatles who that same year revisited their childhood with the singles ‘Penny Lane,’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever,’ and would later reach back further drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll on ‘I Am the Walrus.’ Over in the US meanwhile, Jefferson Airplane released ‘White Rabbit,’ a psychedelic anthem that borrowed suggestive imagery from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,’ and ‘Through the Looking Glass’ leading many to conclude that the track was a metaphor (or perhaps even a commercial) for mind-altering substances such as Acid and Magic Mushrooms. 1967 was also the year that Timothy Leary stood in front of an estimated 30,000 hippies at a mass gathering in San Francisco and called on them to: “Turn on, tune in, drop out” - and thousands, if not millions did so willingly - Syd included. Reflecting on the impact of the phrase, Leary reportedly stated, “unhappily, my explanations of this sequence of personal development were often misinterpreted to mean ‘get Stoned and abandon all constructive activity.’” Well, it's certainly been interpreted that way by a significant number of researchers and authors who claim the so-called ‘counter-culture’ of the 1960s was largely an orchestrated plot by the Military/Intelligence Complex to do just that and more. Pete Brown the poet and one-time song-writer for ‘60s Rock band, Cream was a friend of Syd’s, and according to recent reports, deeply suspicious of Leary‘s Acid crusade. In the 2010 biography, ‘Syd Barrett: A Very Irregular Head,‘ he claims he “got very angry” after realising that the 1960s drug-scene was “a diversion and people were getting damaged.” He goes on, “in hindsight of course it looks very much like it was pushed to the underground as a kind of semi-conspiracy thing. I mean, I am a paranoid conspiracy freak, I have to say that. But then most of it’s come true, hasn’t it? Most of it’s been sussed since then. Acid was made very appealing, with a nice PR campaign, and people got destroyed by it. It blunted the teeth of the so-called ‘underground,’ quite honestly. I don’t think that political awareness or even, for that matter, artistic awareness, is aided by continual drug use. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have the odd joint and relax, or have the odd pint down the pub. But you can’t build a revolution on it. You can’t even build one in your mind. I was very suspicious of Leary and all those people. They had dodgy connections. I wouldn’t have trusted them with a bag of peas. I didn’t buy those people. I think they did more damage than good.”

So, how does Syd Barrett figure in all this? Was he a ‘psychedelic pied piper’ leading a generation of unwitting youths a few steps closer towards a New World Order? Well, I don’t know about you, but having mulled over the “tell-tale” signs featured in this article, I’m inclined to subscribe to the view that MK Ultra/Mind Control definitely played a major factor, if he was indeed in the service of malevolent hidden forces that is.

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Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Empty The Hippie Matrix

Post by George Tirebiter Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:51 am

How the Government Infiltrated the Environmental, Hippie, Progressive and New Age Movements

"After successfully defusing the hippie and anti-war movements in the 1960's via infiltration and destabilization, Intelligence saw that it could easily use its new tools to take over the budding environmental movement as well. In pursuit of that, the United Nations Secretary General U. Thant tapped Strong to organize the first Earth Summit in 1972. Due to its name, most assumed the Earth Summit was convened out of concern for the environment, but it wasn't.   As you see, it was convened by oilmen and other corporate people to hijack the environmental movement. Like everything else sold to you for the past century, it was the opposite of what it claimed to be. Big business had to make sure that the real environmental movement didn't get in its way, and the best way to do that was to create a fake environmental movement to take its place, making sure all media attention and funds went to the fake movement instead of the real one.(1)

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 17876303_400x400

All government conservation is a front. Lands that you think are protected aren't really protected. It is all a smokescreen.
Wildlife Refuges are actually corporate refuges. They were set up to allow oil and mining corporations to hide behind government and conservation names. You may not be allowed to ride your 4-wheelers there, but the corporations can tear the place up to any extent they see fit. When the rich guys can't get around a State Legislature and Supreme Court, they donate the land to the Feds, who will let them do whatever they want.  Many states no longer has jurisdiction over its own land.

"The Nature Conservancy now just looks like a front, allowing for the transfer of State lands under State jurisdiction to Federal lands under the jurisdiction of. . . basically no one. Since everything has been deregulated, the Federal government is now privately owned and operated by billionaire and trillionaire families. They do whatever they want, with no oversight.  We have seen that in the last decade, where the banks just bailed themselves out from the treasury. But it is true of other big businesses as well, including the military, Intelligence, oil, and mining.

"Which brings us to Crestone. For those of you who don't know, Crestone is a new-age town in central Colorado of about 200 people.  It was founded in 1980 by Maurice Strong.   It now has a Catholic hermitage, but it is mostly populated by American Buddhists, Hindus, and hippies.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Hippie-4

"Strong got his start in oil in Canada, becoming CEO of Power Corp by the time he was 35. He later ran Petro-Canada for Pierre Trudeau in the 1970's. In the meantime, he had been tapped to run CIDA, the Canadian International Development Agency. CIDA, like its US counterparts, claimed to be involved in foreign aid programs in developing countries, but was really a cover for big companies to access these countries, looting them of oil, minerals, and anything else of value.  Intelligence is also involved in this, of course, so Strong was working with Intelligence almost from the first.  By Intelligence, I mean CIA and its Canadian counterpart the CSIS.

"Since Strong owned 200,000 acres around Crestone, we should ask if the new-age communities are just cover for something else going on there. And it turns out the answer is yes. In 1987, we got a partial look at what Strong had in mind. He incorporated a water development company which would have taken control of a large part of the water moving into the San Luis Valley. He had discovered that a sizable portion of the water of that area moved beneath the Baca Land Grant, and he would have made millions from selling water to farmers to the south and west. He was stopped only by the State Supreme Court in 1991. But he then sold to Gary Boyce, who tried again and was again stopped by the Legislature in 1998.

"The land then went to the Nature Conservancy, so you may think the tricks were over. Think again. Although the Nature Conservancy is sold to you as the greatest of environmental charities, it has about six billion in assets and is run by Mark Tercek, a former managing director at Goldman Sachs.  If that doesn't raise a red flag in your head, nothing will.  The Nature Conservancy has ties to almost 2,000 corporate sponsors, and land donated by the Conservancy to the USGov is still allowed oil drilling, timbering, mining, and natural gas drilling. In fact, the Baca Wildlife Refuge—created from the Nature Conservancy donation—is a misnomer.   The mineral rights, including oil and gas, on the “Wildlife Refuge”, are privately owned by Lexam Explorations.

"The hippies may think they have dodged the bullet, since unless they are living next door to a goldmine or gas mine, they may think they are unaffected by all this. But that is not true regardless. First of all, you don't have to live next door to a mine to be affected by it. You only have to live downstream or downwind. And if it is out of sight, you may not ever know
you are downwind or downstream from it.  You are the victim of a secret poisoning. Crestone is both downstream and downwind of the proposed mining.

"Beyond that, you can't expect to live in the backyard of spooks and avoid a haunting.  What I mean by that is that the landlords usually use such a situation to spy on the freaks. They create a community of hippies or progressives of any sort and then infiltrate it and destabilize it.  If you think they stopped doing that in the 1960's or 70's, you aren't keeping up. They are infiltrating everyone now, not just hippies. See the recent news of NSA spying. But since hippies won't watch enough TV or eat at McDonald's often enough, they have to brainwash and poison the hippies some other way. This they may do by introducing and testing the newest drugs, which many hippies still snatch up like candy. They may introduce new ideas, or new sounds, or new mantras, or new stories, anything they think might destabilize the audience in any way.  If the current hippies understood the history of such things, they would be much more suspicious than they are. Unfortunately, their very nature prevents it. The first rule of this particular counterculture is openness (or maybe love), both of which conflict with suspicion. You are supposed to assume the best of everyone, which of course makes infiltration by the bad guys stupendously easy.

"I know because many of my friends are hippies, and I am one, too ( kind of). We don't usually call ourselves hippies anymore, since most of us have been fooled by history. We have allowed the good hippie name to be sullied by the fake events of the 1960's, in which fake hippies created by the government did awful things in our name (think Manson Family).  These false flags not only convinced the mainstream that hippies were dirty, confused, and anti-American, they convinced some of the hippies, too, especially later hippies who didn't live through that time. So although we are basically the same set of people, plus 40 years, we think we have to distance ourselves from that name: hippie.

"The old-style hippies were fighters for the truth. They had enemies. Maybe they loved their enemies and maybe they hated them, but regardless they realized they had to resist them. They knew they had to do something besides smoke the herb and dress cool and meditate. They had to strike and boycott and teach.  They had to study and write and speak. They had to resist and resist and resist. They did this because they really cared about the world around them and their neighbors and people living in other countries. They weren't just interested in their own spiritual purity or their own personal path to enlightenment. They realized that path to enlightenment led nowhere, and that the idea of it had been planted by the man to dis-empower them. You don't love your neighbor in order to avoid having an argument with him: if you really love him you want to protect him. You want to include him in your spiritual purity and on your spiritual path.  If he cannot take it, neither can you.        

"But the new gurus no longer teach that. They are trying to empty your mind, one way or the other. Now, I practice yoga and love it, but the truth is, both Buddhism and Hinduism have been used on Americans to empty their minds and make them passive. The worst parts of those religions have been stressed, as with Christianity, so that you the audience can be lulled into a state of imbecility. If the governors had it their way, you would be in a permanent shavasana, eyes closed, flat on your back, gazing ever inward. After they have stolen everything around you—including your bamboo mat, your water bottle, your prana pants, your cork block and your kettle of fish—you are still in the perfectly suggestible state, in which they can hypnotize you with no effort.

"As proof of that, we see that the new hippies know nothing about their own history, or the history of their “masters.” They don't even retain the ability to look up Ram Dass on Wikipedia, for instance. They just gulp down what anybody tells them without questioning it or verifying it. Dass was born Richard Alpert to a Jewish family in Newton, Massachusetts.  His father was one of the founders of Brandeis University. Brandeis was founded in 1948, one year after the foundation of Israel (and one year after the foundation of the CIA). Dass taught at Harvard in the 1960's, being in the psychology department with Timothy Leary. They worked together, both being in the forefront of LSD “social” research. Dass later said, “I didn't have one whiff of God until I took psychedelics.” Read between the lines please. If you have any clairvoyance, you should already see that Dass is a big phony.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Trooooiipy 

"We are told that both Leary and Dass were fired from Harvard for giving LSD to students, but as it turns out, they were just re-assigned. Dass was sent to India, where he spent a very short time with a minor, unknown (until then) guru named Neem Karoli Baba. He was unknown to most Indians, since he did almost nothing but eat and say insane things.  Some in India thought his insanity was mistaken for enlightenment. He hardly ever got off the couch or stood up, and he died in a diabetic coma from eating too much. Regardless of Baba's state, Dass only spent a few months with him. Any real student of anything knows this is not enough time to learn anything of value. It now appears Dass was instructed to find a minor guru, to whom anything and everything could be ascribed, with no fear of contradiction. In other words, Baba was an empty vessel that Dass and his handlers could fill anyway they liked. Why? Because they wished to push LSD on unsuspecting hippies, and they needed a fake Eastern philosophy to help them do that. A drug by itself might be a hard sell, but a drug fronting a new guru and a new religion!—well, that was cake.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 920x920

"Remember, this had been the program of Military Intelligence back to at least 1875, when they founded Theosophy. Henry Steel Olcott,  a top  Intelligence  agent,  co-founded Theosophy  with  Madame Blavatsky, and part of that co-founding was again a trip to India to find a guru. Blavatsky's top London pupil Charles Leadbeater found on the streets of Adyar one Krishnamurti, a 13-year-old boy starving and covered in lice. They proceeded to sell him in the West as the New World Teacher, based on nothing but his pretty face and Leadbeater's “intuition”. Krishnamurti himself later admitted the whole thing was a scam.

"Both Leary and Dass were no more and no less than CIA drug pushers.  LSD, among other lab drugs, had been created in government and university labs specifically to destabilize the mind, and now the Intelligence agencies had an enemy that needed to be destabilized. In the 1960's, the antiwar protesters began to have a real effect, and since the government saw a link between these protesters and the hippies, it was decided to take them both out of the picture permanently. To do this required a multi-pronged attack, but two of the main prongs were fake events and drugs. The government planted events and stories about the hippies to make them look bad. As one example, the CIA created the Merry Pranksters, a group of fake hippies who toured the country supposedly taking drugs, shagging indiscriminately, and making messes. Tom Wolfe was then hired to write a fake book about them, which ended being called The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. The Acid Test consisted of having these pranksters throw LSD-laced kool-aid on unsuspecting strollers. Think of throwing water balloons out the window of your car. If the pranksters could get some LSD in the mouth or up the nose of these victims, they could push their drug in the most direct way possible. No real hippie would find this story amusing, since it smacks of violence, coercion, and a very poor sense of humor. It is a military sense of humor, frankly, and gives away the story as much as anything else.

"As another example of a planted narrative, we have the Manson family, manufactured from the ground up to scare the daylights out of the mainstream—which it did.

"As far as drugs go, everything was put on the streets then, including LSD, STP, PCP, Methadone, Speed, Coke, and Heroin. Some of these drugs had been around for decades, but in the 1960's they were put on the streets for cheap or free, specifically to snag unsuspecting hippies. It was known that the youth had less discipline and were more likely to be liberal—that is, antiwar. So making these dangerous drugs easy to get on the streets was no accident.

"Manufacturing events and pushing drugs are still the main prongs of the government's destabilization program against real progressives, and the hippies are still falling for it. Today's pot isn't your grandpappy's pot, and you can expect it to not only be many times stronger, but spiked with all sorts of things you probably don't want to hear about.  You will tell me you grow your own, using soil you have tended yourself and filtered water and so on, but unless you are sitting on a stash of heirloom seeds leftover from decades ago, your seeds are as compromised as any Monsanto seeds. If wheat and corn and soybeans and canola oil have been purposely poisoned, you don't think your pot seeds have been ignored, do you? How do you think it got so much stronger? Luck? Vitamins? Miracle-Gro? No. Your precious pot is tainted like everything else.  As with new wheat and corn, it can be untainted only by going back to primitive varieties and starting over.

"And it isn't just Crestone hippies who have to be vigilant.  We all do.  Let's look at Ram Dass' ashram in Taos, New Mexico. It isn't just Dass who is a red flag, it is also Larry Brilliant, another founder of this ashram. Brilliant has been involved with WHO and Google, so we have two red flags from the start.  WHO [World   Health   Organization] has long been in bed with   the pharmaceutical companies, pushing vaccines and other drugs all over the world for profit. Recently it was admitted that the CIA uses vaccine programs as fronts for spying all over the world. They got caught and were forced to say they wouldn't do it anymore, but no one over the age of 10 believes it.   Of course WHO knew this but didn't tell anyone. As for Google, we now know that Google was started with money from the CIA, and that it works with NSA, data-mining everyone in the world, including you. So that's who Larry Brilliant likes to work with.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 1467_254x191

"Early on, Brilliant was cast as a doctor in the 1971 movie Medicine Ball Caravan, a sequel to the 1969 Woodstock Nation. Brilliant is one of many hippies in the film following the Grateful Dead. This was based on a book by Abbie Hoffman. These are all manufactured events and fake movies, since both Hoffman and the Grateful Dead are creations of Intelligence. Like Timothy Leary and Ram Dass, Hoffman was hired to slander the hippie movement, which he did by manufacturing stories and faking events. The 1968 Chicago Eight trials were manufactured from the ground up, although I won't have time to prove that in full detail here. If you study them, you will see that for yourself. Go to the Wikipedia page and see if the story makes any sense.  It made no sense then and makes even less sense now, given the gift of hindsight. Notice for a start that Timothy Leary testified on behalf of the defendants. Also notice that all charges were dropped on appeal and that the Justice Department decided not pursue a retrial. Even the contempt charges against Hoffman were dropped, although he mocked the judge and the proceedings from start to finish. In a real trial, it doesn't work that way. If Hoffman had been a real hippie, he would have bought himself years in jail with such antics. All of Hoffman's grandstanding was just theater, created for the papers and TV. It was created to make the hippies or yippies look like a bunch of annoying, loudmouth bums, and it worked. Hoffman was the kind of guy you hated the moment you saw him: that was why he was hired.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 450px-Abbie_Hoffman_visiting_the_University_of_Oklahoma_circa_1969

"Also remember that Hoffman supposedly got convicted of selling coke soon after that, but skipped bail and went into hiding for six years. As it turns out, he was hiding in a private resort in up-state New York. When he gave himself up in 1980, they gave him a one-year sentence, of which he is said to have served four months. I encourage you to go sell coke, get caught and skip bail: see if you get off with four months. I would be willing to bet Hoffman didn't spend one day in jail.

"But back to Larry Brilliant.  Brilliant appeared in yet another fake hippie movie in 1971, Hare Rama Hare Krishna. He appears in the song sequence “Dum Maro Dum”, which glorifies pot smoking. As a hippie, that may not offend you, but remind yourself that Brilliant is supposed to be a medical doctor in real life. And then remind yourself that breathing smoke into your lungs is unhealthy, no matter what the smoke is. Brilliant is not recommending medical marijuana, consumed orally, as a pain killer or something. He is an alleged doctor pushing smoking as a wonderful pastime.  That really doesn't make any sense. In addition, Brilliant was linked to Stewart Brand through their co-founding of The WELL, the first internet chatroom.   Basically, it was an early incarnation of Facebook, by which Intelligence could eavesdrop on thousands of conversations legally. Brand was of course the creator of the Whole Earth Catalog, which had its uses—one of which was tracking the mailing addresses and locations of communes.

"Brand is another Intelligence asset.  We come to see this even in his truncated Wiki-bio, where we find that by 1962 he was in Menlo Park with Ken Kesey, Gordon Lish, and others, participating in LSD studies. In this way, Brand was linked to both the Merry Pranksters and the Grateful Dead. He makes his appearance in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. In the 1980's, as a visiting scientist at MIT, Brand became a conference organizer for such companies as Shell, Volvo, and AT&T. You should find that very odd, since Brand was not a scientist, then or now. We are told he had a BS in biology from Stanford, but that does not normally qualify you to be a visiting scientist at MIT.  And why would a biologist act as a conference organizer for Shell and AT&T? Do you need a biology degree to organize corporate conferences? This is just more indication Brand was not a friend to the communes or the hippies. More recently he has come out in favor of GMO's. That, by itself, is enough to peg him.

Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Untitled

"In 2006, Brand hosted John Rendon as a Long Now Foundation speaker.  Rendon is the head of the CIA's favorite PR firm, and they admit that at Wikipedia. He was brought to San Francisco to speak on the War on Terror—which of course is manufactured. Also remember that along with carpenters' tools, the Whole Earth Catalog pushed personal computers.  This at a time when no one had heard of the personal computer. In the same year the Whole Earth Catalog came out (1968), Brand and Douglas Englebart came out with the Mother of All Demos, which pushed many new technologies, including hypertext, email, and the mouse. So in hindsight, it appears the Whole Earth Catalog may have been created to softsell the new computer technology to the communes and other DIYers.

"So this is who Larry Brilliant is linked to.  Most recently, Brilliant was given $100,000 by Bill Gates, via the TED Prize. If you think Bill Gates is a friend to the hippies, you are definitely smoking too much herb.

"No matter where you are living, you have been infiltrated.  There is no place left to hide.  The spooks are everywhere, and no, they have nothing better to do than fuck with you.  That is their job.  But the answer isn't to become paranoid, buy guns, dig trenches, and booby-trap the yards. The answer is to fight back in more logical ways.  Just as they are organized, you should organize. First organize your thoughts. Learn how things really are. You can't fight a battle when you don't know where the lines are or who the enemy is. After that, collectivize. Think of it like a hippie union. The government has successfully infiltrated and destabilized the labor unions, but people can unionize along any lines they like, without paying dues.  All they have to do is come together and act together.(1)

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George Tirebiter
George Tirebiter

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Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Empty Re: Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc)

Post by thugnastylol Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:40 pm

Great video on the rap and music industry.]


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Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Empty Re: Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc)

Post by csp Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:19 am


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Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc) - Page 2 Empty Re: Celebrity Connections (Laurel Canyon, MKULTRA, etc)

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